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How to use the quick attach feature in FamilySearch family tree.

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Quick attach summaryl

  1. 1. Quick Attach Summary Adding Ancestors and Sources from Record Search to FT Foreword 1. The Quick Attach feature works with attaching all Source information to Family Tree (FT) and adding family members from US Census Records from 1850 to 1940. 2. US Census records of 1850, 1860 and 1870 do not identify family member relationships such as husband, wife and children. For this reason, wife and children must be manually selected from the census and entered into family tree as shown in this tutorial. 3. US Census records 1880 thru 1940 identify family member relationships which allows the Quick Attach feature to add the wife and children to the father for new family members not currently in Family Tree (using +Add), as well as adding their source information (Attach) more conveniently as shown in this tutorial. 4. Marriage, Birth and Death Records will only allow attaching a Source, I could find no way to attach these vital records to Family Tree using the Quick Attach feature. 5. The feature of adding ancestors and sources from Record Search to FT appears to not function for persons in our FT that were added using the feature “Add Unconnected Person” 6. A free internet program located at https://puzzilla.org/ can assist in these matters . Review the 2 excellent videos given at the above web site. The only browsers I could find to work with this web site were Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 7. After exhausting your search for ancestors, you might try locating a descendant male or female of marriageable age in your own genealogy (with or without a spouse and no children). Puzzilla.org might help you find such information, to complete these exercises. Begin with your pedigree line first and after exhausting all efforts to locate ancestors along your pedigree line, your can start researching your descendancy lines. 4/28/2014 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents 4/28/2014 2 This Table of Contents outlines the beginning point for three major feature in this tutorial as follows: notice that the starting slide for each of these features is hyperlinked 1. Search for Ancestor using Search Records in Research Help Slide 3 This tutorial is representative of US Census Records 1880 thru 1940 that DO identify family member relationships such as husband, wife and children 2. Attach Sources and add Family Members of 1930 Census to Family Tree Slide 7 This tutorial is representative of US Census Records 1850, 1860 and 1870 that DO NOT identify family member relationships such as husband, wife and children 3. Attach Sources and add Family Members of 1860 Census to Family Tree Slide 15 This tutorial attaches a marriage source to husband and wife 4. Attach Marriage Source to husband and wife Slide 27
  3. 3. Locate Ancestors in FT without children and/or spouse to Add to FT 4/28/2014 3 Using the above methods mentioned in the Foreword on the previous page, I located an ancestor at PID L66T-69V that I will demonstrate using Google Chrome. 1. Enter PID number and click Find NOTE: Insure Find menu selected first
  4. 4. Find Ancestor 4/28/2014 4 2. Click name of William E. Sparks 3. Click PERSON
  5. 5. Search Records for Ancestor 4/28/2014 5 4. Click Search Records
  6. 6. Open Search Record 4/28/2014 6 5. Click Will E. Sparks hyperlink on 1930 Census Record
  7. 7. Attach 1930 Census to Family Tree Record for Father 4/28/2014 7 6. Click Attach to Family Tree to add source record to Will (step 1 of 2)
  8. 8. Attach Record to Father 4/28/2014 8 NOTE: Notice that Name. Birth and Gender will be tagged with this Source 7. Click Attach To attach this source to William Sparks 8. Click Review once and do not click again. Be patient for the Review process of your computer to complete.
  9. 9. Attach Wife Record to Family Tree (1 of 2) 4/28/2014 9 9. Click attach to attach 1930 Census to source for wife Emily Sparks
  10. 10. Attach Wife Record to Family Tree (2 of 2) 4/28/2014 10 10. Click Attach
  11. 11. Add Son Loyd Sparks to Family Tree 4/28/2014 11 NOTE: Source for Emily Sparks can be removed by virtue of “Detach?” being clicked 11. Click Add to add Loyd Sparks to the family of William E. Sparks in Family Tree
  12. 12. Create New Person for Loyd Sparks in Family Tree 4/28/2014 12 12. Click Living or Deceased 13. Click Create New Person button that will be enabled upon clicking Living or Deceased above
  13. 13. Loyd Sparks Attached to Family Tree 4/28/2014 13 NOTE: Loyd Sparks attached to Family Tree 14. Click Attach to attach Source to Loyd Sparks
  14. 14. Significance of Symbol for Raymond and Wendell Sparks 4/28/2014 14 NOTE: The comment associated with clicking on the symbol above not only signifies that this person already exists in Family Tree with an identifying PID number, but also that this name is attached to another family OR it could signify that this name exists in Family Tree without an attachment to a family. These two names above should be checked for duplicates as well as the families they are currently linked to. In addition the symbol can signify that a source cannot be attached to a living individual.
