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Spain’s Economy & the Media


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While studying abroad in Prague, Spain was going through an economic "crisis" and the EU called for a bailout. This presentation talks about how the media covers Spain's failing economy.

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Spain’s Economy & the Media

  1. 1. Tamara Bonet Prof. Giarelli JRN229 12/13 June 2012
  2. 2.  A little over 50 newspapers  Papers range from Business to Sports  Three Professional Magazines  14 selections of TV/Radio Companies (Not channels)
  3. 3.     Constitutional Monarchy Constitution in 1978 Political Parties: Spanish Socialist Workers Party, Popular Party, and the United Left coalition. Key regional parties are the Convergence and Union (Catalonia) and the Basque Nationalist Party (Basque country).
  4. 4.   Through radio and television, the media expresses a deep concern for the economy. The Spanish Constitution protects the freedom of expression, the clause of conscience and the professional secrecy as basic rights.
  5. 5.   There are European regulations for broadcast (radio/t.v.) as far as their content, print media does not )EJC). Only conventional courts to punish journalists (when needed).
  6. 6.     #1 Economy shapes the media outlets #2 Digital technologies #3 Changes in legal framework broadcast companies #4 Fragmentation of audiences subsequent reshaping of the advertising market
  7. 7.    History of economic crisis’ is fact, not imaginary Like many, Spain’s economy has recently been going under Media outlets find it imperative that the people are aware of issues at hand.
  8. 8.   EU to inject up to €100bn in Spain 6/09/eu-to-inject-up-to-100bn-in-spain125/ Eurozone Agrees to Lend Spain 100 Billion Euros usiness/news/eurozone-agrees-lend-spain100-billion-euros-216
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