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Linchpin magazine (Test)

  1. 1. LINCHPIN The magazine that brings together the best of linchpin meetups worldwide. Issue 1 Summer 2010 $15.00magazINeShipped!Many small gifts of kindnessmakes one big magazineA remarkable collection of stories from linchpinmeetups everywhere
  2. 2. 2 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  3. 3. Where is everybody?photos by Taylor Davidson L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 3
  4. 4. Forward by Seth Godin When I created my first book in 1984, I desperately wanted someone fabulous to write the foreword. Because I had a passing acquaintance with Andy Tobias, a brilliant business writer, I decided to write to him and ask if he’d do it. A week later, I got a letter back (all we had was letters then, email was merely a good idea). Andy said that he liked my book and that he would have been willing to write the foreword, except that I had spelled it wrong! Because I wrote “forward” instead of “foreword” in my note to him, I was doomed. Game over. I think about this all the time, even though it was 26 years ago. I think about it when someone asks me to write a ‘forward’, and I think about it whenever I imagine that there’s only one door on the path to where I’m trying to go. This isn’t a foreword, because I don’t write them (it’s easier to just say no to everyone.) No, this is a forward. It’s a plea to keep moving, moving in the correct direction, which is always forward. The people who created this magazine are doing just that. The people who areBrian Bloom showing up at the Linchpin meetup, eager to connect and make something happen are doing just that as well. Go, ship, make something happen. Forward! 4 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  5. 5. Linchpin Magazine Issue 110 connectionsRead reports from over 30 linchpinmeetups worldwide. This photo and cover photos: David pu’u 06 Our editorial team 34 Inspirations The editorial team members have never A collection of thoughts and opinions on been in the same room but are fans of topics around work and life. remote working and collaboration software. 46 charities 07 Why a linchpin magazine? Find out about Seeducation*, the charity we We made this magazine because we could; support, and other worthy charities. to prove to ourselves that all the old excuses have gone away. 50 Outro Linchpin Magazine started as an idea in 08 Linchpin meetups – what’s it Ireland that spread to Scotland, Austria, all about? the USA and the Philippines as the editorial What makes over 5,000 people in almost team came together. We had a team, a plan21 800 places across the globe decide to meet and 44 empty pages. What could possibly up on a particular day? On June 14th 2010, go wrong? people got together to celebrate an idea. 51Our contributors 28 expressions Without our contributors, there would be A collection of doodles, graphics and no magazine. Find out who they are. thoughts on and around the linchpin concept. *Of the $15 purchase price, $10.40 (at 52 pages) goes to magcloud to print the magazine, leaving $4.60 going38 to Seeducation. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 5
  6. 6. Editorial teamProject initator When you want to do something,Kenny Whitelaw-Jones you find a way of achieving The editorial team members have never been in the sameEditor room but are fans of remoteCaroline von Schmalensee working and software. We are connected.DesignerKay Koyama-Gorekay@linchpinmagazine.comWeb developerTed Kusioted@linchpinmagazine.comProject administrationand supportLouella Paranallouella@linchpinmagazine.com6 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  7. 7. Why a linchpin magazine?by Kenny Whitelaw-JonesOnce upon a time, launching a magazine was a huge, expensiveendeavour. You needed a massive advertising budget, sufficient capitalto fund large print runs and access to a tightly controlled distributionchannel, It took deep pockets to fund the long lead time and highproduction costs.This magazine moved between idea and delivery in 3 weeks, with a team who has neverproduced a magazine before and who have never sat together in the same room. We’respread from New York to Manila, and we delivered on a budget of $0.We used one of the team’s existing Basecamp account to collaborate: cost $0.We used Google apps to communicate: cost $0.We set up wordpress on an existing server: cost $0.We used MagCloud to print and distribute the magazine: cost $0.We used an existing Mailchimp account to send email: cost $0.We made this magazine because we could; to prove to ourselves that all the old excuseshave gone away. “There isn’t enough money”. “There isn’t enough time”. “We don’t havethe right people”. “We don’t have enough people”. These made sense in the past, but areno longer real barriers. All that’s left is our own fear. Fear of asking. Fear of looking silly.Fear of failing.“Nobody will contribute”, we thought.“We’ll never pull it off”, we thought.“Nobody will want to read it”, we thought“What on earth is the point anyway?”, we thought.But because our fears have been named, the “lizard brain”, we ignored them.And because our determination and drive and hope and passion have been named,“linchpin”, we shipped.This magazine cost us nothing but our time to produce, but it’s value isbeyond measure. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 7
  8. 8. Linchpin what we are told to and behave well. The deal was that in exchange, we would get rewards: a home, food, promotions, more expendable income, a comfortable pension. But the deal is gone. Being compliant and doing what you are told is no longermeetups – enough to have a good life. The new market demands people who add something beyond the job specification. Indispensable people. Linchpins. Being indispensable Imagine that you had an important messagewhat’s it all and you worked tirelessly on spreading it. You wrote your blog daily. It was a good blog and lots of people read it, commented on it, shared it. You wrote a book. People bought it and said great things about it. Then, one day, you suggested that maybe people who understood your message might want toabout? get together to talk about it. And they did. Thousands of them did. Taking the time to build that tribe and being able to enthuse it is what makes Seth himself a linchpin. It takes more than just being good at your job to get your own action figure. It takes courage and peristance to become a Caroline von Schmalensee Emotional labourWhat makes over 5,000 people in almost 800 places across the globe Changing how you work, how you view work in the larger scheme of your life, is notdecide to meet up on a particular day? On June 14th 2010, people something you do in a minute. It takes timegot together to celebrate an idea. and determination. To change anything we have to overcome the resistance, the little voice that tries to talk us out of taking risks The idea was that that of the linchpin, and making changes. This is the same fear someone that does something so important that makes us not try all out so that it is less that they cannot be replaced. Seth Godin devastating if we fail. Accept the fear and do argues, in his book Linchpin – Are you things anyway. For many of us that is easier indispensable?, that the world of work is said than done but if sitting tight and doing changing and that we have to change with what we are told is no longer the route it if we want to stay gainfully employed. to success, we have to learn to act despite The last couple of years has increased the the fear. pressure for us to think about our careers and how we work. The economic climate We are not in the school yard any more. has had a profound effect on how secure It does not matter if people make fun of us we are in our jobs. when we act with commitment. The deal has changed and we have to work with Introducing the linchpin our emotions as well as our brains and Once upon a time, the industrial revolution bodies. Make connections, help others, caused a shift in working practices, from solve problems and move forward, always individuals crafting individual items forward. It pays off. Being a linchpin is not to identically skilled workers creating just necessary, it is also much more satisfying cheap, identical products. To push down than rigidly sticking to the script. cost and risk, every workplace became a factory. Society supported these factories by teaching us to follow instructions, do8 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  9. 