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How to create a flipchart in activ inspire


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How to create a flipchart in activ inspire

  1. 1. How to Create aFlipchart inActivInspire { Lara Daniel
  2. 2.  Did you Know Power point warm up
  3. 3.  We are going to be spending a few hours together and before you leave you should be able to Open a flipchart Write on a flipchart Insert resources Manipulate objects Use grids Add and format text Use the Spotlight and Reveal Tools Select/edit multiple pages Set up page turn effects Design and create your own flip chart using grade level curriculum.
  4. 4. Recall 1 - Starting thesoftwareDouble-click on theprogram icon on yourdesktop.
  5. 5.  Recall 2 - The software interface Use the thumbnail slider to change the size of the thumbnails in the Page Browser. Unpin the Browser. Click on the Main Menu button. Select View. Select Menubar. This will remove the Menubar from the top of the flipchart. Click on Toolbox Options. Select Roll In to hide/show the shortcut bar. Select Dock top to reposition the Main Toolbox at the top of the page. Use the Toolbox Options to reposition it again. Unpin the Main Toolbox. Click on the Roll Up button to minimize the toolbox making more space on the flipchart page.
  6. 6. Tutorial flipchart 1
  7. 7.  Recall 3 – Adding items to the toolbox Before you begin, open the T: and open “tutorial 1”. Click on the Select tool. You can now click on the flipchart object to select it. Click on the Main Menu button. Select Edit. Select Profiles. Here you can change the size and features of the Main Toolbox. Select Commands. This panel allows you to add tools to the Main Toolbox. Select the Handwriting Recognition tool. Click on Add. Select the Handwriting Recognition’ tool in the right hand panel then click on Move Up or Move Down to change where the tool appears in the Main Toolbox. Click on the drop-down menu. Select Marquee Handles. Select the Delete tool and click on Add. You can now see this tool when any object is selected. Click on the tool to delete the object.
  8. 8.  Tutorial 1 - Opening a flipchart Click on the Main Menu button. Select File. Select Open. Navigate to the T: drive and open the file “Tutorial flipchart 2”. Click on Open.
  9. 9. Tutorial Flipchart 2
  10. 10. Tutorial 1 - Opening a flipchartClick on the Main Menu button.Select File.Select Open.Navigate to the T: drive and open the file“Tutorial flipchart 2”.Click on Open.
  11. 11.  Tutorial 2 - Writing on a flipchart Click on the Pen tool. Change the pen size. Make sure the pen colour is black and write Inspire on the banner. Click on the Highlighter tool. Change the highlighter width by dragging the width slider to the right, then highlight the word Inspire.
  12. 12.  Tutorial 3 - Inserting resources Open the Resource Browser. With Shared Resources selected open the General folder by clicking on the + button. Then open the People folder. Select the folder Boys. Select the Boy06.as2 image. Click on the Popup Menu. Select Insert into Flipchart. TIP: You can also drag the image directly onto the flipchart page.
  13. 13. Tutorial 4 - Manipulating objectsUsing the Select tool, click on the image ofthe boy.Use the Size Object (Maintain Aspect) iconto resize the image.Click on Freely Move Object to repositionthe image.Click and drag over all the people to selectthem. Click on Grouped. You can nowmove and resize all the objects in thegroup.Click on the cat image.Click on Duplicate.Click on the Object Edit Menu.Select Transform.Select Flip in Y axis.
  14. 14. Tutorial 5 - Deleting objectsClick on the Clear tool.Select Clear Annotations. Notice how thewriting on the banner is deleted.Click on the Clear tool again and selectClear Objects. Notice how all the objectsare deleted from the flipchart page exceptthe background.Click on the Undo button twice to returnthe page to its original state.Select the Eraser, make it wider, thenerase the annotation over the banner.Click on the Select tool.Click on the people.Click on the Trash can to delete the image.Click on the Undo button twice.Click on the cat and click on the ObjectEdit Menu.Select Delete. Click on the Undo button.
  15. 15. Tutorial 6 - Copying and moving objectsbetween pagesOpen the Page Browser.Click on Pin Toolbox. This will stop theBrowser window closing.Click on the Next Page button.In the Page Browser click on the first pageto return to it. TIP: You can also use thePrevious Page button. Drag the 3 imagesshown from the first page onto the secondpage in the Page Browser (you will needto ungroup them first).Click on the second page.Click on the images and move them to thebottom of the page
  16. 16. Tutorial 7 - Using GridsOpen the Resource Browser.In Shared Resources open the Gridsfolder then click on the X-Y lined folder.Select the grid XY lines grid.ao2.Click on the Popup Menu.Select Insert into Flipchart. TIP: You canalso drag grids directly onto the flipchartpage.
  17. 17. Tutorial 8 - Adding objectsClick on the Shapes tool.Click on the Vertical Line tool.Select a suitable line thickness, then draw avertical axis. Use the Horizontal Line toolto draw a horizontal axis.Select the Rectangle.Select a Fill color.Select a Pen Color for the outline.Select a line thickness for the outline. Drawa rectangle. Select the rectangle then clickon Duplicate.Click on the Fill tool.Select a color.Click on the rectangle to fill it with the newcolor. Duplicate this rectangle and fill thecopy with another color. Reposition therectangles on the graph.
  18. 18. Tutorial 9 - Adding and formatting textClick on the Text tool.In the Text Options toolbox, click on thedrop down menu to select the font size.Select font size 36.Select Bold.Click on the Text Color block.Select red.Click on the flipchart page and typenumbers 1-3 on the vertical axis. Type agraph title.Expand the Text Options toolbox ifrequired.Click on the Select All button.Change the text color to black. Make thetitle bigger and reposition.
  19. 19. Tutorial 10 - Creating Page NotesOpen the Notes Browser window.Click on the Format Toolbar. Select asuitable font size and color.Click in the Notes Browser window andtype some instructions for the flipchart.Select each of the rectangles.Adjust the size of the rectangles by usingthe Size Object handles.Click on the Page Notes icon to show theinstructions. Click on the page to hide thenotes.
  20. 20. Tutorial 11 - Saving a flipchartClick on the Main Menu button.Select File.Select Save As.Navigate to the location where you want tosave the flipchart and name it.Click on Save. Note that the namechanges in the flipchart tab.
  21. 21. Tutorial 12 - Using the SpotlightGo to the first page of the flipchart andclick on the Main Menu button.Select Tools.Select Spotlight.Select the Circular Spotlight.Click on the spotlight border to resize it, orclick next to the spotlight to move thespotlight. You can now use this tool tocount the number of people with the samehair color.Click on the Popup Menu.Select Close.
  22. 22. Tutorial 13 - Using the Revealer1. Click on the Main Menu button.2. Select Tools.3. Select the Revealer. Use this toolto reveal the completed chart. TIP: You candrag the Revealer from any side.4. Click on the Popup Menu.Select Close.
  23. 23. Break: 5 minutes
  24. 24.  Challenge Activity {
  25. 25. Now we will use your new knowledge to create your own flipchart. { has flip charts you can look at for ideas.
  26. 26. Thank you for attending today’s session onflip charts. Please fill out an evaluationsheet and leave it by the door on your wayout. Let me know when you use your flipcharts in class and how it went. Please use to comment onhow you are using your flip charts or toask questions of me ot the group.