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Town pinterest


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Town pinterest

  3. 3. What:Pinterest allows users to create virtual inspirationboards of images found on the web. Usersbrowse other boards in the community and havethe ability to comment and like boards or pins.There is additional functionality that allows usersto repin finds to their own boards creating a viralsharing environment.
  4. 4. Why?•3rd highest referral traffic rater behindFacebook and Twitter•Pinterest referrals are 10 percent more likely tomake a purchase and spend 10 percent more.•Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money thannon-social channel referrals•Link-building and increased traffic to your pageor blog
  5. 5. Pinterest BuzzwordsPin: An image added to Pinterest (.jpg, .png, .gif images only)Pinboard (board): A set of theme-based pinsPinning: The act of visually sharing contentRepin: Reposting somebody else’s pin to your own BoardPin It Button: Button that can be placed on website to facilitatesharing on Pinterest. Pins added with the Pin It buttonautomatically link back to the source sitePinner: Person who does the sharingHashtag: Using the # sign in front of a word or phrase which willlink the phrase and aggregate your content with other pins thatshare the same hashtag
  6. 6. Anatomy of PinterestProfile: • Describe yourself, job and interests in your “About Me” • Add a photo of yourself • Link it to your TOWN page, blog or personal website • Link to your Twitter and Facebook profile • Add your location - be specific in your description as well
  7. 7. Anatomy of PinterestBoards
  8. 8. Anatomy of PinterestPins
  9. 9. Anatomy of Pinterest Home ViewSuggested Users to Follow
  10. 10. Anatomy of PinterestRecent Activity •New Followers •Repins •Likes
  11. 11. Anatomy of Pinterest •Pins from users you’re following •Sort by different categories, popular pins or price points.
  12. 12. Setting up your Profile1. Navigate to http://pinterest.com2. Connect with Twitter, Facebook or use your email address
  13. 13. What to Pin:Board ideas:•Staging Inspiration/Tips•Curb Appeal•Neighborhood Specific Boards•Favorite Quotes•Personal Hobbies•Interior Design•Architecture/Art•Videos/Tours Pin ratio should be 3 outside links to 1 personal link
  14. 14. Uploading PinsManually Uploading Pins
  15. 15. Pinning ItemsThe Pin It button
  16. 16. Pinning ItemsVideos
  17. 17. Pinning ItemsThe Repin
  18. 18. Creating BoardsCan also create boards with thePin It or Repin Actions
  19. 19. Creating Boards
  20. 20. Creating Boards
  21. 21. DescriptionsBeing as descriptive as possible when pinning, repinning andcreating boards is key to having a standout Pinterest presence.•Most commented & repinned items use 200-310 characters (out of 500 allowed chars.)•Include relevant keywords, contextualinformation, and links to the content in thepost.•Be Specfic•Use Hashtags
  22. 22. Grow your FollowingAfter you have your first few boards going, startfollowing others You can follow a user, or opt to follow board’s that are more specific to your interest.
  23. 23. Grow your following
  24. 24. Grow your followingShare interesting Pins and Boards with your Facebook/Twitter community
  25. 25. Action Items• Write a detailed description of yourself• Start 2-3 Pinterest Boards• Share a Pin to Twitter/Facebook
  26. 26. Rosemary Abdelshahid 212.355.9090 x 224 Rosemary Dorsett 212.355.9090 rdorsett@nylmedia.com