9. Linchpins met everywhere The statsThe Linchpin meetup ball started rollingin May 2010 and on the day of the linchpin continentsmeetup, 5,830 people in 90 countries had 4announced that they wanted to meet other countrieslinchpins on the Linchpins are everywhere 90Meetups page. peopleThe majority of the meetups took place in 5,830North America and Europe, but there were meetupsalso meetups in Asia, South America, Africa, 792the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.Meetups took place in restaurants and Average people per meetup 7.3coffee shops, bars and private homes. Someeven took place over the internet. There are Follow-up meetupsmore ways than one to meet face to face. 102The very way the meetups were organised most attendees 215, New Yorkillustrates a point about linchpins. Eachmeetup needed an organiser. Being an Fewest attendeesorganiser could be as involved as the 0individual wanted: select a time and place, most westerly meetupand leave it at that. Or go further: elect Juneau, Alaska, USAa time and place, spread the word, getsponsors to contribute food and drink, most easterly meetupinteract with your attendees before the We have organised the content into sections: Hamilton, New Zealandevent. The more involved you get, the most northern meetupgreater the risk but all organisers faced the Connections: reports from over 30 linchpin Stavanger, Norwaysame fear: what if no one turns up? If you meetups worldwide.want to be a linchpin you have to have the most southern meetupcourage to put your head above the parapet. Expressions: doodles, graphics and thoughts Dunedin, New Zealand on and around the linchpin concept. Litres of coffee consumed1Of course, the purpose of the meetups 1,551.7was not to provide an example but Inspirations: a collection of thoughts andto provide a forum for meetings and opinions on topics around work and life that calories consumeddiscussion. A chance to meet a new network 1,364,220 people feel passionate about.of individuals that share you ideas and goals, calories expendedthat understand your struggles and want Charities: an introduction to Seeducation, 445,995to share in your triumphs. People who can the charity we support and, the runnersmotivate you to be generous with that thing up in the charity competition, Child’s i 1 We have no real way of knowing how muchthat you do that adds value. The things that Foundation. coffee or cake wasmakes you indispensable. consumed so have made At the time of writing, 91 follow-up a few assumptions: 75%Talk about yourself meetups have been scheduled. People got of registered peopleThe pages that follow show what the actually turned up, drank something valuable from the meetings and a 12 ounce coffee or itsmeetups were all about. Individuals came this magazine allows them to share what equivalent volume, ate atogether with their own agendas and their that was. standard muffin or otherown desired outcomes. It was up to each food to an equivalentindividual attendee to make sure that they Want to read Linchpin? You can buy it calorie value and talked for an hour. Just for thegot something out of the meetup they hardback, papaerback or in audio. The fun of it.attended. No one told them what to expect audio is read by Seth, which is great, butor what to achieve. has the restriction of all audio books – you cannot see the illustrations.Fascinated by the linchpin concept and themeetups, we asked attendees to share their Seth Godin, Linchpin – Are you indispensable?,experiences and thoughts from the linchpin Portfolio Hardcover, 2010. 256 pages or justmeetups. This magazine is the result of under eight hours of audio.their generosity and determination to ship.A 48 hour deadline for delivering magazinecontent is a tight one. We knew that wewere asking a lot and are delighted with theresponse that we have had. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 9
  10. 10. CoNNeCtIoNS LINCHPIN world SHIPPINgS FRom: over 30 locations.1 0 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 around the Connections brings together Linchpins got together in 90 over 700 individual meetups. countries across the world, in reports and impressions from Shipped from CaNada CaLgaRY, aLBeRta toRoNto, oNtaRIo eURoPe moNtReaL, QUeBeC VIeNNa, aUStRIa edmoNtoN, aLBeRta zURICH, SwItzeRLaNd NoVa SCotIa RotteRdam, NetHeRLaNdS BeLFaSt, IReLaNd JoNkoPINg, SwedeN USa LoNdoN, Uk PawtUCket, RHode ISLaNd zagReB, CRoatIa St LoUIS, mISSoURI mILaNo, ItaLY New JeRSeY aSIa CHaNdLeR, aRIzoNa maNILa, PHILIPPINeS RaLeIgH, NoRtH CaRoLINa tokYo, JaPaN SoUtH HadLeY, maSSaCHUSSetS LaHoRe, PakIStaN PoRtLaNd, oRegoN maLaYSIa CHICago, ILLINoIS VeNtURa, CaLIFoRNIa aPPLe VaLLeY, CaLIFoRNIa New YoRk, New YoRk BoStoN, maSSaCHUSSetS tamPa, FLoRIda Lake CoUNtY, CaLIFoRNIa oHIo
  11. 11. connectionsVienna , AustriaNew ideas in a traditional settingAndrew nashWe held our Vienna Linchpin Meetup at the MuseumsQuartier.The highlight was meeting a group of people who wanted to discussSeth Godin’s ideas. On the way home I was amazed to note thatthree hours had passed, although the fact that they pretty muchhad to throw us out of the cafe should have been a hint. We decidedto meet again in September to continue our discussion withmore people.Can anyone be a linchpin?Can cleaning people be linchpins? We think that it’s possible tobring art to cleaning and cleaners can be an important connectionbetween people working in an office. Our model is not theoutsourced cleaning companies, but rather the cleaners who werereally part of the organization, like the janitors in our elementaryschools in the old days (Mike Mulligan of steam shovel fame).Maybe not forever, but being a linchpin cleaner (to pay the bills)while you are doing some other art at night. zurich , SwitzerlandHow do you transfer Seth’s ideas to old businesses and institutions?An especially important question in cities like Vienna with long Linchpins are from everywheretraditions. Arjen StrijkerCan you be a linchpin in a large business or do you need to workfor yourself? Of course Seth discusses this, but it was on our minds. Yes! Even though Seth Godin and the entire linchpin concept isWe felt that learning to get along in existing structures can provide still relatively unknown in Switzerland, we ended up with a smallyou with the freedom to implement innovative ideas. But, it’s a group of 9 people. As it was a good evening, we spent it at our officebalancing act. at roof terrace.Where’s the fun? Who was there?We should always ask, “Where’s the fun?” at work. Work should be Kris is Swedish and worked in multinational IT firms, but for hima playground where you can fail. Interestingly some organizations this wasn’t satisfying. That’s why he is an independent linchpin.allow failure but sweep it under the carpet preferring to ignore it Maria is a job psychiatrist from Romania. Maria was convincedrather than learn from it. that the Internet is bad for children, but afterwards revised her opinion. Ana Maria is a linchpin, which changed Maria’s life. AyaWhat about colleagues to whom work is simply 8 hours plus a paycheck? is from Japan and is interested in the linchpin concept. Sebastiano tried to work at Apple in Switzerland to make changes, but AppleFinally, as a mixed German and English speaking group, we had didn’t listen, so Sebi tried other ways. Patricia got involved in ana lot of fun translating and debating how to interpret Seth’s work interesting project called to help youngsters in Kabul.