NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY: Tools for creating and sharing online language resources


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Special LEARN Workshop
Theme: Training and Empowering the Adult Learner and Language Professional: Methodology, Technology, and Resources
Monday, 24 September – Thursday, 27 September, 2012 - The University of Texas at Austin
You no longer need a software engineer’s skills to create your own interactive eBook or an online course complete with content, quizzes, and media. With a little technological savvy, the right tools, and time, the average language professional can create interactive web resources ready to use in the classroom (live or online) and to share with language instructors and students around the world. This presentation will highlight two recently adopted tools that have made creating and distributing language resources even easier. First, we will examine the creation of a 100% online “Russian through Film” course using the e-learning authoring tool, Softchalk. Thanks to its flexible design, ability to embed media, and create quizzes and activities offered by Softchalk, language students can use it for self study or be guided by instructors as part of their formal course material. Second, we will explore the creation of an interactive Persian eBook, based on the ancient Shahnameh epic, using iBooks Author, a Mac product that allows you to easily create interactive content and publish as an eBook. The we will take a look at Storyline, the new elearning authoring tool that gives incredible flexibility and customization to create, interact, and publish. Finally, we will review the challenges and benefits of each platform and discuss possibilities for adaptation of various content types into these technological contexts.

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NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY: Tools for creating and sharing online language resources

  1. 1. # NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY # Tools for creating and sharing online language resourcesEvan RubinDirector of Instructional Design and TechnologyLanguage Acquisition Resource CenterSan Diego State Universityerubin@projects.sdsu.eduTwitter: @LARC_SDSU READY
  2. 2. AGENDA• Content Creation Today• Tools for creation and publishing iBooks Author
  3. 3. CONTENT CREATION TODAYFor…• Digital Natives• Flexible, accessible, portable
  4. 4. CONTENT CREATION TODAYContaining… Audio Video Games Animation Interactions Images
  5. 5. CONTENT CREATION TODAYAnd of course…• Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening• Culture• Authentic Material• Differentiated Instruction• Testing and Assessment
  6. 6. CONTENT CREATION TODAYHow? Differentiated Testing and Instruction Assessment Audio Video Games Animation Interactions Reading, Culture Writing, Authentic Speaking, Material Listening Images
  7. 7. E-LEARNING AUTHORING TOOLS Common Capabilities Text, Audio, Video Activities and quizzes Publish and Share Free Trials iBooks Author
  8. 8. SOFTCHALK Highlights SoftChalk Cloud – Share Simple Interface Quizzes and Activities Interactive Text Embed Multimedia Embed to LMS - Track Built in accessibility Supports many languages Webinar Training Negative Limited customizability
  9. 9. iBOOK AUTHOR Highlights Intuitive MAC Functionality Drag and Drop FREE Activities and Quizzes Embed Multimedia Templates Built in accessibility Supports many languages Publish to the iBook Store Negative iPad / Lion Only No LMS integration
  10. 10. STORYLINE Highlights Slide Templates Characters / Expressions Triggers, Layers, States Activities and Quizzes Screen Recording HTML5, Flash, Mobile Devices Insert into LMS - Track Right-to-Left Languages Translation Support Articulate Community Negative Time consuming
  11. 11. SOFTCHALK Simple Interface
  12. 12. SOFTCHALKCreating Navigation Buttons, Roll Over Text Headings Rt. Click Text Pop Up
  13. 13. SOFTCHALK Adding Pages, Embedded Media and ActivitiesInsert Hyper Links Add Pages
  14. 14. SOFTCHALK Styles
  15. 15. SOFTCHALK Live Lesson Pages Title PrintNavigation Embedded Video
  16. 16. SOFTCHALK Activity
  17. 17. SOFTCHALK Publish, Share, Search Search URL
  18. 18. SOFTCHALK Russian Through Film View on your mobile deviceScan the QR code URL
  19. 19. iBOOK AUTHOR Templates
  20. 20. iBOOK AUTHOR Interface Video (m4v)
  21. 21. iBOOK AUTHOR Widgets Widgets
  22. 22. iBOOK AUTHOR Quiz Activity Quiz
  23. 23. iBOOK AUTHOR Templates Glossary
  24. 24. iBOOK AUTHOR Publishing AnalyticsDownload Shahnameh
  25. 25. STORYLINE
  26. 26. STORYLINE InterfaceInsert Triggers Timeline
  27. 27. STORYLINE Interaction SceneStoryboardBranching
  28. 28. STORYLINE TemplatesSlides
  29. 29. STORYLINE Characters
  30. 30. STORYLINE Quizzes and Activities
  31. 31. STORYLINEPlayer, Resources, Glossary
  32. 32. STORYLINE Publish Publish inDifferent formats
  33. 33. STORYLINE Language Learning Examples Persian Telephone Pashtu Dialogue Conversation View on your mobile device Scan the QR code
  35. 35. THE END Sign upEvan RubinDirector of Instructional Design and TechnologyLanguage Acquisition Resource CenterSan Diego State Universityerubin@projects.sdsu.eduTwitter: @LARC_SDSU