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UNIT No. 9 -BE CAREFUL!8 sessions (55’/Session) –7th-8th weeks 2nd TermKey competences developed:                         ...
Session 3:Domestic accidents1:LGW10’ Listening for detail to match given words to pictures2:RIW15’Reading for detail...
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3 model for ugo- 2012


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3 model for ugo- 2012

  1. 1. UNIT No. 9 -BE CAREFUL!8 sessions (55’/Session) –7th-8th weeks 2nd TermKey competences developed: Major topics: Area aims:Linguistic competence - Digital competence - Social  Road safety 1-2-3-4-7-9-10civic competence - Learning to learn - Entrepreneurship  Domestic accidentsID-Links: Values education: Materials:Handouts, worksheets, audio and video clips, computers, dictionaries, webpagesA To make SS familiar with road safety education – To learn and use vocabulary related to domestic accidents and daily routines - To talk about actions and their consequences- To ask for and give advice and I opinions- To express suggestions and invitations- To listen and match vocabulary items and images- ToM read short passages for gist and detail about road safety issues- To follow up on a graded reader- To write about a hypothesis- To learn and apply grammar rules on present perfect and yet/already - To develop SS’sS key competences - To foster SS’s self- assessment Oral and written skills Listening: Matching words about Oral production: Giving words Oral interaction: domestic accidents with the correct picture to create a word map about Road Discussing about traffic in the order they are said – Watching a safety – Giving the names of advertisements - Talking video for detail in order to answer object used in the kitchen – about driving enemies - questions about Muscle Car – Listening to Describing Ancient Egypt Art Sharing opinions about Drive my car to complete the lyrics. pictures related to Star Gate how to avoid accidents. Reading: Reading for gist to answer questions about Writing: Composing a short paragraph aboutC motor industry in Britain - Scanning information to students´ experiences with domestic accidents -O answer questions about Road Safety education – Writing sentences describing people actions -N Searching for information on the web about the Creating sentences about hypothesis (If I had aT Traffic Department of the Metropolitan Police. car…)E Language awarenessN Functions and linguistic exponent:T Expressing actions which have recently happened - Talking about actions and their consequences - AskingS for and giving advice and opinions - Making suggestions and invitations – Using conditional II sentences – Present Perfect with just, already, yet, still. Vocabulary:Traffic and domestic accidents Pronunciation: Would-wouldn’t Road safety – Parts of a car Simple and compound verbs Reflection upon learning: Differences between conditional sentences in English and Spanish Contrast between expression of recent events in Spanish and English Sociocultural aspects and intercultural awareness Road safety education in the UK – Ancient Egypt ACTIVITIES Session 1:Traffic jam1:R/WIW15’Reading for detail to answer questions on car industry in UK2:RIW10’Looking for specific words in the previous text according to given definitions3:OPGW15’Creating a word map about what road safetyis4:OIGW15’Discussing the messages of road safety advertisements Session 2: Web road (on-line based)1:RPW10’Reading for detail to answer questions on road safety police units and their importance in oursociety (RPW15’ Searching on the given for website information about bikes and motorbikes road safety3:R/OIPW15’Talking about the relationship between drinking and driving, drugs, mobile phones...4:RPW15’Using the given website to answer questions about pedestrians’ behaviour
  2. 2. Session 3:Domestic accidents1:LGW10’ Listening for detail to match given words to pictures2:RIW15’Reading for detail to underline expression related to accidents3:OIGW15’Discussing about domestic accidents and their consequences4:WIW15’Writing a short composition about an experience with domestic accidents Session 4:A bath or a shower?1:R/WIW10’Inducing and applying grammar rules about the present perfect with yet and already2:LIW/GW10’Matching daily routine vocabulary with pictures and listening to correct them3:RIW10’Identifying the correct present perfect structure according to given pictures4:OI/RPW15’Establishing the correct order of yet/already sentences5:R/WIW10’Writing sentences applying grammar rules about the use of still, yet, andalready. Session 5: I have done recently…1:R/WIW15’Applying present perfect rules with just for expressing recent events.2:W/OPIW10’ Reviewing kitchen objects vocabulary by matching pictures and correct words3:WIW15’Writing sentences to describe what people have just done in the other pictures4:W/OIPW15’Asking questions to other students about recent actions. Session 6: If I had a car…1:L/WPW15’Watching a video on Muscle Car to answer questions on it2:WIW/PW15’Writing conditional II sentences about the possibility of having a car3:W/OIPW15’Using conditional II structures in written and oral context to express possibility4:RIW10’Looking for words related to parts of a car in a crossword Session 7: If I were a police traffic officer…1:RIW15’Reading informationfor detail from the Met Police site to answer questions.2:W/OPIW/PW10’Answering a questionnaire about traffic using the London police web.3:WPW15’ Writing about the possibility of being a police officer using 2nd conditionals.4:L/WIW15’Listening for detail to complete the lyrics of Drive my car Session 8:Star Gate (III)1:RIW10’Reading for gist to give characters’ descriptions2:R/WIW15’Answering questions about the plot of the story3:OIGW15’Discussing about arranged marriage in the story4:OPPW15’Describing characteristics of Ancient Egyptian picturesAttention I will use an activity bank accessible in the self-access corner I intend to create in the FLto diversity classroom, so as to provide my students with reinforcement, remedial and extension activities for concepts and procedures not acquired, in order to consolidate knowledge and competences, and to cater for both fast finishers, slow learners and any other students with special ed. needs.Samples S 1/Act 1: SS will have a multiple choice exercise to choose the correct answer. S 6/Act 1: SS will be provided with aguided answers exercise to choose the correct one.Evaluation The evaluation criteria for this unit respond to the level of accomplishment of the specific aimscriteria detailed above, bearing in mind the overall improvement of the students communicative competence, through the integration of elements such as the inclusion of the four blocks of contents, the balance between the five skills established by the CEFRL and the attention to diversity in the group in all its varieties.Evaluation oriented tasks & activities: Dossier - oriented tasks: S1/A3: Giving ideasS2/A1: Reading for detail to answer questions on road safety about what is Road SafetyS3/A4: Writing a short composition about domestic accidents S3/A4: Writing a short composition aboutS4/A4: Establishing the correct order of yet/already sentences domestic accidents- S6/A2: Writing about theS5/A1: Applying present perfect with just for recent events. possibility of having a carUnit portfolio descriptors: I can talk about experiences with domestic accidents and recent events - I can useconditional sentences to express opinions and hypothesis - I can talk about road safety education - I can theInternet as tool in class- I can read and understand passages of a graded reader