(starting with “What does linchpin mean?”) in another language. Judith is part of the SOMESSO team and will finish her internship this summer. Margrit had a laptop that died, which changed herLinks life. Finally: I am an entrepreneur and I have the mission to changeYou can sign up to the next Vienna Linchpin Meetup on Meetup. the way how companies communicate and do What did we talk about? We talked about our views on things, what were the rewards forIf you are in Vienna and want to visit the MuseumQuatier, you can our actions, and what we thought it takes to be indispensable. Liferead more about it online: journeys were shared, debated, and somehow changed. It was a very interesting evening and next time I’m definitely there again.Not heard of Mike Mulligan? You can read about him on Find the full blog post and pictures on L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 1 1
  12. 12. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connections zagreb, croatia Small but remarkable zeljko markic Zagreb meeting was little less attended than predicted, but linchpins that gathered were really good and remarkable. Lots of stories shared, tons of stories not shared. As appropriate everything was better with chevapi and we are looking forward to next year’s meeting ans shared stories around the globe.calgary, Alberta, canadaThe currency of lifeBob mcInnes‘‘We have to re-shuffle our notions about security.The danger isn’t where we think it is. The dangeris in not being entrepreneurial. If you’re notcreating the future, then someone else is, and enjoying a meetingthat someone else will change the face of the of minds and chevapi in as you know it. But that’s not the greatestdanger. The greatest danger is arriving at theend of our lives and feeling like we haven’t reallylived. Risk is the currency of life. Without risk,there is no life. We have to be willing to riskfailure in return for a sense that we are living.And it’s when we’re really living that we reallyhave a shot at changing the world. Tampa, Florida, uSA’’ Getting connected Brianne SwezeyDan Pallotta, April 20, 2010: Discover your inner entrepreneurURL: It was great to meet fellow linchpins. We established that mostentreprene.html all of us are successful as separate linchpins but want to unite and conquer the community. Our community problem is that we have all these groups and leaders but nobody is connecting and talking. We need to come up with a way to unite for a common cause to bridge the community and be able to help each other ship so that others don’t do ship off to find this connection elsewhere.1 2 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  13. 13. Lake county, california, uSA To sign up for the next meeting of the Lake County Linchpins contact Tony at the Featherbed B&B, 2870 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice,Spreading the message CA, USA +1 707 274 8378. Everyone is welcome to attend, and a small donation to cover dinner is appreciated.carol cole Lewis It’s not necessary to have read the book ahead of time to attend,A group of eight Lake County residents met at the though it would be helpful. Various written and audio formats areFeatherbed B&B to take part in “Worldwide-Meet-The-Tribe-of- available from and Barnes and Noble. You may alsoLinchpins” day on June 14, 2010. Meetups were held in as many as order locally from Watershed Books +1 707 263 5787 or Catfish500 cities worldwide, to establish conversation around the thoughts Books +1 707 263 4454 in Lakeport.and concepts raised in the book, Linchpin: Are You Indespensable bybest selling author and Social Media guru Seth Godin.In the synopsis of the book, linchpins are described as “the essentialbuilding blocks of great organizations. Like the small piece ofhardware that keeps a wheel from falling off its axle, they may notbe famous but they’re indispensable. And in today’s world, they getthe best jobs and the most freedom. Have you ever found a shortcutthat others missed? Seen a new way to resolve a conflict? Made aconnection with someone others couldn’t reach? Even once? Thenyou have what it takes to become indispensable, by overcoming theresistance that holds people back.”The Lake County participants discussed their individualbackgrounds, then used their collective talents to explore solutionstowards improving the image and economics of the county. Thegroup, now dubbed the “Lake County Linchpins” agreed in thepower of social media to change the world, and looked at possibleapproaches of using technology and the internet to bring morevisitors and prosperity into Lake County. “We’ve got so much tooffer” says Tony Barthel, proprietor of the Featherbed B&B andmeeting participant. “Our air is the cleanest in the state; the wildlifeand natural beauty are amazing. It’s time to stop keeping the secretthat is Lake County to ourselves and tell the world what a fine placeit is to visit, live, work and play here.” Above: Lake county Linchpins meet at the Featherbed B&B. Left to Right: Rowland, mosser, carol cole-Lewis, Teddie pierce, Bert hutt, Ted herrera, maria giovanni, peggy Barthel. not pictured: Tony Barthel. Left: a picture of beautiful Lake county. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 1 3
  14. 14. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connectionsSlovenska Bistrica, Slovenia The tribe gives a hand Matevž Gregori is the leader of the Puppet Theatre Cornseed,Giving a helping hand a director, puppeteer, designer…the heart of the theatre. He’s a mentor of school puppet groups in several primary and highDanilo Tic schools. The fundamental reason, that is holding him back from his art and passion, is his existential problem. Having three smallIn Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia, there were seven creative children and building a home for them forces him to take andlinchpins, who were eager to share ideas and discuss collaboration dedicate too little time for his art.opportunities: Matevž Gragori, Mateja Koropec, Tanja Koropec,Jure Kleindienst, James Marjan Tomazin, Miha Kotnik, Danilo Tic. Members of the meeting decided to help Matevž open new distribution channels for his art by recording performances, uploadSpreading the word them on Youtube, on local level.At the meetup I realized that some of the linchpins didn’tunderstand the basic idea and power of collaboration. Therefore, Could linchpin tribe help on international level?I’m spreading the linchpin idea everywhere and everywhen, tryingto affect the members of meetup to spread it too and I’m going toorganize more meetups in my town, the first one being in autumn. Seven creative linchpins. mateja, James, Jure, Danilo, Tanja, miha, matevž.1 4 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  15. 15. Ohio, uSAThe Ohio Linchpin meetupemily L eberleyRotterdam, netherlands manila, philippinesAn idea takes form Energized lifeDimitri Lambermont edgardo DangoyThe idea: Create a platform – In two words – “life” and to describe it “energized”. Expectations were shared, and not a single Linchpin present left without theUSP: A chance for every person to discover their personal linchpin appreciation of support and care of their fellow tribe members.quality. To get out of the factory. To share ideas. To get inspired. Virtual and live future meetings are expected to sustain the new lifeSharing blogs on Linchpin behaviour, case studies and real life we gave breath to.examples.Message: Make the difference. Linchpins are everywhere. Followyour passion.Language: Dutch, at a later point English.Pay-off: Still to be decided.Goal: Awareness. To create a movement.Timing: September/October. 10-10-2010.How will we get noticed? The link to should befeatured in the new translation of Linchpin. Social Media channels(Twitter, Facebook). Blogs. Press releases.To Do: Get the other Linchpins from the Netherlands to share. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 1 5
