June28 webinar


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June28 webinar

  1. 1. June 28th Webinar
  2. 2. Webinar content About Lara Types of Facebook accounts Examples of each p What’s best for business? 2 www.SocialRabbit.net
  3. 3. Who is Lara Solomon? • Owner of the Mocks brand www.MyMocks.com y • Author of Brand New Day – The Highs & Lows of Starting a Small Business www.BrandNewDay.com.au • Chief Rabbit at Social Rabbit www.SocialRabbit.net S i lR bbit t • Winner of Telstra NSW Micro Business Award 2008 A d • Finalist in Telstra Young Businesswoman Award in 2005 and 2008 • Blogger for www SmartCompany com au www.SmartCompany.com.au These are Mocks – sock covers for mobile phones 3 www.SocialRabbit.net
  4. 4. About Facebook • Over 400 million people using it g p p g globallyy • If it was a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest • On average 50% of users logon to Facebook daily • The average user spends 55 minutes on Facebook a DAY • The average user likes 4 pages a month • The largest Facebook page over 17 million likers = Texas Holdem Poker • 70% of Facebook users are OUTSIDE of the USA • On average people have 130 friends on Facebook 4 www.SocialRabbit.net
  5. 5. Profiles Profile ONLY personal use! Limited to 5000 friends Posts by profile owner appear in  friends newsfeeds Have to approve each friend Can C send messages to all friends d t ll f i d Can be customised with app’s Can be public or private Can be public or private Found by search engines (but can  be locked down) Updates come from profile owner come from profile owner ‐ Usernames available No insights 5 www.SocialRabbit.net
  6. 6. Groups Group Can be used for business or  personal As many people as want to can  join your group join your group Posts by the group admin only  appear in members newsfeeds,  but NOT in friends of members  feeds unless they are members Can be set for automatic joining,  or approval Limited to sending messages t Li it d t di to  5000 members CANNOT be customised Can be public or private Can be public or private NOT found by search engines Updates come from individual  Updates come from individual admins Admins are all listed Usernames NOT available NO insights 6 www.SocialRabbit.net
  7. 7. Groups Can be: • Public: anyone who wants to can join • Private: anyone can ask to join and it is up to the admins to decide whether they approve it or not • Secret: by invitation only and the group won’t show up in ANY searches 7 www.SocialRabbit.net
  8. 8. Pages Page Can be used for business or  personal As many people as want to can  “like” your page like your page Posts by the page admin appear in  people’s newsfeeds & their friends  can see them if they comment People can just “like” the page no  need for approval Updates U d t can be sent to all  b t t ll members Can be customised with app’s Always public Found by search engines Updates come from the Page, not  Updates come from the Page not the admins No one knows who the admins are  (unless they say) Usernames available Insights about visitors available 8 www.SocialRabbit.net
  9. 9. Why have a Facebook Page To promote your product /service/business To promote your product /service/business To increase brand awareness To reach people globally To increase the number of people you reach To increase the number of people you reach To increase sales To tell customers about new products/services To get feedback on products/services T t f db k d t/ i To create a community for your business/brand To engage your customers To increase purchase intent To build a relationship with your audience To make your customers feel loved! 9 www.SocialRabbit.net
  10. 10. What you can do on a page…. Choose where visitors land Add tabs Add applications pp See who visits your page See where people visit on your page Add a store to sell things Add a store to sell things Send updates to your likers Find out when people are joining & leaving Demographics of who is visiting Demographics of who is visiting Unique URL Blog feed 10 www.SocialRabbit.net
  11. 11. Coming up Next Week Setting up a page – how to from the first click Filling in the info on your page 11 www.SocialRabbit.net
  12. 12. For more info check out: The Chief Rabbit’s Blog on www.SocialRabbit.net The shop on www.SocialRabbit.net/shop for 101 Facebook tips for $5! Social Rabbit TV for practical demos www.YouTube.com/user/thesocialrabbit 12