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Social Media for Sports Clubs


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A presentation showing what social media is, who is using it, what to think about before you start. Then explaining Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and who these could be used.

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Social Media for Sports Clubs

  1. 1. Gaining the most from Multimedia& Social Networking for your Club
  2. 2. Who is Lara Solomon? • Owner of the Mocks brand • Author of Brand New Day – The Highs & Lows of Starting a Small Business • Chief Rabbit at Social Rabbit • Winner of Telstra NSW Micro Business Award 2008 • Finalist in Telstra Young Businesswoman Award in 2005 and 2008 • Blogger for These are Mocks – sock covers for mobile phones
  3. 3. TODAY• Introductions by you• What social media is• What Facebook can offer your club• What Twitter can offer your club• What YouTube can offer your club• What else you could use• How to decide what to use
  4. 4. Let’s Watch a Video
  5. 5. What is Social Media?
  6. 6. How many Social NetworkingSites are out there? Take a guess…………..
  7. 7. Top 20 Social Networking Sites in the world….Rank Name Description/Focus Registered users Registration 1 Facebook General. 600 million Open to people 13 and older General. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland 2 Qzone 300 million Open to the General Public China users 3 Twitter General. Micro-blogging, RSS, updates 145 million Open 4 MySpace General, but with a music focus. 130 million Open to ages 13 and up. 5 Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 120 million Open General for teens. Over 31 communities worldwide. 6 Habbo 117 million Open to people 13 and older Chat Room and user profiles. General. Owned by Google Inc. Popular in Brazil and 7 Orkut 100 million Open to people 18 and older, decreasingly, in India General. Popular in Southeast Asia. No longer popular in Open to people 16 and older. No 8 Friendster 90 million the western world. children allowed. General. Popular in India,Portugal, Mongolia, Thailand, Open to people 13 and older. No 9 hi5 Romania, Jamaica, Central Africa and Latin America. Not 80 million children allowed. popular in the USA.10 LinkedIn General but mainly business 85 million Open to people 18 and older. General. Subject to quite some controversy about its e-11 Tagged 70 million Open mail marketing and privacy policy.12 Flixster Movies 63 million Open to people 13 and older13 Vkontakte Russian social network. 59 million Open General. Popular in Europe, Turkey, the Arab World and14 Netlog Canadas Québec province. Formerly known as Facebox 59 million Open to people 13 and older and Redbox Locating friends and family, keeping in touch (formerly15 MyLife 51 million Open School, college, work and the military 50 million Open to people 18 and older17 Odnoklassniki General. Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics 45 million Open18 Bebo General. 40 million Open to people 13 and older19 Badoo General, Popular in Europe 37 million Open to people 18 and older Photo sharing, commenting, photography related20 Flickr 32 million Source: Jan 2010 Open to people 13 and older. networking, worldwide
  8. 8. Age of users on social networking sites Source date: 16/2/10
  9. 9. Demographics of users on social networking sites Source date: 16/2/10
  10. 10. Before You Start Work out What You WantThink about…- Why do you want to use social media?- Do your audience use it?- What do you want to achieve from using it?
  11. 11. ®
  12. 12. The Different Facebook Accounts
  13. 13. A Facebook Page
  14. 14. Why Facebook PagesWhy have a Page?• To promote your product /service/business• To increase brand awareness• To reach people globally• To increase the number of people you reach• To increase sales• To tell customers about new products/services• To get feedback on products/services• To create a community for your business/brand• To engage your customers• To increase purchase intent• To build a relationship with your audience• To make your customers feel loved! 14
  15. 15. Page appears in online search
  16. 16. Page updates appear in news feeds of fans
  17. 17. Position Your Club as an Expert
  18. 18. Promote Events
  19. 19. Grow A Community Consumers answering each others questions
  20. 20. Engage with Your Audience
  21. 21. Listen to Your Audience Love negative comments! Consumers saying that they haven’t received their Mocks
  22. 22. Stats on Fans
  23. 23. Facebook Ad’sFans grew from 4,333 to 336,000 dueto this ad
  24. 24. Applications
