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Sxu carpool spec sheet


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Sxu carpool spec sheet

  1. 1. SXU / Fashion School Carpool Website Project Specifications Document Version 1 01/27/20111. Introduction 1. Purpose: i. The Purpose of this document is to highlight the current project involving SXU Carpool and Fashion School in the creation of a website to assist in the commuting needs to the students of Fashion School. 2. Intended Audience: i. This Document is intended to be viewed by the members of the SXU / Fashion School project teams.
  2. 2. 3. Contact Information / Team MembersName RoleAsha Babani-Maghirang DocumenterAla Abutabanjeh CoderAmanda Engle DesignerAnju Amatya CoderGreg Alcock DocumenterDan Moynihan DesignerJoe Pavlik Lead CoderKobe Jogkaew CoderLarry Jennings Project Manager / CoderMike Ward DesignerMiles Nowak CoderPatrick Seiter CoderRob Schwien CoderStacy Drake Lead Designer 2. Overall Description 1. Product Perspective i. This website will allow the students of Fashion School to find people to commute with. Two ways to find a ride: 1. First, it will allow students a way to find people that share the same schedule to coordinate a ride on the bus or on the train. 2. Second, it will allow people to find others to carpool with. 2. Product Functions – this website will provide the following functions ii. Student Login / Profile Creation iii. Administrator approval of students
  3. 3. iv. Private Messaging between users – The system will allow a direct person to person messaging system used by many popular sites today. v. Location Map – Users will be able to see others on a location map to determine if they are on the way. vi. Calendar – Users will be able to enter their appropriate mode of transportation into the system. 3. User Classes and Characteristics i. Students 1. Need to be students at Fashion School to register – School ID Required ii. Administrators 1. Approve or deny users access to Fashion School Site. 2. Will allow other users to be flagged as an Administrator. 4. Design / Implementation Constraints iii. The Design should represent Fashion School and be aesthetically pleasing with a limited use of boring colors. iv. The School Logo is Horizontal v. There should be little to no use of animation. (Use of animation for functionality is ok) vi. The site will be designed with some placeholders in mind where the logo should be that the school will follow-up with later. vii. Font should be Sans Serif Only viii. Supported Language: English3. External Interface Requirements 5. User interfaces i. Google Maps – SXU Group will utilize an interface with Google Maps to assist in mapping 6. Domain Hosting 1. The Domain will be hosted on the Fashion School Servers. 7. Software interfaces i. SXU Group – Fashion School Website will run on the following architecture 1. HTML
  4. 4. 2. PHP 3. Javascript 4. MySQL 5. Possibly AJAX, XML and JASON once an API with Google is agreed on.4. System Features 8. System features ii. Student Login Creation 1. Description: Students will be asked to create a login with the following information. (see below) 2. Priority: 3. Action: 1. Submit - will send the information to the Administrative Database for approval. 2. Clear – Will remove all of the entered information 3. Cancel – Will return the user to the main page. 4. Functional Requirements 1. The login request will contain the following 2. Required Information 1. Fashion School ID 2. Username 3. Password 4. First Name 5. Last Name 6. Email 3. Optional Information 1. Phone Number 2. Mobile Number iii. Administrator Approval 5. Description: Administrators will be asked to approve all users. This approval should be based on the student having a valid school id 6. Priority: 7. Action:
  5. 5. 4. Approved – The user is sent a communication via email informing user that they have been approved 5. Not Approved – The user is sent a communication via email informing them that they have not been approved. 8. Functional Requirements5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements 9. Performance requirements – This site will be stable and will maintain up-time to the best of our ability. 10. Security requirements – iv. It was mentioned the potential liability of the School for providing matches to users as well as schedule information. The Fashion School will claim the responsibility of any liability in this matter. 11. Software quality attributes - The website will be tested and checked to the fullest of our ability. 12. Project documentation – Documentation will be provided for the following: i. Transition to the Administrators ii. User Documentation - this can be tooltips and other assorted documentation