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Powerpoint questionnaire

  1. 1. Larissa Nascimento Magazine QuestionnaireI did a questionnaire to ask peoples opinion on mymagazine, this questionnaire helped me a lot as I hadsome really good feedback, and from that I was able tosee how many people liked and dislike my magazine.
  2. 2. 1. What is the first words that come to your head when you look at the front cover of my magazine?• Urte- very cool and very rock and roll.• Jasminder- its really bold, and it is beautiful, the use of red and purple that you used to highlight certain bits of the texts is really cool.• Karolina- the first think that comes to my head is the world CHIC.• Silvana- I love the picture, it is very rock’n’Roll, I love the way that she was red lipstick on and some of the writing are red, it is really cool.• Leticia- wow I didn’t think it would look this good, ‘I look amazing’ ( the model of my magazine)• Vini- I am a guy and I really like the use of the colours, its very cool.
  3. 3. 2. What do you think about the content page?• Urte- I really like how the picture its not the main image• Jasmineder- I love how the image is faded, that the writing is still the same font, and the way that it is very clear and understandable.• Karolina- it is very simple but I think it is really good, I love how the picture is faded.• Silvana – wow! I love the picture, it is very professional, and I really like the font.• Leticia- I like how the top but it’s different from the rest, it really made the tittle stand out.• Vini – that is a very cool content page, its very clear and simple, and I love the picture.
  4. 4. 3. What do you think about the double page spread?• Urte – I really like how you combined the two images together and I also like how the ‘L’ stands out.• Jasminder – I like how you put some quotes in and how they are not straight, and also how the L is really bold, and I love how the images are faded.• Karolina- I really like how the front page was red and the double page spread has also read in it, I really like the combination.• Silvana- I personally love it, the colour red really stood out, and the pictures and poses are amazing.• Leticia- damn! I look good, I love how I have red lipstick on and you combined that with the writing, I love it.• Vini- I cant say much, I mean I am a guy but the pictures are hot.
  5. 5. 4. Would you buy this magazine?• Urte- yes I would! I love rock and it seems like a good magazine to read.• Jasminder- I don’t know to be honest, I am not that into rock but I would probably buy because it has some details about R&B and I am really into to that.• Karolina- yeah, I would probably buy it, it looks very cool.• Silvana- yes I think I would depending on the price, I think I would really enjoy reading it.• Leticia- of course I would, it looks ‘DOPE’• Vini- well well, I think I would maybe, because the picture its HOT.
  6. 6. 5. How much would you be willing to pay for the magazine?• Vini- I think I would probably pay 1,00 pound.• Leticia- I wouldn’t pay more than 1.50.• Urte – as I am really into rock and the rock fashion I think I would pay 1,90.• Lucas- well I think I would pay 99p to be honest.• Jasminder- I think I would pay 99p• Silvana- well I think I would be willing to pay 1,50.• Karolina- I think I would pay 99p.• John – I wouldn’t pay more than 60p
  7. 7. 6. Would you say that this magazine has an aiming audience?• Silvana – yeah1 I think teenager girls and young adult would be the ones that would buy the magazine.• Leticia- probably teenagers, because they have more money to spend on extras.• Vini- yes, I think young adults would buy it• Lucas- I think the magazine could be for any audience to be honest• Fernando- I think it is not aimed are male or females but both, red is a colour that I think both genders like.• Joshua- I really like it so I think it is aimed at teenager boys and girls.
  8. 8. Analyse• I am really happy with the feedback that I got, I am really proud of my music magazine, it is nice to get different point of view about my magazine. I am happy with what I have accomplished.