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The Darkness Blinded By Sin


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A sermon based on the life of Samson, looking at his hidden sins.

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The Darkness Blinded By Sin

  1. 1. Blinded by Sin THE DARKNESS
  2. 2. Introduction  Hebrews 4:13 & 1 Corinthians 4:5  Even when we think no one else is looking, God still sees all.  This is a look at a Bible character whose sin pattern is often ignored and overlooked: Samson
  3. 3. Samson’s Beginning  Judges 13  Born to Manoah and his wife who were of the tribe of Dan  Samson is to be a Nazirite from birth  What is a Nazirite?  From a Heb. Word meaning “to separate”  Nazirites were ones who separated themselves from others by consecration to Yahweh (God) with a special vow.
  4. 4. Samson’s Beginning  The Nazirite Vow (Numbers 6): 1. No wine or strong drink, including vinegar, grape juice, grapes, and raisins. 2. No cutting of the hair, they had to let it grow long 3. No touching of the dead  Samson is to also be a judge over his people  What is a judge?  Prominent leaders raised up by the Lord to deliver Israel.
  5. 5. A Man Ensnared by Sin  Breaking the Nazirite Vow: Part 1  Touching a dead body (the lion).  Sin looks sweet and enticing, esp. when no one else is around to know what you’re doing.  It’s also easy to get others involved, under the guise of good (giving honey to his parents).  Breaking the Nazirite Vow: Part 2  Drinking wine and strong drink (wedding feast).  Sin usually invites a crowd.
  6. 6. A Man Ensnared by Sin  Breaking the Nazirite Vow: Part 3  Allowing his hair to be cut  Gave in to temptation instead of fleeing from it.  Gave up the only visible sign of his vow with God.  Showed that his sin/desires/lusts were more important to him than his relationship with God.  Other Sins #1: Revenge  After the riddle was solved, he killed 30 men.  He burned the Philistine’s crops out of revenge.
  7. 7. A Man Ensnared by Sin  Other Sins #2: Lies  Lied to his fellow people about the source of his strength  Lied to Delilah about the same thing until he could no longer continue lying.  Other Sins #3: Lust  1 Jn. 2:16 – This sums up Samson’s life (cp. Jas. 1:14-15)  He had a strong desire for women, esp. those he should not be associated with. He allowed lust of the eyes/flesh to cloud his judgment and sound wisdom.  It was his lust for women that ultimately cost him and showed how far from God he truly was.
  8. 8. Samson Redeemed by God  God removed the very thing that was blinding Samson to his relationship with God: his sight.  This blinded Samson to what caused him to sin: the lust of the eyes & flesh.  God blinded Samson to get him to see his need for God.  Renewing his relationship with God, while captive, God allowed Samson one final avenging act to bring glory to Himself.
  9. 9. Application  Samson’s life was an example of what not to be. We need to be people who walk in obedience to the Spirit, instead of the flesh (Gal. 5).  Repentance restored his relationship with God, but it didn’t come until the end. How will you live your life?