  16. 16. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connectionsVentura, california, uSA The world was missing the point. Again.A Linchpin sonnet “It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the worldDavid pu’u by playing your role in the concert.” Jacques Yves CousteauAs my little ocean flavored world rocked with continuednews that only seemed to worsen, I watched and listened, as My girlfriend, Donna Von Hoesslin, had immediately launchedresponse from Government and Environmental groups created herself into the task of herding cats, that is getting a group ofwhat amounted to an untenable clamor. Finger pointing, conflict, independently creative people together, into a succinct point inpolarization, but no success occurred in fixing the massive calamity the space and time continuum, for no other apparent reason, thanof the Horizon well head blowout. to connect personally. Seth, being an excellent common thread, along with his new book Linchpin, which most of the invitees wouldEnviro groups squared off and did what they do: point fingers. Oil have no doubt read, or at the least heard of, created the necessaryExecs circled wagons. Everyone calling for Justice. There was a hole the Gulf seabed. The Ocean was dying. On Monday, in Ventura California, our Linchpin meeting tookThen Seth’s note popped up, about creating a meeting of our place at a grand old venue, that is an Historic Landmark in Ventura,peers. A Linchpin meeting. It was followed in short order by a and is now known as Candlelight. Historic and Light. Made perfectfew quotations from Jacques Cousteau found in the course of my sense to hold a Linchpin meeting there.regular work study. Garner, who manages Candlelight, had even created, along withI realized, in pondering the two very positive tones of Cousteau and Donna, a Linchpin cocktail, which was a citrus flavored, somewhatSeth, that the clamor of adversarialism had grown so loud, no one tart, refreshing concoction served in a martini glass.could hear what message was softly, quietly being sung.1 6 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  17. 17. Fifteen minutes into Linchpin 2010, Donna did the spoon to connecting. “I would like to see you all succeed. That is why I amcocktail glass bell call, and our group gathered together in a big here.” I could feel the room in the large cocktail lounge. I had found myself standing nextto a seated Colin Black chatting about Waterpolo. As the circle of Minutes later, we had gathered together on a big bed outsidepeople began to introduce themselves Colin whispered “Oh God, and snapped a photo or two. It was my double entendre message,I am the last one. I am going to have to stand up.” At 6’8”, Colin is that image. Our group: Law Enforcement, City Leaders, Chefs,tall when seated. Content Creators, Business People, Corporate heads, Sustainability specialists, what an amazing group of leaders who exemplified aThe intros gave us a sense of perspective. Funny thing about vast cross section of culture. Many change the world in the courseLinchpins, none of us is boring, and the things which everyone of their work, and were all in bed together. Right there. Connected.spoke on were a blend of hilarity and inspiration. You could see Everyone mattered on their own merit. But as a group, theconnection beginning. But as in all settings of this sort, it was not potential became something immeasurable and vast.without a little tension. Groups can be like that, no matter whatthey contain. The world in which we exist will always offer plenty of personal challenges, but it is only in stepping outside of ourselves,As the turns swung round to myself and Colin, I simply stepped on connecting, and collaborating, that we will find true, sustainablethe other side of him, thereby removing him from the obligation of solutions. If we choose to do that, watch the solutions flow.being last. He looked relieved. And as 6’8” stood next to 5’5” (me)and Colin introduced himself, something occurred to me. Many of It could even save the ocean. We can do that. are so self conscious we fail to consider that we are made to fulfilla purpose.So as Colin wrapped up, and it became my turn to speak, I didsomething laterally, and decided to break group conventionand protocol, by simply resting my head against Colin’s side.The elevation difference created a burst of laughter and I thenchatted about what I would like to have happen as a result of our L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 17
  18. 18. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connectionsJapan/pakistan/nova ScotiaLinchpin day around the worldFrances SchagenMy day was very special because I got to experience the newworld: a world of borderless friendships and connections, andthe ageless world of taking time to discuss important concepts withmy friends.I started Linchpin day by attending the meet up in Tokyo withBernd Nurnberger in the morning. It took place on a newplatform I got there late, but I was still able to see thechat history with all the great book recommendations and Berndwas gracious enough to give me an overview of their discussion.We briefly explored the topic of the real life implications of virtualconnections. There can be a very quick and deep connection on-line because we are able to find people who are very like us withoutthe usual filters of geography and even of first physical impressions.In the afternoon I was in Pakistan through Skype with hostKamil Ali, and Mirza Bilal Khalid, Shahzeb Irshad, Saira Fatemah,Rafia Toor, Sabeen Zehra, Ejaz Masood. We had great discussionsfinding out how our cultures shape the way we look at some of theLinchpin concepts.We talked about how gifts can be seen as the start of a transaction,instead of being given freely. We talked about how they aresometimes used to create obligations so that people become afraidto accept gifts. We talked about how difficult it can be to go againstconvention, but that it can create opportunities and success inunexpected ways. Belfast, northern IrelandLater in the afternoon one of my favourite Linchpins, Lisa Will the linchpins please stand up?Lowthers, came by my office in Kentville, Nova Scotia and we hadthe luxury of sitting and chatting over tea and cake. We are usually Janet Whitelaw-Jonesso busy we see each other only at meetings where we focus on theagenda at hand. We deepened our connection and shared our The Belfast Linchpin meetup was small, but perfectly formed.thoughts on some of the projects we are working on together. There were only two of us, based in a small coffee shop in the student end of town. ‘No, but what do you really want to do?’ was aMy Linchpin day was