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Capturing a photo from flickr


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One of the support items in the Blogging For Genealogy Success class taught by Larry K and Kathleen Cragun

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Capturing a photo from flickr

  2. 2. Go to http://flickr.comThink of what might be aphotograph that relates toyour topic.There are millions ofphotographs stored inFlickr, most allow you touse them for noncommercial purposesproviding you give propercredit to the owner.SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO
  3. 3. Go to http://flickr.comIn this example I willsearch for “blogging”As usual there are manyto choose from.SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO
  4. 4. Go to http://flickr.comIn this example I willsearch for “blogging”As usual there are manyto choose from…. And Ilike this one!SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO
  5. 5. Go to http://flickr.comI want to place this photoin my blog. So first I needto see if it is licensed forme to do so.To determine that I clickthe share button abovethe photo.SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO
  6. 6. Go to http://flickr.comYES! I can use this one if Ipaste it as HTML in myblog.When you open the sharebutton you look for theGrab the HTML/BBCcode(red arrow)NEXT Copy the HTML(Green arrow)You will paste this codeinto your blog.SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO
  7. 7. Next, go to the backend ofyour blog, to the areawhere you are composingyour article.Click compose: (Green)Paste the HTML: (blue)Go back to writing: (Red)SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO
  8. 8. And the photo is inserted.You now have the optionsto change the size andmove it to the left or rightof the article.If you have written textwhile the photo is in thecenter mode, moving it tothe left or right will bringthe beginning of the textto the top of the article.SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT PHOTO