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LUT Green Campus - Responsibility, New Thinking, Green Thoughts


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We are shaping the world into what we think it should be.

A unique research and educational environment, where the university’s expertise in energy as well as its own innovations are put to practical use.

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LUT Green Campus - Responsibility, New Thinking, Green Thoughts

  1. 1. We assume environmental responsibility for all of our actions: scientific research, academic education, societal interaction and support services. Show the way. Never follow. LAPPEENRANTA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. GREEN YOUR MIND – MIND YOUR GREEN We at LUT want to live the way we teach. We have built an internationally acknowledged Green Campus that shows how science, technology and business can be used to solve environmental problems and build a sustainable world – the world we think it should be. President Juha-Matti Saksa
  3. 3. Are we going to  burn  up everything?   Is  humanity condemned to  suffer from the  water it has polluted? Will waste be the  grave of  our future?   SEARCHING  FOR  ANSWERS  TO  KEY  QUESTIONS Will we let Europe   degenerate to  the   world's back yard?   NO.  WE  ARE  THE  DIFFERENCE-­MAKERS.  
  4. 4. Works through a communications network Measurements help to reduce the university’s energy usage and the capacity requirements placed by loads on the network and electricity production.   When the grid produces more electricity than is needed, the surplus electricity is stored in stand-by batteries or fed it into another university grid.   SMART GRID THE FIRST LARGE-SCALE PILOT IN FINLAND_ Solar panels Wind turbine Rechargeable CamBus Batteries for energy storage Rechargeable CamCars + + + Constructed by one the largest energy research and educational organization in Finland. Connected:
  5. 5. Solar Power Plant 208,5 kW  - 1,500 square metres - 160 MWh/year • Six different installation types, e.g. facade and carport, to demostrate the use of panels as a construction material and as an architectural elements • some of the panels installed on a tracker → increases the amount of energy col- lected by 20-40% • replaces 3-4 % of purchased electricity Weather station Real-time data, detailed information f.ex. wind speed and direction, snow conditions, UV radiation and solar radiation intensity, the height of the clouds from the ground, forest fire risk • Partner: Finnish meteorological data company (Suomen Sääpalvelu Oy) Windturbine 20 kW - 30 m tall - 5,5 m blades • produces enough electricity for 3-8 domestic houses/year • research and educational instrument CONNECTED TO SMART GRID ON THE WAY TO SELF-SUFFICIENT ENERGY PRODUCTION_ SMART GRID
  6. 6. CamBus – Next generation hybrid bus • a collaborative project involving three educational institutions in Lappeenranta • a radically smaller diesel engine and more powerful battery capacity → substantially more energy efficient than versions currently available on the market • the chassis is taken from a used bus • reduces particle emissions in urban centres and will be used in training and chartered runs CamCars One hybrid and one all-electric car, used for research and development purposes and also in traffic • electricity from car batteries to the grid • batteries are charged when the supply of renewable energy is the greatest and the load on the grid is the smallest CONNECTED TO SMART GRID SEARCHING FOR GREENER WAYS OF TRAVELLING_ SMART GRID
  7. 7. Energy can be transferred from the grid to devices – as well as from devices back into the grid. SMART GRIDSmart Grid allows data transfer within the grid system. CONNECTED TO SMART GRID
  8. 8. COMING UP »» an entirely new energy system based solely on solar and wind alongside hydro power and biomass »» The system will produce energy that is emission-free, cost- effective and independent »» carried out in co-operation with 3 Finnish research partners, 15 industrial partners and 5 international partners H2 H2 H2 H2 O H2 O CO2 CO2 CO2 CH4 CH4 CH4 CH4 CH4 WIND AND SOLAR ELECTRICITY TRANSFORMS INTO GAS Hydrogen can be made from water which can be further transformed into methane. Methane can be used as fuel in transportation and natural gas-fired power plants. Heat and water are created as by- products in the process. NEO-CARBON ENERGY PROJECT FOR 100 % EMISSION-FREE ENERGY SYSTEM_
  9. 9. • Green Office - an environmental programme for offices (developed by WWF Finland) • Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 → to support the overall environmental management of LUT → to improve the effectiveness of environmental protection measures → the system was certified in September 2014 → the system covers the operations of the institution as a whole: research, teaching, social interaction and support functions ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY PLAN_ DO_ CHECK_ ACT_ → WE ARE COMMITTED to bear our environmental responsibility in research, education, social interaction and support functions. → WE MAKE USE of our know-how to reduce our environmental load and promote our positive influence on the environment through research and education. → WE MONITOR the environmental indicators and we are constantly developing our activities. Environmental policy
  10. 10. - 20 % of the total consumption of water by the end of 2020. ENVIRONMENTAL TARGETS COMPARED_TO_THE_LEVEL_OF_YEAR_2012 → Develop our waste recycling system → Improve the life cycle management of chemicals → Increase our positive impact on the environment through our research → Decrease the environmental impact of the transportation 5 % At least of the electricity consumed by us to be self-produced by the end of 2020. of new students will have an environmental orientation on Green Campus at the beginning of their studies 100 %We are also committed to
  11. 11. 160 MWh Solar energy production per year One of Finland’s largest solar power plant FROM WORDS TO DEEDS SAVINGS_ MINIMIZING_ NEW OPTIONS_ When we apply university innovations and use them on our own campus, we are setting a trend as well as example for future urban planning. Already savings on water consumption from 2012 to 2015. 7 % 100 % of purchased electricity produced through renewable forms of energy since October 2014. savings on purchased electricity from 2012 to 2015. 15 %
  12. 12. Minimized the number of personal printers Own honey produced and sold on Green Campus Leasing contracts – computers, printers and all-in-one devices Rowing boat for the use of staff and students Information displays for users: daily consumption and production figures of campus area FROM WORDS TO DEEDS SAVINGS_ MINIMIZING_ NEW OPTIONS_
  13. 13. SUSTAINABILITY IN EDUCATION TOGETHER FOR GREENER FUTURE_ We train responsibly the next generation of entrepreneurial problem-solvers who are willing and able to transform challenges into opportunities, seizing and shaping the business environment of tomorrow. We use state-of-the-art teaching methods. Our graduates’ employment rate tops that of other universities.
  14. 14. University Properties of Finland • Pioneer in energy efficiency → f.ex. renovated ventilation and building automation systems, thicker insulation, lighting solutions and controlling for lower energy consumption • Renovation of the oldest building phase (2016–) LOAS – Student housing foundation • Energy efficient student housing at campus City of Lappeenranta – The Sun city of Finland • Close co-operation concerning energy issues WWF • LUT made a commitment to invest more on sustainable energy production during the Global renewable Energy Campaign • Secretary General Liisa Rohweder of WWF Finland is a member of LUT Board IN CO-OPERATION WITH TOGETHER FOR GREENER FUTURE_
  15. 15. LUT – KEY FIGURES Number of undergraduate and postgraduate students. staff members in total. university in Finland to have environmental certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. of the students who began their studies in autumn 2014 are foreign. 5,000 850 FIRST 33%3 APPROX. APPROX. THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS LUT School of Energy Systems LUT School of Engineering Science LUT School of Business and Management
  17. 17. We have shown that activities, attitudes and the existing constructed base can be further developed greener rather quickly, if we only dare to be bold together. President Juha-Matti Saksa LUT