very special because I got to experience the question we asked at least 50 times. And this is a great question tonew world: a world of borderless friendships and connections. answer. Because actually sometimes what we think we would really I also got to experience the ageless world of taking time to discuss like to do, turns out to be full of disappointment, and then whatimportant concepts with my friends - old and new. happens? Well, obviously, you pick yourself up, and go forward. Over a blaring radio commentary on the World Cup we oozed about photography, design, pin hole cameras, printing techniques using egg yolks, skirts and how Peter from Slovakia had ended up in Belfast reading Seth Godin’s books. We both have kids, and a family to support and we tossed the idea about how one really does leave the day job and go for it. Does this work? Who has made it work? More peppermint tea? Alas, Peter leaves Belfast in 3 weeks to head back to Slovakia to seek out more Linchpins, and then I shall be one of only 2 Linchpins left in Belfast. Belfast Linchpins, we know you’re out there. Stand up!1 8 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  19. 19. pawtucket, Rhode Island (“Little Rhody”) uSA St. Louis, missouri, uSAFirst, learn who you are Sharing a desire to connectJessan Dunn Otis John e. SmithThere’s nothing, necessarily, remarkable about a few folks What came out of our meeting was a shared desire to do moresitting in the “Amphitheater” at Slater Mill, in Pawtucket, Rhode than just meet and talk with like-minded folks. We want to connect,Island, on an early Monday evening in June. The air was somewhat challenge, and help each other learn and use the ideas thathumid, the sun was warming, from time to time a few wispy clouds Seth Godin so memorably preaches.floated lazily overhead; and, the Blackstone River continued to runto the Atlantic Ocean just down the path from us. Four months We gathered and shared, getting to know one another andearlier that River had breached its banks, thundered ‘til the ground marveling at the different ways in which the message and conceptsshook and was another kind of water running wild after torrential in Linchpin and Seth’s blog have touched our lives.rains and, what became, a 100-year flood, from which folks in partsof Rhode Island are still recuperating and rebuilding. We are an eclectic group, with corporate cube warriors next to ministers, next to entrepreneurs, and a few folks who are seekingNevertheless, here sat these folks (a few knew each other, a few guidance on how to become indispensable in a role they have notdidn’t know each other) and they began to talk, ask questions, share yet discovered.little pieces of their lives, talk about their “day jobs”, where they’dlived, where they’d worked, what their “take” was on Linchpins, No BHAG’s from this meeting, other than to keep doing it andLizards and Purple Cows. All the while the River kept running. include others - become True Believers for the idea that we really are moving beyond the traditional management and worker roles.Sometimes the conversations were easy – with a free and open We do plan to take advantage of all the energy being generatedexchange. Sometimes the conversations turned to “essential across the globe by Linchpin Network and other groups sharingquestions” – like – “What does it mean to you to be a Linchpin?” this journey.and “What brought you to this gathering?” Our next St. Louis area meeting is scheduled in the MarylandSomeone offered this opinion: “My understanding of being a Heights area, but we will try to do even more in other parts of theLinchpin is that, first, you have to truly learn/know who metro area. If you are a resident or just “traveling through” then,you are in this world; then, you have to recognize and please join us.cut through the BS; and, then, you have to do somethingabout that.” We have much to learn, much to share, and are loving every minute of it!It’s often difficult to know what other folks take away from a firstmeeting. However, I know that I’ll not forget the air, the light, the We are organising the meeting using Meetup: http://www.meetup.River and the questions still unasked and the answers still yet to be com/Linchpins-are-everywhere-raise-the-flag/9107 Who am I?discovered and the possibilities still waiting to be set in motion onthat day in June. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 1 9
  20. 20. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connectionsSouth hadley, massachussets, uSA montreal, canadaIslands of sanity Generosity in the airmartha Johnson Welby AltidorI did it! I hosted a Linchpin meeting! I did it even with mixed What I liked the most about the meeting in Montreal: there wasemotions, which are not always good predictors for success. a spirit of generosity in the air that allowed me to discover thingsNevertheless, I found strawberries, cheese and crackers and about people rather than just meeting them. One participant I metopened my home, without first demanding a visit from the cleaning yesterday put it quite well when he said that beyond anything, thelady. Three people showed up at the door. The four of us had fun gathering and Seth’s message through Linchpin was a powerfulgetting acquainted. We shared how we were negotiating the process and compelling call to action. An inspired call to ship what we wereof both finding our uniqueness and developing the courage to born to give.stand behind it. We admitted the challenge of trusting the processinvolved in making changes. We acknowledged that as we deeplyengage in what matters to us, the next questions, the next answersand the next miracles usually appear – not exactly as we expect –but they appear.We revealed our current dilemmas. Lisa loves making intimatephotographic memories ( atweddings. As it becomes a business, will it remain a passion? Doug Raleigh, north carolina, uSAloves helping people get the right car ( for Just get on with it!their needs at a great price. How can he accommodate his passionfor music? Kelly is a devout reader of Seth’s blog. How can she marianne howell Wrightconnect with more like-mindeds and do more of what she loves? Asa person on the other end of the age spectrum and a semi-retired I found out at the Raleigh linchpin meet-up that linchpins comeauthor of Why Not Do What You Love, (www.whynotdowhatyoulove. in all I wonder how I can offer my gifts of age, experience andwisdom a bit more personally. Our Raleigh area linchpin meet-up was at the Go Realty office in Cary. I was looking forward to it because to me being a linchpin isAs we watched the sunset from the meadow labyrinth, we hard, and I was curious how others overcome the hurdle of figuringacknowledged the learnings from our serendipitous connection out just what that exceptional, make a difference, idea is.and knew that we would meet again. The 70-year old host, me,was surrounded by the palpable energy of three young I had some great conversations with people in many differentand courageous folks, eager to create islands of sanity for business and we all had Seth Godin in common. There was a lot ofthemselves in a world hungry for their integrity and their sharing of stories and enthusiasm.authenticity. Something that’s been holding me back is an insecurity about myYes, I’m glad I did it!! Nobody missed the cleaning lady, and the age. I’m approaching 60 and wonder if people might not take mestrawberries were good, too. Most important, I can’t imagine a seriously or think I’m “over the hill” and about ready to retire.more interesting and satisfying way to have spent an evening. Katherine helped me overcome that lizard brain thought. Katherine is young but she’s a linchpin. Home schooled, Katherine connects by forming online communities and sharing with friends from all over the world. When I told her I thought it is remarkable that she is doing something that most other kids her age don’t do. She said, well, anyone can do it. Of course, they don’t. Her age doesn’t matter to her, she just gets on with it. It came as a lighting bolt to me. Hey, that’s exactly what I need to do, that I have the same possibilities and opportunities as Katherine and just need to get on with it too. Thanks Katherine!2 0 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  21. 21. Katherine does what she wants to do, undaunted. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 2 1
