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Discuss about Mobile Application Testing for Different mobile platforms like iPhones, Androids and Smart Phones. Start Chat and Discuss about Mobile App Testing Software at Mobile QA Zone Community.

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Mobile Application Testing for Different Mobile Platforms – MobileQAZone

  1. 1. Mobile Application Testing for Different Mobile Platforms –MobileQAZoneDiscuss about Mobile Application Testing for Different mobile platforms likeiPhones, Androids and Smart Phones. Start Chat and Discuss about MobileApp Testing Software at Mobile QA Zone delivers the best Mobile Application Testing SoftwareIntegrated testing Services information for users. You can get Connect withmany people like Mobile Application Developers, Mobile Application TestingExperts and expertise in Knowledge Grabbing, Transfer and Sharing in theMobile QA Zone Community. Community Provides Knowledge about MobileApplication Testing Services like Automated Mobile App Testing and manualMobile Application Testing for Androids, Smart Phones, i Phones, WindowsPhone Apps and Symbiian."Mobile QA Zone" is an Online Social Networking platform for all SoftwareTesters especially Mobile Handset, Mobile Application, Telecom/WirelessTesters. With this online community you can write your views and shareyour knowledge via blog posts, Forums, Groups, Videos, Notes and so on.1. All Mobile Application Testers2. Telecom Professionals3. Mobile Handset Testers4. for CEOS Test Managers, Test Leads, Project Managers of Telecom/MobileIndustry5. For Software Testers from all other Domains6. Mobile Techies7. Mobile Content Providers
  2. 2. Requirements Analysis considering Mobile Factors:-Like any application testing, it is important to go through the requirementsin deep and rectify the requirement bugs at the right time. If you are notgetting requirements properly, just communicate with your client or leadabout which information you will be requiring in order to work on TestScenarios and Test Cases around it. If there are many requirements whichare decided on the go, like in the client calls or in the meetings ,then noteit down and star working on the various scenarios around them. Make sureto analyze the requirements keeping mobile factors in consideration aswell. For e.g. if the requirements are mobile app download any media”then you should make sure to ask:- • What kinds of media files are going to be supported • If download is going to be on SD Card or internal memory • What if SD card will not be available • What if user changes the SD CardMostly the requirements are on higher level and may not answers all thescenarios that the application may have later on.UI Mock Ups:-If required ask your client to provide the wire frames or UI mock ups whichwill help you understand how the application screens will look like. Wireframes can also help you to go through the flow of the application.Study the Architecture and Technology:-By the time developers are busy in developing the architecture or goingthrough requirement analysis, it is very important that a tester should alsolook in to the technology perspective of the application. For example ifyour client is developing any streaming or media sharing applications, thenapart from regular requirement analysis a QA should make sure what kind ofstreaming technology is going to be used. What is the different API will beused in the applications. As the application is related to media then whatare the different kind of media file types this application will support etc.Visit: