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Switching Innovations


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Switching Innovations from Larch Networks

Published in: Technology, Business
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Switching Innovations

  1. 1. Switching Innovations System Software, Integration Hardware & Mechanical DesignProductCustomization Turnkey Switch Solutions Maintenance & Support Corporate Overview
  2. 2. Larch Networks products come with complete reference designswhich include board layout designs, software, manufacturingdiagnostic tools and full documentation to assist customers withproduct evaluation and productionLarch Networks Ltd. specializes in hardware and software development forembedded systems, including network switches and routers, thin client systems Major networkingand Linux gateways. vendors are alreadyLarch Networks provides customized solutions for networking equipment incorporating themanufacturers, telecom and datacom vendors, educational institutions and military integrated Larch’sorganizations. software based onHigh-performance IP routing systems require a significant investment in software Marvells ROS inprotocol development, product integration and validation, which in the past has their upcomingslowed products time to market. next-generationNow, with Larchs expertise, datacom and telecom equipment vendors can design systems.and release advanced networking equipment, providing wire-speed IP-routing,Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic prioritization to support emerging voice anddata application services, while meeting their engineering schedules andsignificantly reducing time-to-market.Larch Networks offers its customers with a full line of Professional Servicesincluding analysis, customized design, on-site development, existing code porting,QA and more.Larch Networks products come with complete reference designs which includeboard layout designs, software, manufacturing diagnostic tools and fulldocumentation to assist customers with product evaluation and production.The core of Larchs software offering is delivering the most up-to-date advancedfeatures and product functionality, to support the specific needs of telecom anddatacom system vendors.Larch Networks has teamed up with Marvel Ltd. and is enabling Marvell to offertheir OEM customers and system vendors the full-featured routing software solutionwith additional, customer oriented network add-ons and features.In order to meet the explosive demand for intelligent switching solutions,cooperation between merchant silicon and software vendors is playing a veryimportant role in the complex development process.The close relationship between Marvell and Larch Networks is a perfect exampleof how the two companies have brought together best-in-class hardware andsoftware to create a powerful model that enables data and telecom manufacturersto quickly and efficiently integrate IP routing into their next generation products. Overview 2
  3. 3. Product Categories ACCESS to connect computers and customer CPE devices (IPTV boxes, VOIP boxes) etc to the aggregation switches. Located in SOHO or building basement 8/16/24 100Mbps access, 2/4 1Gbps uplinks. AGGREGATION to connect access switches to operator network, for Hi-Speed traffic in SOHO. Located in SOHO, operators. Major networking 8/16/24 1GB access, 2/4 10Gps uplinks vendors are already incorporating the integrated Larch’s software based on DATA CENTER Marvells ROS in to connect servers (DB servers, WEB servers, etc) between each other, or to aggregate traffic from aggregation servers. their upcoming Located in data-centers, operators 24/48 10Gbps links next-generation systems. CHASIS to connect PON/TDM or other line cards between each other. Located in operators. 8/16/24/48 10GBps switches. Frequently in pairs for redundancy purposes. Overview 3
  4. 4. www.larch-networks.comLarch Networks, provider of routing software andnetworking technologiesSelected CustomersAbout UsLarch Networks Ltd. specializes in hardware and software development forembedded systems, including network routers and switches, thin client systemsand Linux Gateways.As the exclusive developer of Ethernet switching solutions for Marvell customers,we have many years of experience providing turnkey solutions for the worldsleading telecom and datacom vendors.Located in close proximity to Marvells R&D headquarters, we meet regularlywith the Marvell team to develop new designs and optimize systems based onthe latest upgrades. Larch Networks Ltd. 11 Haavoda Street Rosh Haayin, 48017, Israel Tel: +972 (3) 901-6117 Fax: +972 (3) 901-6118 Mob: +972 (54) 479-7968, +972 (54) 661-9904 Email: