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Which laptop parts are recyclable?


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With e-waste becoming one on of the hotter issues in the current green scene, many companies are venturing into the e-recycling business to counteract the collection of e-waste.

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Which laptop parts are recyclable?

  1. 1. Original Post:http://laptopaidcontent.w Which Laptop Are Recyclable?
  2. 2. With e-waste becomingone on of the hotterissues in the currentgreen scene, manycompanies areventuring into the e-recycling business tocounteract the collectionof e-waste.
  3. 3. This e-waste, in caseyou’re uninitiated, is theaccumulation of discardedelectronics like laptopcomponents which posenot just landfill problemsbut chemical ones aswell, owing to the variouschemical compoundsnecessary to createpower cells and such.
  4. 4. What e-recycling does isgather these oldelectronics before theyare thrown away,segregate each unusablepart, dispose of said partsin the greenest wayspossible, recycle theremaining parts, refurbishthem to become a wholegadget again and sellthem at discount prices.
  5. 5. That said, do you know exactly whichparts are recyclable and which aren’t? For the purposes of this article, let’s focus specifically on laptop parts. • Batteries • Motherboard • (Some) Plastic Chassis
  6. 6. BatteriesMost, if not all rechargeablebatteries can be used again andagain. Sure, battery degradationis inevitable, but this isn’tsomething that cannot ultimatelybe fixed by swapping out bits ortwo of the battery.Also, since the majority of chemicalsfrom discarded laptops originate fromtheir batteries, the recycling of theselaptop parts is given primaryattention.
  7. 7. MotherboardUnlike batteries, recyclingmotherboards completelydestroys them. As theyare, they’re fairly useless. Butbroken down into pieces, manyuseful metals can be gathered. E-recycling companies go about thiseither by crushing themotherboards and using magnetsto pick out the metals, or meltingthe motherboards and skimmingfor reusable bits.Their destructionnotwithstanding, many piecesfrom laptop motherboards are stillusable.
  8. 8. (Some) Plastic ChassisMost current laptop chassis aremanufactured using a combination ofmany materials, mostly metal. Also, just as not all metallicHowever, not all metals are easily chassis are easily recyclable, notrecyclable. all plastic ones should be disposed of immediately either. In particular, Apple and Dell use so- called recyclable plastics; although when you do recycleFor aluminum chassis, things should be these, you have to head straightfairly easy. You can just drop yours off at to their manufacturers.a recycling plant and be done with it.Alloys, though, are a bit morecomplicated. For these, you really needto go to proper e-recycling centers asthey employ the proper methods forexactly these kinds of metals.
  9. 9. Significant DevelopmentsFor now, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that laptops still contributegreatly to e-waste despite the advent of e-recycling. However, it shouldbe noted that students at Stanford University are currently designinglaptops made of 100% recyclable laptop parts. They are calling it theBloom Laptop.
  10. 10. Significant DevelopmentsEven more amazing, these Blooms are not only recyclable, butcan be taken apart easily as well, so that much like withdesktops, laptop users in the future will no longer have to throwout whole computers. Instead, they can just swap out what theydon’t need with laptop spare parts. This is definitely good newsfor green enthusiasts indeed.Alas, that future is still a ways off. For now, we have e-recycling, and for what it’s worth, it’s currently the best methodwe have of staving off e-waste. As such, it would do us all well toreally implement it.
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