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  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIRESome sentences have a blank in it. Decide whether the word given fits in theblank space. All questions to be answered with Yes or No. (choice 1 is foryes; choice 2 is for no) 1. Is this word written in bold? box YES / NO 2. We left the______ an hour ago. house YES / NO 3. Does this word start with letter “f”? feet YES / NO 4. I went to ______ early that night. book YES / NO 5. Is this word written in lowercase letters? BEAUTIFUL YES / NO 6. She put the ___________ in the oven. chicken YES / NO 7. Is this word written in blue? potatoes YES / NO 8. They went to watch a _______ at the cinema. table YES / NO
  2. 2. 9. Does this word end in letter “e”? vase YES / NO10. He put the _______ around her neck. shoes YES / NO11. Is this word made up of 4 letters? door YES / NO12. They ate ________ pretty late. flower YES / NO13. Is this word underlined? restaurant YES / NO14. We played _____ the entire evening. window YES / NO15. Is this word written in capitals? building YES / NO16. She was served a ____ of water with ice. glass YES / NO
  3. 3. 17. Is this word written in italics? river YES / NO18. The ______ took off after a short delay. plate YES /NO19. Is there a question mark at the end of the word? Hello! YES / NO20. He wrote her a ________ to apologize. letter YES / NO