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Final task sample


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Final task sample

  1. 1. Final  task:  T-­‐  shirt  design  and  slogan  for  Road  Sa6ey   Campaign-­‐  CSE  3rd  year  Unit  3-­‐  October     Weeks  3rd-­‐  4th     ID-­‐links    VE  Topic   90% fewer fatalities with helmets In groups of 5, With thisstudents will think information, they Contents  of a catchy slogan will print some customized T-shirtsfor a Road Safety Linguis7c  exponent   Campaign and in Arts and Crafts class, later they design a T-shirt ImperaAves-­‐  Let’s-­‐  Why  don’t   will compare prices pattern. you…?-­‐  ComparaAves-­‐  Figures,   to get them Then, they will do professionally done prices  and  percentages  some research about to sell them to   the number of raise funds for a Sociocultural  and   fatalities in Spain, rare disease NGO: intercultural  the US and and the http:// UK caused by not www.enfermedades- Different  driving  rules  in  the  UK,   wearing a helmet. the  US  and  Spain-­‐  Road  signs