  22. 22. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connectionschandler, Arizona, uSABe the changeLisa TakataLet me confess up front that I had never even heard of SethGodin before the Linchpin meetup I attended on Monday night inChandler, Arizona. A friend of mine contacted me with the invitea few weeks ago and said “Just trust me, it is right up your alley.”So I went.What a wonderful experience to walk into a room of such engagingpeople from all walks of life whom I had never met before, andspend two hours with them in shared discussions about themesthat I have spent a lot of time thinking about and acting upon onmy own. People who are like minded about community buildingand finding all kinds of ways to achieve that in various fields ofinterest. People who have a common frame of reference andlanguage, thanks to Seth, for discussing their passions and makingchange happen. People who can openly talk about their struggles manila, philippinesin defining their life’s passion and overcoming their fears, with Manila, Manila!complete strangers (this impressed me most...). People who share asupportive vision of community and can for the most part set aside Louella parañalthe need to be credited for what they do. People who are usingtheir life’s journey to, as Gandhi said, “be the change we wish to see The Meetup in the Philippines’ capital did not the world.” Eight linchpins made it through the traffic and the evening rain and got their expectations at the end of the gathering. Here areI enjoyed the participatory nature of this event, and some of them:people’s willingness to listen to and challenge otherpoints of view in the interest of advancing their own • provide solutions to other linchpins’ problems in realizing theircritical thinking. I appreciated the generosity with which people passion using principles learned from Seth’s writingsoffered to contribute ideas and help to enable others to move their • share their passionsideas forward, and the enthusiasm people had in sometimes literally • brainstorm on ways to spread the linchpin way of thinking andleaping out of their seats to share with others. It’s not often that working in the Philippinesyou get to see such a sense of wide ranging possibility materialize • meet people who are interested in Seth Godin’s workbefore your eyes. I’m glad I attended and I know the experience we • seek partnerships and/or employeesshared will lead to dynamic change in many corners of our Valley, • learn new things from other linchpinsand beyond. • networkThank you Tyler and the Gangplank crew for bringing us all Our group was composed of an entrepreneur, a marketingtogether in Arizona. consultant/business professor, a TV writer, bloggers, a virtual assistant, an operations manager, and a former employee at a nursing home. The evening was filled with laughter, ideas, and opportunities. Mike Collins, Richard Cruz, Gladys Hernando, Jam Mayer-Flores, Bryan Danta, Jennifer Silverman, and Eddie Dangoy made the Meetup worth the long trip. There are plans of finding more linchpins in the area (they’re here somewhere!) and to create social networking addresses where Linchpins from Manila can get together. Also, to continue meeting together and use the Meetups as opportunities to help each other, encourage, and inspire.2 2 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  23. 23. portland, Oregon, uSA new Jersey, uSAHonesty and transparency I showed upmegan Strand Khürt WilliamsLinchpins are everywhere. And so often, we draw our circles I waited for 30 minutes at the bar. While Iso compactly around those with whom we see eye to eye on, well... waited I talked to a gentleman at the bar abouteverything, that we miss out on those who could expand our circle.That’s what Linchpins do. Challenge. Question. Present different his tree cutting business. He had left corporateperspectives. America behind to pursue something he enjoyed tremendously. We chatted while I had a wibier.The first-ever nation-wide Linchpin Meetup took place June 14th,suggested by Seth Godin but executed by a group of passionateindividuals in cities across the continent. Later I walked around the bar introducing myself and asking if anyone there had read Linchpin.At my local Portland gathering, graciously hosted by Pinpoint Logic, I walked outside and sat down on a benchI learned that Linchpins don’t look like I thought they’d look. Theydon’t talk about the things I expected them to talk about. Some of watching as people walked by.the Linchpins I met I want to hold close, learn more. Some camefrom a place I don’t yet understand. But what impressed the heck Thirty minutes later I went home.out of me was the level at which the bar was set for honesty andtransparency. Even my own level of honesty was surprising.Connecting with a group of people around a common but high-level ideal was admittedly somewhat unfamiliar. Uncomfortable,even. But probably exactly what so many of us need. A placewhere judgment can be suspended and connection can occur ona different level that has more to do with art. And humanness.And respect.I’m grateful for this space. And for the journey. And forthe Linchpins.milano, ItalyLinchpin Meetup Milano Beer is nicer in company.monica Amarillis RossiOnly 5 people, because Italy was playing soccer at the Word Cup,but it was a nice evening, where everyone was willing to help theothers and everyone discovered something new and useful! L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 2 3
  24. 24. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connectionsToronto, canadaThe business of philanthropypaul nazarethThe 25 or so folks who attended were from a diverse backgroundof age, race, experience and profession. Fundraisers, marketers,admin staff, financial advisors, board members and consultantsfrom marketing, management and research. I asked the group to“ship” two answers before they left.Name that elephantThe first question was: what is the name of the elephant in ourroom? The resounding answer was “you saw my inner Linchpin,hired me and then slapped on the handcuffs and stood in my way”.Charities and non-profits were born out of the fires of passion.We are the “roots” in grass roots. But the businessification ofphilanthropy is quickly wreaking havoc on how charities aremanaged and what is shipped. We are stuck trying to solveproblems based on our ideology, not the real needs ofwho we serve. Only the hungry have any creative courage, onlythe slick can capture mass dollars, courageous missionaries ofawesomeness are losing to formula-fiends and bottom line beancounters. The truly creative seem to become consultants, leave thesector or ship the same 1980’s begging by mail and phone garbageonly to pray for the sweet embrace of death because retirement willsoon join the rotary phone and phone book in the ‘what was that?’category.What do you want to share?On a lighter note my second question was: what would you liketo share with other linchpins? Best answers: be useful or funny.Linchpins have purpose in all they do. Working smarter doesn’thave to smother passionate creativity. I will out-last you, out-liveyou, out-think you, out-work you, out-care you and WE will have thechange we seek. London, uK Solve problems and see opportunities Tom Atkins The London Linchpin meetup served as a living example that the Linchpin environment is the ideal place for airing new ideas, solving problems and seeing opportunities in a new, aspiring community of people who are doing the same. The way of thinking encouraged by Seth Godin draws people from every industry, every discipline, every skill because it speaks truth to all. And that draw is what makes the meetups so important. A great start to a great future!2 4 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  25. 