  15. 15. Add Sources and Members of 1860 Census to Family Tree 4/28/2014 15 When John Exom is Searched by PID number, notice View in Family Tree signifies his Source already attached. Attach to Family Tree would signify that the Source record had not been attached, but you cannot attach a source to a family member who has not yet been added to Family Tree. 1. Click on hyperlinked name of John Exom
  16. 16. View Family Members of 1860 Census Record 4/28/2014 16 2. Click on Open to view family members being part of the 11 Records
  17. 17. Add Source of Wife Charlotte 4/28/2014 17 3. Click and hold the left-mouse down on wife Charlotte Exom
  18. 18. Click, Move and Drop Census Record for Charlotte 4/28/2014 18 NOTE: Notice how Charlotte was clicked, moved and dropped to the left of the yellow bar for Charlotte in Family Tree
  19. 19. Click “Attach” to Attach Source to Charlotte 4/28/2014 19 4. Click “Attach” to Attach Source for Charlotte to Charlotte in Family Tree. NOTE: Notice how the exclamation mark indicates “This relationship has been defined by a user, and is not supported by the record” which simply means that this 1860 census record (along with the 1850 and 1870 census records) did not identify family relationships like wife, sons and daughters.
  20. 20. Click Attach Again to attach Source for Charlotte 4/28/2014 20 5. Click Attach Again to attach Source for Charlotte. NOTE: I am not sure where the +Add sends the Residence Record for Charlotte in Family Tree.
  21. 21. Select 1st Child Mahala Exon to add to Family Tree 4/28/2014 21 1. Click and hold the left-mouse down on the 1st child Mahala Exom
  22. 22. Move Child to Position to Add to Family Tree 4/28/2014 22 2. Notice how Mahala Exom was clicked and dropped to the yellow bar below the Children gray bar.
  23. 23. Add Mahala to Family Tree 4/28/2014 23 3. Click +Add to add Mahala Exom as a child to her parents NOTE: The symbol has the same definition as explained previously.
  24. 24. Create New Person to Add Mahala as a Child 4/28/2014 24 4. Click Living or Deceased Radial Button to enable the Create New Person button 7. Click enabled Create New Person button
  25. 25. Attach Source for child Mahala that has been added to FT 4/28/2014 25 NOTE: Observe that Mahala has been attached to Family Tree The Attach shown here simply indicated that the source for Mahala has not been attached yet. 55. Click Attach to attach this Source to Mahala
  26. 26. Slide Shows Mahala Atached to Family Tree 4/28/2014 26 NOTES: You can change the Focus person for the Family Tree record by clicking here. You can change the Focus person for the Family Tree record by clicking here. You can view the parents of John Exom by clicking Open here.
  27. 27. Search for Marriage Record 4/28/2014 27 1. Click Search Records
  28. 28. Locate Marriage Record Source 4/28/2014 28 2. Click the hyperlinked Marriage Record for Thomas P. Jones.
  29. 29. Attach Source to Family Tree 4/28/2014 29 3. Click Attach to Family Tree to source the marriage record to Thomas
  30. 30. Attach Marriage Record Source to Thomas 4/28/2014 30 4. Click Attach
  31. 31. Attached Successfully 4/28/2014 31 5. Click Review
  32. 32. Attach Marriage Record for Wife 4/28/2014 32 NOTE: Observe that the marriage record for Thomas is already attached. 6. Click Attach to source wife
  33. 33. Click Attach Again to attach Marriage Record 4/28/2014 33 7. Click +Add to add the marriage event to Source Record for Ann Cochran NOTE: Clicking +Add does NOT add the marriage information to the couple in the marriage field but to the source for Ann.
  34. 34. Marriage Record Added to Ann Cochran 4/28/2014 34 NOTE: Notice marriage event added to source record for Ann Cochran 8. Click Attach to attach Marriage Record Source to Ann
  35. 35. Task Completed for Sourcing Marriage Record Event 4/28/2014 35