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Time to Cleanse? Take the Quiz


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Are you struggling with your weight, lacking energy or just feeling under the weather? Take the Time to Cleanse quiz and find out if you would benefit from a gentle body cleanse.

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Time to Cleanse? Take the Quiz

  1. 1. Is It Time to Cleanse? Take the Quiz! Created by the Work at Home Alliance:
  2. 2. Why Cleanse? Module 3• We are exposed to toxins everyday in our: – Water – Diet – Environment• Plus we lead busy, stressful lifestyles• Over time the body can become overloaded and toxins can impact health
  3. 3. Signs its Time to Cleanse Module 3• Do you experience any of these signs? – Fatigue / Tiredness – Weight Issues – General lack of vitality – Headaches• These are all possible signs your body could be toxic
  4. 4. The First Step – Take the Quiz Module 3• Before you can make any changes you need to know the full picture of your current diet and lifestyle.• To help you understand which aspects of your diet and lifestyle are toxic we’ve created a short, interactive quiz
  5. 5. The Quiz Module 3• Step 1: – Take the Quiz:• Step 2: – Follow the simple, personalised tips provided• Step 3: – Take the Quiz again and see how much you’ve improved• Step 4: – Share the quiz with your friends and family
  6. 6. Make Small Simple Changes Module 3• Fad-diets and extreme cleansing programs don’t work.• Why?• Because they only provide short-term, quick-fix results. Not lasting changes.
  7. 7. Small Simple Changes Module 3• However when you make small, simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that become habits you’ll make lasting changes that impact long-term health.• What do we mean by small, simple changes?• (view the next slide)
  8. 8. What Changes to Make Module 3• Start the day with a glass of warm water• Get some form of exercise daily• Switch white refined foods to wholemeal alternatives (e.g. brown rice)• Avoid processed foods• Go organic• Get fresh air and physical activity daily
  9. 9. Personalised Help Module 3• When you take the quiz you’ll receive personalised help and support based on YOUR answers.• Take the quiz at
  10. 10. I need some help! Module 3• Some people need a kick-start to get their health and wellness back on track• We recommend the Isogenics nutritional cleansing programsFind about more about Isogenics here
  11. 11. Keep in Touch Module 3• At TimetoCleanse we are dedicated to helping You• Please send us an email or contact us via on our Facebook page at