  25. 25. Building your Page• Quality posts• Regular posting• Commenting on visitors posts & comments• Posting on other RELEVANT pages• Competitions (see Facebook guidelines)• Incentise potential visitors to join your page• Facebook ad’s• Branded applications, eg gifting• Events, it could be a virtual event• Sending updates to the people who like your page• Photos of people who like your page on your page that they can tagthemselves in• Check out what other pages are doing that works, and copy them• Fun posts eg what do you think FBG stands for?• Guest posts• Q&A time on your page• Likers only couponsExperiment… try… rework… try again! 25
  26. 26. Building Your Page• Add a Facebook like box to your website• Add a social plugin to your website• Add a Facebook link to your email signature• Add a Facebook link to your enewsletter• Offer free content to get people to like your page• Ask people to share• Invite all your Facebook friends to like your page• Find the influencers in your field and try to associate with them (theirfans will follow them)• Visit other pages and post content on there to drive people back to yourpage• Ask your visitors what they want• Keep true to your purpose• Set goals• Keep up to date on the new Facebook additions Experiment… try… rework… try again! 26
  27. 27. ®
  28. 28. Twitter is Growing
  29. 29. Twitter Usage March 2010 statistics
  30. 30. Twitter Usage March 2010 statistics
  31. 31. Twitter is Growing– Average age on Twitter is 39 Years Old– 2.5 Million Australians are on Twitter
  32. 32. Twitter search for Gymnastics
  33. 33. Twitter search for #Gymnastics
  34. 34. Customise your page
  35. 35. Customise your page
  36. 36. Your profile appears in online searches
  37. 37. Drive people to your website Promote blogs Hashtags Direct to your FB page
  38. 38. Research
  39. 39. Starting on Twitter• Jump in!• Choose to use it for personal or business - choose your name accordingly• Personalise your profile with a photo• Follow people• Follow the top Twitter users for ideas• Search and see who is talking about your keywords• Engage/talk to people• Follow people who follow you (when you start)• Communicate with customers• Use favourites to save your favourite messages• Publish helpful content• Use Twitter for events – hashtags for others to follow
  40. 40. Starting on Twitter• Create quality content that will generate interest when someone reads it• Have a link to allow people to find out more if they like your tweet• Tweet regularly. Twitter is all about “recentcy” and your efforts to keep yourcontent fresh are handsomely rewarded by Google and others• Get going! You really could be generating leads using Twitter• Remember to use keywords important to your business in your tweets
  41. 41. Twitter Don’ts• Be Overly Self-Promotional• Only Include Links to Your Own Blog• Follow Anyone and Everyone• Don’t Establish a Personality• Don’t Interact With Other Twitter Users• Don’t Share Your Twitter Profile on Your Website• Don’t Monitor Your Own Brand Chatter• Don’t Customize Your Twitter Profile• Only Tweet Once Per Week
  42. 42. Measuring Twitter• The number of followers you have is a measure of your rawdistribution power!• Use Twitter Grader (• Look at how many @replies you get on tweets• Number of new leads and visitors
  43. 43. App’s for TwitterCan also be used to update your Facebook pagePlus you can now schedule messages on it
  44. 44. Search for Gymnastics Clubs
  45. 45. Create Your Own YouTube Channel
  46. 46. Why YouTube?
  47. 47. Why YouTube?
  48. 48. Other Ideas
  49. 49. 1. Start a Blog, this could be a photo blog on Flickr, or a text blog using Wordpress, a podcast blog or a video blog on YouTube. This can be used to promote the club further, to get people interested in what is happening, drive traffic to your website & help your website SEO.2. Add Social Media links to your website, make it easy for people to find you3. Do a survey with your members, to find out which social media they are using4. Use Facebook Places or FourSquare, to allow people to check in at the club5. Use Eventbrite, to publicise events, both free and paid ones
  50. 50. How to Determine the Best Solution for Your Club • Which one do you enjoy using? • How much time do you have? • Who will implement it? • Can you be consistent? • Does it fit into your marketing strategy? • What content do you already have?
  52. 52. Questions 53
  53. 53. If you need Help Social Rabbit offers:• Hands on training workshops on Facebook, Twitter,Blogging and LinkedIn• Facebook page reviews to give you ideas of what isworking & what can be improved• Online Facebook training software – launching on Feb 1st• Social Media strategies for your club• Social Media implementation• Free articles and Tips at 54