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Social media 101


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Presentation made to the Educational Support Professionals on February 17

Published in: Technology, Design
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Social media 101

  1. 1. Social Media 101Lara WellmanLara Wellman Consultingwww.larawellman.comTwitter: @larawellmanFacebook:
  2. 2. Agenda- Talk about some of the most prominent tools- what they are, how people use them for personal andbusiness- Tips and tricks- Questions
  3. 3. Blogging
  4. 4. How- Wordpress (.com/self hosted) - Blogger - Tumblr/Posterous
  5. 5. Why - Creative outlet - Connect with like-minded individuals- Have/start discussions about topics of interest - Be an expert - Search engine optimization - Cheaper than therapy
  6. 6. Tips - Write regularly- Dont expect people to magically find you -Make your content shareable - Reply to comments - Visit your visitors blogs
  7. 7. Twitter “I dont care what you had for lunch”“I dont want to share the personal details of my life with strangers online”“Twitter is just where you go if youre bored or want to hear what famous people are doing”
  8. 8. Twitter is the best networking event ever!● no travel time● you can wear your pjs● you can search out the kinds of people you want to talk to● you can make amazing connections and easily build that relationship
  9. 9. Twitter is like the radio
  10. 10. What should you tweet about● Tweet about the great events and restaurants you like● Tweet out information you find valuable● Ask questions (would you answer it?)● Tweet new and interesting information about your business (with a link to your site)
  11. 11. Lets tweet ● Engage Engage Engage!● No more than 1/3 broadcast ● Do unto others ● Join conversations ● Be authentic
  12. 12. @larawellman
  13. 13. infographic from
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Tips for Facebook Pages ● Offer an incentive to sign up ● 1 - 2 posts per day ● Ask questions ● Not all content needs to be yours
  17. 17. What are people talking about? What does that mean?
  18. 18. Tips - Keep your information up to date- Fill out your full profile and use a photo of yourself - Use it to check out other people- More professional than other social media channels - Dont link it to any other channels - Join groups
  19. 19. Tips- Make sure to pin from original source so traffic cancome through to rightful owner- Use permalinks - not homepages- Dont send all your pins through to Twitter andFacebook- Dont copy all the instructions into the descriptionsection
  20. 20. Questions?