25. chicago, Illinois, uSA More, please! The energy generated by this kind of evening is addictive. While ourDynamic and passionate group is partial to Chicago being the best town to create change, there are already more worldwide linchpin meetups scheduled forSandra Walter the future. As for us, we’re planning subgroup meetups to discuss our individual projects and get things shipped. We won’t be waitingAn underlying urgency permeated the event, as if we all knew for someone else to arrange a meeting. We’ll be doing it ourselves.the changes we sought in our businesses and ventures were not only After all, we are linchpins.attainable, but also valuable to the future of our societyThe Chicago “Linchpins are Everywhere” Meetup was hostedat a comfortable Old Town bar and attended by a wide array ofLinchpins and Seth Godin fans. A mix of writers, filmmakers,marketers, IT pros, nonprofit leaders, environmentalists, bankers,photographers, vintners and Seth’s blog enthusiasts convergedover cocktails to talk about their dreams. As we exchanged businesscards, introductions varied from, “How did you find Seth’s work?’”to “How are you going to change the World?”Linchpins are dynamic conversationalistsThe enthusiasm and encouragement people had for each other’sprojects was remarkable. As someone who writes about a somewhatesoteric subject, I was thrilled to have meaningful conversations in a no locationmatter of minutes with several of the attendees. The flurry of ideaswas instantaneous. An underlying urgency permeated the event, as Enthusiasm! Passion!if we all knew the changes we sought in our businesses and ventureswere not only attainable, but also valuable to the future of our melissa Dinwiddiesociety. In the course of a few hours I had three deep conversationsabout the Power of Intention and creating Worldwide change. I dragged myself away from pressing client deadlines to go.This does not happen often. Not only were my ideas welcome, Very unlike me, being an introvert and not always comfortable inbut getting linchpins together in the same room created a vivid group situations with strangers. But the prospect was too intriguing:exchange of solutions, networking, and alternatives to get things people brought together on a single night all over the country byaccomplished (shipped!). the published ideas of one man. Anything could happen!Some notable linchpin evening attributes I planned to stay for maybe 90 minutes, but three hours later I was• Listening. People were engaged, curious, and truly listening to still there. It started inauspiciously, with introductions all round: two each other. people, then 4, then 8, then 10. A diverse group in age, experience,• Camaraderie. Linchpins are passionate people. Most of us had race, not all of us had even read Linchpin (I confess), but a spark found Seth’s book to be a revelation and a confirmation of our had been lit in every one of us by something Seth had written, and work and life priorities. those ten sparks combined to brighten up the late spring evening.• Evolution. Ideas grew as the evening progressed. The meeting was an organism that expanded, learned and evolved in just a few The group conversation eventually broke into smaller dialogues. hours. Enthusiasm! Passion! Connections! I was sitting next to an• Parallels. In one of the last conversations I noted how Seth’s “Unrepentant Generalist,” and across from a Renaissance man. tribal leadership was akin to Eckhart Tolle’s work in The Power As a Multi-Passionate Creative Artrepreneur, I felt like I’d found of Now. I do think they are both encouraging the same essence my tribe. of “presence.” Seth is enabling us to exercise presence in the business world, and teaching us to change the status quo by being By the end the ten of us were planning future meetings authentic, accountable, and open to the changes occurring in (accountability group? resource group? online group?) and even business. Linchpins celebrate the challenge of change because we brainstorming a street performance. are in the “Now.” A gift. Thank goodness I decided to play hooky. The next meeting is on the calendar already, and I’ve got a coffee date with one of our group to discuss our similar interests. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 2 5
  26. 26. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS connections new York, nY, uSA Linchpins have class Ted Kusio Usually when you see someone famous and want to say “Hi,” you either have to fight a mob or intrude on their privacy. So for me I let celebrities have their crowd or their peace, without me. However when Seth joined us at the NYC Meetup on June 14th, he didn’t hold court with a select few, nor did just say “Hi” to the organizers and leave, so he could officially say “I was there.” No, he made the rounds, walked up to people and said “Hi.” So this photo isn’t a “Look at me with someone famous!” shot, but a reminder that being a linchpin also means having class. Yeah.Apple Valley, california, uSAFinding likeminded peopleSeth neistadtI only had two people coming to my meet up. As the day for mymeet up drew closer I considered canceling it altogether and goingto a meet up in a different city. I was frustrated. I kept looking at allof the other cities near me that had so many respondents; Pasadena(13), Los Angeles (98), Santa Monica (33) and then there was me;Apple Valley (2).I had just come back from New York where I attended Seth Godin’sApril NYC session. I met Seth Godin and lots of other amazingpeople who shared the passion I had for the Linchpin concept butwhen I returned home I felt alone and deflated. I had purchased 50copies of Linchpin and I hosted a lunch at one of our finest diningvenues. I’d invited the 50 people I thought would enjoy the bookthe most, but I couldn’t give the books away. People wouldn’t getthe message. They were too busy, or forgot to come. They wantedto keep “doing the same thing over and over again and expectingdifferent results”. They’d rather post about the superb dinner theyate last night or who’s doing what on the latest episode of “Lost”rather than engage in a meaningful conversation about their art.Well the day came and I was overwhelmingly surprised to find thatthe meet up was more than I could have imagined. One of theattendees brought a friend and so the four of us had a three hourdiscussion that led to a reenergizing of my mind. I was excitedagain. I didn’t think it would be any easier to reach my region butI knew I had found kindred spirits. I was reminded of Seth Godin’sblog “Driveby culture and the endless search for wow”. He said, as it Andrew millerrelates to increasing traffic or changing the way a few people think,“is it better to seek dedicated attention and support from a few whounderstand the mission and are there for the long haul? … Find theright people, those that are willing to listen to what you have to say,and ignore the masses that are just going to race on, unchanged.”We had four of the right people there that day and together we willcontinue to share our art. Thank you.2 6 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  27. 