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Understanding bias in video news & news filtering algorithms


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a joint demonstrator plan within the #responsible #datascience program @NLeSC @NWO

Published in: Technology
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Understanding bias in video news & news filtering algorithms

  1. 1. @CaptureBias P1/P2: Shared user group & data collection for understanding bias in video news & news filtering algorithms Lora Aroyo, Alec Badenoch, Alessandro Bozzon, Antoaneta Dimitrova, Markus de Jong, Claudia Hauff, Joris Hoboken, Panagiotis Mavridis, Johan Oomen, Jesse de Vos, Claes de Vreese
  2. 2. @CaptureBias P1 FairNews Team Nieuws voorziening in een Big Data Data tijdperk Claes de Vreese, UvA/CW Claudia Hauff, TU Delft Joris van Hoboken, UvA/IvIR Dimitrios Bountouridis, TU Delft
  3. 3. @CaptureBias P2: Capture Bias Team Lora Aroyo, (coordinator) VU Amsterdam, Computer Science Alessandro Bozzon, TU Delft CS & Delft Data Science Alec Badenoch, Utrecht University, Media & Culture Studies Antoaneta Dimitrova, Leiden University, Institute of Public Administration Markus de Jong, VU Amsterdam Post-doc in CS Panagiotis Mavridis, TU Delft Post-doc in CS & Data Science Johan Oomen, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Jesse de Vos, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  4. 4. @CaptureBias P1/P2 Shared Goals & Vision - P1 and P2 have shared goals and visions - At the same time focusing on different aspects - P1: fairness - P2: accuracy - Study both bias & social sorting - explore their similarities & differences - with respect to their manifestation in the content and social impact - Both projects - target news - could share data & use groups - We propose a two stage plan to work towards a joint demonstrator and show added value of the synergy
  5. 5. @CaptureBias Phase 1 (year 1) ● work on a joint dataset annotated by crowd and experts ● with target annotations, e.g. entities, events, sentiment, relevance, opinions ● aim for a joint publication of this dataset as a resource paper ○ as a great reference as a benchmark dataset ○ as a basis for a research community challenge related to bias in terms of fairness and accuracy. ● work towards discovery of alignment points between the two use cases, e.g. ○ user information needs, interaction and context of use. ○ these will be further used in the second phase.
  6. 6. @CaptureBias Phase 2 (year 2) ● work on reusing algorithms & code across the two projects ● P1 will develop recommendation algorithms for fairness in information filtering ● P2 will develop metrics for accuracy & ambiguity in bias-aware data ● validation opportunity ○ experiment with these algorithms across the two projects ○ observe empirically the interplay between fairness and accuracy ● P2 introduces also cultural and language diversity in the news sphere ○ experiments both with news video and text. ○ code sharing in Phase 2 & data sharing in Phase 1 ⇒ compare results in the different use cases ○ opportunity for another shared publication. ● P1 and P2 demonstrators with reused or shared features
  7. 7. @CaptureBias Joint Demonstrator P1/P2 ● Joint dataset in Y1 ○ Baselines - establishing bias parameters between viewers with diverse political views or background through an evaluation workshops with citizens and experts ○ Github repository, python notebooks, API ● Joint user testing in Y1/Y2 ○ Bias in algorithms & content ○ Accuracy & Transparency metrics and strategies ○ Diversity awareness ● Joint publications (e.g. benchmarks, resource) ○ Y1: reqs for transparency & accuracy (e.g. journalists, social sciences, media scholars) ○ Y2: results from user testing ● Joint dissemination (e.g. presentations & joint video) ○ Media Cafe (Hilversum), SPUI25, Amsterdam Data Science Meetup, Delft DS ○ Dutch Journalism Fund and CLICKNL Media & ICT events ○ Dutch ministries and NGOs events with experts from the policy analysis field
  8. 8. @CaptureBias Synergy ● Joint Dataset ○ annotated by crowds ○ validated by experts ○ Including both text & video news ● Joint Interactive Demo / Video ○ Bias-aware Data Analysis of the content ○ Bias analysis of recommender algorithms ○ Linking bias and fairness ○ Experimenting with transparency ● Partnership with related initiatives ○ at national level ○ at international level