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Retail/e-Commerce product and price database - Overview of Semantics3


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Semantics3 is a company that maintains a database of e-commerce product and price data.

The company web-crawls more than 27000 retail websites and track over 10 billion price points every day.

This document gives a background about the company.

Published in: Retail
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Retail/e-Commerce product and price database - Overview of Semantics3

  1. 1. Overview  of  Seman.cs3   E-­‐commerce  product  and  price  data   to  power  retail  insights   July  2015  
  2. 2. We maintain the world’s largest e-commerce product and price database •  We  extract,  structure,  normalize  and   organize  product  metadata  from  over   27,000  retailers     •  Our  database  is  the  largest,  with  over   70  million  unique  products,  50-­‐60%  of   which  have  UPCs   •  We  monitor  over  10  billion  product   offers  and  other  demand  signals   •  We  help  drive  price  transparency   across  retailers  by  displaying  all   available  price  points  for  a  product   •  Our  database  is  constantly  growing  by   4%  every  month   Sample  of  retailers  covered   Key  features  of  our  database   2  
  3. 3. Our fully-automated algorithms process more than 10 billion e-commerce products every day Crawl   Extract   Normalize   Categorize   Disambiguate   Merge   Index   Update   Seman?cs3  automated  product  data  extrac?on  cycle   3   Features  of  our  intelligent  algorithms   Product  ranking   Product  matching   Intelligent  re-­‐ crawl   Real-­‐.me  insights  
  4. 4. Our  data  drives  significant  business  insights  for  our   customers  (1/2)   4   Product  matching   Iden.fica.on  of   gaps  and  (in   catalog)   Domain   Details   •  Iden.fy  gaps  and  such  as:   –  Products  offered  by  compe?tors   –  New  products  introduced  in  the  market   •  Match  product  catalog  with  other  e-­‐commerce  retailers   –  We  use  proprietary  matching  algorithms  that  iden?fy  a   unique  product  based  on  mul.ple  characteris.cs.   Compe.tor  price   comparison   •  Gather  compe.tor  product  prices  at  regular  intervals  (hourly/ daily)   –  Use  data  to  gain  transparency  into  compe?tor's  price  and   product  informa.on   –  For  a  list  of  products,  track  price  data  from  all  compe.tors   Price  change   no.fica.ons   •  Obtain  real-­‐?me  no?fica?ons  for  price  changes  for  a  product   •  Track  changes  on  a  website’s  catalog  and  obtain  alerts  for  new   products  and  prices  
  5. 5. Our  data  drives  significant  business  insights  for  our   customers  (2/2)   5   Custom   ecommerce  data   Domain   Details   •  Obtain  custom  services.  Examples:   –  Custom  data  sets   •  Products  sold  by  a  par?cular  brand   •  New  products  introduced  by  a  par.cular  retailer   –  Compe??ve  pricing  analy?cs   Website  catalogs   •  Get  product  catalogs  of  selected  retailer  websites  with  all  product   data  on  a  monthly  basis     Real  .me  data   access   •  Obtain  real  .me  live  data  to  address  mul.ple  needs.  Example:   –  Price  a  new  product  accurately  by  comparing  the  product’s   price  with  other  retailers  at  a  given  .me.     MAP  compliance   •  Check  if  compe.tors  are  adhering  to  Minimum  Adver?sed  Price   (MAP).  
  6. 6. We  have  served  a  wide  range  of  customers,   receiving  highly  feedback   6   Selected  sample  of  customers   “  You  have  the  most  comprehensive  dataset.”   –  Co-­‐Founder,  Online  shopping  marketplace   “  You  have  very  good  data  coverage  and  the   data  is  nicely  cleaned  up.”  –  Head  of  Products,   Leading  technology  startup   “  Great  from  a  service!  Very   knowledgeable  and  responsive  support  team.”       –  VP  Engineering,  Shopping  applica?on   “Seman.cs3  provides  the  highest  quan.ty  and   quality  product  feeds  that  allows  my  users  to   browse  thousands  of  products  ”  –Founder  and   CEO,  Shopping  applica?on   Feedback  from  customers   Customers  include  large  retailers,   insurance  firms,  shopping  applica.ons,   logis.cs  companies,  fashion  brands,  etc.  
  7. 7. We are a multinational company with deep technical background •  Funded  in  2013  by  Y  Combinator,  the  world’s  leading   startup  incubator  and  accelerator   –  Access  to  leading  advisors  and  investors     Y  Combinator   backed   Global  presence   Deep  team   •  Offices  in  San  Francisco,  Singapore  and  Bengaluru   –   Provides  for  24X7  customer  connec?vity  and  support   •  Employees  with  prior  experience  working  in  leading   technology  start-­‐ups  and  corpora.ons,  firms:   –  Ability  to  solve  complex  technical  issues   –  Professional  approach  to  customer   requirements   Rapid  growth   •  Rapid  growth  experienced  since  incep.on  (2011):   –  200+  ac?ve  customers     –  Profitable  within  first  year  of  opera.on   7  
  8. 8. Contact  us   •  We  are  best  reached  at  contactus@seman?   •  Call  us  on  1-­‐8449-­‐GET-­‐DATA  (1-­‐8449-­‐438-­‐3282)   •  You  can  drop  by  our  San  Francisco  office   –  860B  Folsom  Street,  San  Francisco,  CA  94107     •  Visit  our  website  to  learn  more   8