Dieting with a pill made easy & natural


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Sometimes in todays quagmire or abundance of information we get bogged down.
'Burn belly fat', fat burning foods', 'foods that burn fat', 'lipo6', 'high calorie foods', 'amino acids', 'carbohydrates', 'calorie intake', 'calories chart', 'calories counters', 'BMI or BMR calculators', 'calories in a banana' 'metabolism', 'metabolic rate', 'diabetic cycle'.
Just how many ways can we say (almost) the same thing?
Lets summarise all of the above and suggest Supplements Ease The Pain Of Dieting or Dieting With A Pill Made Easy.
Well FutureShape has provided a one-stop-shop that incorporates all of the above in one location. Two videos describe same product at following addresses;

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Dieting with a pill made easy & natural

  1. 1. FutureShape™ Its a new, natural, safe, flexible, and mostimportantly an effective approach to losing weight. FutureShape™ offers you the freedom to choosethe perfect product (or product combination) to help you meet your ultimate slimming goal.A combination is mentioned because FutureShape has four products and we will cover that in more detail later.
  2. 2. FutureShape™FutureShape™ will allow you to take the first step towards a new (and improved) you. Select the FutureShape™ product or combination programme to suit your needs today & start to enjoy the results!
  3. 3. Each & Every FutureShape™ Product Is scientifically validated over several years ofintensive research. Therefore they can guarantee their products are completely safe to take.All FutureShape™ products ensure that the quality is compliant with established regulations and standards. At every Stage strict quality control is applied. FutureShape™ has some of the most reachingstudies and testing of all weight loss supplements and strategies ever.
  4. 4. FutureShape™ & Supplements Combining supplements, exercise, willpower and possibly the most important is KNOWLEDGE. Promote healthy weight loss, burn belly fat when combined with a suitable diet and exercise. The diet and exercise are your two best friendswhen trying to loose weight and THEN KEEP IT at a manageable level Eating what you have learned to like.
  5. 5. FutureShape™ Eating BonusIts amazing how one can train the body to like and stick to healtier foods.Comfortable eating is a special bonus after all!
  6. 6. FutureShape™ & Healthy Results You can read all about this product on site& it will confirm any and all questions or doubts youmay have, or even better it may encourage you to try take an important step for your health first & keep to a proper programme for real results. When you have Healthy Results You Will Look & Feel Better Than Ever.
  7. 7. FutureShape™- 4 ProductsFutureShape™ comes with FOUR strong products All complimenting your desires to be thin Healthy thin that is. It has some great features Like Pick & Mix& can assist in creating a programme just for you.
  8. 8. FutureShape™ 4Allow Me To Introduce You To Each: ● Appetite Reducer ● Carb Blocker ● Fat Burner ● & Fat Binder
  9. 9. FutureShape™ We spoke ealier on how FutureShape is a great product, made up of 4 modules& introduced you to some high level information that you may find of interest in your search for a slimming programme One that is healthy in its own right & one that will produce results in a manner that you desire. Here we will discuss each product in more detail.
  10. 10. FutureShape™ 4Allow Me To Introduce You To Each Product: ● Appetite Reducer ● Carb Blocker ● Fat Burner ● & Fat Binder
  11. 11. The Appetite Reducer™ Is a pill supplement. It is made with Appetrol™.A plant fibre complex made from the Konjac plant rich in water-soluble dietary fibres that have thehighest swelling and bulk forming capabilities and viscosity among natural fibres. This helps control appetite.Natural and safe. Being a natural product makes it suitable for vegetarians also.
  12. 12. The Carb Blocker Reduces digestion and calorie absorption of carbohydrates from food. If we were to go deeper on detail I could add"It flattens postprandial (after meal) blood glucose response" .[To be honest this may be getting too deep, but like you, I now know I can go to their website and find out all of the details if need be ] The website is extremely well laid out.
  13. 13. The Carb Blocker Their carb blocker (like their appetite reducer) is also natural and safe (derived from proprietary glycoprotein complex) made from white kidney beans.Long known to be a highly nutritious source of fiberand minerals, it is now thought to interfere with the absorption of complex carbohydrates (pasta, breads, potatoes, etc.); and as a starch blocker. White Kidney Bean is said to be very helpful in weight loss programs
  14. 14. The Fat Burner It is made with Zenolite™, a natural herbal compound for weight loss and fat burning foods.The Fat Burners dual action efficiently promotes the burning of excess/stored body fat to achieve a healthier body compositionwhilst preventing the storage of body fat that arises from excess calories. [The Fat Binder can help to reduce the caloriesabsorbed from dietary fats, enabling the user to still enjoy their food whilst absorbing fewer calories. Nice Bonus !!!!]
  15. 15. The Fat Burner The Fat Burner in effect helps to manage bloodsugar levels, which leads to the reduction of food cravings and appetite. (This sounds absolutely great !)Less body fat results in a leaner body shape which will make working-out a lot easier also [ another added benefit ]
  16. 16. The Fat Binder It is made with Lipoxitral™, a plant based fibrecomplex made from an organic prickly pear cactus. It contains certified organic active ingredients.Essentially reduces the absorbtion of dietary fats.Reduces calorie intake and reduces food cravings. As with all of the above, it has no known harmful side effects & is drug-free, these supplements are also suitable for vegetarians.It has no added artificial colourings, flavourings, salt or preservatives. SUPER You Agree ?
  17. 17. FutureShape™- In Summary I have mentioned a number of clearly seperatesupplements above, each with their own make-up and each with their own benefits. You can use any combination or just one of them, wrap it around an exercise programme (a veryimportant element) and get the benefits mentioned. Take action, make an educated choice.
  18. 18. FutureShape™- In Summary I think you know what is really needed but sometimes people just need a little coercion orincentive or only just someones approval, and from that, garner confidence to do the right thing.So do go out there and help a friend make the most of this offerMake the most of their health and looks, back them up with an informed website to assist you.
  19. 19. FutureShape™- In Summary So, In Short ● Gather the will power ● Make that choice● Schedule and plan your starting point ● You could be looking at a new you In 3-6 months only
  20. 20. FutureShape™- In Summary In AdditionFutureShape have a very informative and well laid out website. With each and every product having its very own page providing simple yet comprehensive information on exactly what it is, how it works, directions for use as well as FAQ’s.One can navigate the site with ease, readily access relevant information to allow you make An informed and educated choice
  21. 21. FutureShape™- Advice &Tips The FutureShape website offers free Nutrition & Exercise tips, help and advice for customers wishing to create their own personalised “shape success” programme.A great incentive and what I would consider how well FutureShape stand by their research and products is their 60 day return option. You cant say fairer than that !
  22. 22. FutureShape™There Is A Wealth Of Information On The Website You Can Go To This url Now & get started today.