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Student prep letter


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Student prep letter

  1. 1. Dear Computing student,First of all we would like to welcome you to AS Computing at Fulford, a brand new course for theschool starting in September 2011.The ICT department has worked hard in ensuring that the choice of syllabus is right and in preparingwell in advance of your arrival in September. These preparations are on-going throughout thesummer and we are very positive you will enjoy your studies. However, we do feel that preparationfor a new discipline such as this is vital. Hence, we have set up preparatory work for you to completeover the summer. Please follow the instructions below:1. Accessing materials: On the Internet, assess our VLE at , click on Curriculum Subjects, ICT, Key Stage 5, Computing AS Level. At the bottom of the page it will ask you for an enrolment key - computing122. On the VLE course, you will find a Computing handbook which has this icon: Click on it and read through the materials on there. This can and should be downloaded. Click on the links for further, more in-depth materials.3. You have been provided with 3 links: a. The Computing Handbook is really your bible for the course and tells you all you need to know. (It is written by the Head of the course so if that is not an indication of its quality then.......) i. Save it to somewhere you will always have access to it ii. Read through it iii. Learn thoroughly Computer Fundamentals (pages 7,8 and 9) as you will be expected to know it when you start the course b. The Visual Studio link will provide you with the software you need for programming. Download this for use at home c. The Introduction to VB will provide you with instructions to start using VB. It is advisable to practice with the language by going through these exercises4. Please sign up for a Google account and send an email to Mr Jackson at: largerama@gmail.comNB - Please be aware that the VLE and our network are being upgraded over the summer so accessand take all the materials before the end of term (22nd July 2011)