27. malaysia Malaysian Linchpin Chapter Victor LiewBoston, massachusetts, uSA We don’t judge, so... No “Should, Could, Must, Have to...” We exist to create a “Lizard Brain Free Zone – Recharging theMaking something happen Linchpin in Us” Facebook group cataliniMicrosoft New England Research and Development(NERD) Center, Cambridge, MA USA - June 14, 2010People did not come for dinner or drinks. Nor did they cometo see a famous speaker or a presentation on a topic of interest.They didn’t come to see a work of art or a performance. And theycertainly didn’t come because they had to.People gathered in a large grey room with no windows and hard,uncomfortable chairs to explore a shared interest in an idea.Many ideas, actually, around a common theme - deciding to dosomething. To make something happen.A woman I met has spent her life living this way. A man I met hadjust spent six months riding his motorcycle (from New Hampshire,USA to Argentina!) thinking up ideas to act on. Another was froman advanced MBA program from one of the best business schools inthe country. Others were in more of a state of flux and exploration.All seemed to see the world in a similar way, though, and to agreethat change is in the air. That there is a better way to approach workand life (which should be more similar than different).Most importantly, many seemed ready to act. That’s the difference.That’s a Linchpin. edmonton, Alberta, canada Connected! Lana phillips Our local Linchpin meetup in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada turned out to be about connections for me. I don’t just care about connecting people, although that is a vital piece of my work in the non-profit sector. I care about the connections between ideas – seeing the different pieces come together in a way that helps make new connections between neurons in people’s brains and challenging them to think and act in a way that will make them more likely to become a linchpin in whatever setting they’re placed. My partner, who was new to the concepts of Seth Godin’s work, walked out and said, “I felt CONNECTED.” in a surprised tone. I was delighted. L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 27
  28. 28. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS expressionsTheArtOfReferral I began to wonder sometimes which was actually my Lizard Brain talking, the one that was telling me to stop, or the one that was telling me to continue !!?? Bob Thepack2 8 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  29. 29. Fish n fowl. A new mode of transportation.David Cohen L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 2 9
  30. 30. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS expressions The Linchpin Martini As served at the Ventura Linchpin Night. Shake in a cocktail shaker 2 shots vodka 1/2 shot O.J. 1/2 shot Pomegranate Juice Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange slice. Enjoy. Donna von Hoesslin3 0 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  31. 31. the lowest commondenominator is theheight of tyranny.Greg KochIt was 90 degrees F (32C)last week. The traffic cop wassweltering in head-to-toepolyester. I asked, “Don’t youhave shorts?” She said, “We do,but we’re not allowed to wearthem until July. It’s only May” The manager’s role England goalkeeper David James talking aboutBe a lizard. Run the Dept. the manager Fabio Capello: “He keeps everythingof Transportation. clear for the team, you don’t have any ambiguous situations. He gives the players the environmentJodi Kaplan to work in, he arms us with the knowledge of the opposition and he trusts that the ability we have is good enough to beat that opposition.” It seems to me that’s a pretty good definition of the role of the manager. I’ve always found that the best managers have a clear vision and provide their people with the tools, knowledge and support to succeed. Paul Lewis L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 3 1
  32. 32. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS expressions Since I am at the map making stage, I shipped my business idea to other linchpins. I am encouraged, they get it! Robin Gerhart Attitude There are two types of people in the world… one that throws his hands up in defeat and says “what more can I do?”, and the other that wraps his arms around a situation and says “what more can I do!”. The words are the same, the difference is attitude. Royce Parker3 2 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1
  33. 33. Sheila O’Shea L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1 3 3
  34. 34. LINCHPINSHIPPINgS inspirationsNotes from Bucharest – Lizard marketingwouldn’t it be great if…Angela Agapi Bernie mitchellMore people would smile all the time. Since reading Linchpin I have given a name to my pain – ‘Lizard Marketing’. My goal is for you to think, it is better you read thisAndrei than we talk about you when you leave the room. If you ever catch me doing this you are welcome to pull me up, even if youWe would only meet people so authentic that we don’t know me. Of course I have NEVER done any of these thingscould never forget. (cough).Angela 1. The Lizard Marketer can often be seen scurrying in early to networking meetings to put all their flyers on the table. Then theyI didn’t have to worry about money and could scurry away like a child who nearly got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Why scurry away and avoid eye contact? Do you reallyconcentrate on bringing value. believe in what you do? This is an engagement inward bound world!Catalin In marketing it must occur to you to measure what works and what does not. Do you find yourself printing reams of flyers, leavingPeople believed more in themselves. them on the table by the door and when the event is over they are still there?Ciprian H 2. The Lizard Marketer keeps in touch. One of the biggest letdownsThe world would be more generous. in marketing has to be when you first discover an email managerCiprian R program and think your time has come! Let’s send out 2000 emails and book tickets to the moon! You excitedly check the click rate, no one buys. You realise that the only person that clicked was yourWe could discover and use teleportation. mum. Fear not, the helpful Lizard Marketer sends it again in caseGabriela people missed it, later they discover social media which means they can send it all day to even less people.All Romanians were like the people I met. 3. The Lizard Marketer usually markets for an organisation thatIleana ventures to help business. Usually they are so far behind they think they are first and they are usually Chambers of Commerce. Recently an email arrived from my local chamber saying they were delightedPeople would be more generous. to announce that they were going to start sending a regular emailLiviu newsletter - great! (I don’t like email but that is pedantic me.) But wait - they run a business influencing forum in the heart of London,I earned a billion dollars and ruled the world. a city with a particularly dense concentration (I use the word dense carefully) of ‘mobile enabled social media addicts’ and here areOana the Chamber advocating email as the next great wave. To mention anything to them at this stage would be like taking an ice cream away from a child.3 4 L I n c h p I n mAgA z I n e I S S u e 1