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Using Social Media to Advanced Your Institution presented to the 2014 MIAA Summer Advancement Conference at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS. The presentation focuses on the digital landscape in 2014, basics of social media and advanced social media topics focusing on content strategy and native advertising.

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  • extremely unique demographic segment with digital media consumption habits that vary greatly from older generations
    Because their media consumption habits serve as a leading indicator for the broader media landscape, understanding how to market to this valuable demographic is vital to brands, agencies and media companies seeking to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Millennials spend a good portion of their lives online. In fact, they spent an average of 96 hours – the equivalent of four full days – online during the month of November across both desktop and mobile internet platforms. While mobile internet users account for a smaller user base, Millennials who engage via mobile spend considerably more time (66 hours a month) than desktop internet users (49 hours a month). Across both desktop and mobile internet platforms, Millennials far outpace the usage rates of 35-54 year-olds and 55+ year-olds.
  • There is a popular notion of Millennials living their lives on their smartphones, and the data suggest that this is very much the case. Millennials have a substantially higher rate of smartphone penetration with their age segment than their older counterparts, with more than four out of every five Millennials using a smartphone compared to just over two out of three 35-54 year-olds and two out of five 55+ year-olds.
  • Although Millennials spend a relatively lower share of social media time on Facebook, it should be noted that they still spend more time overall on Facebook than the older demographics.
    Millennials are expanding the use of social media to other services, but not necessarily at the expense of Facebook.
    In other words, social media usage is not a zero-sum game and Facebook remains incredibly important for engaging this demographic. Most marketers aiming to reach Millennials should at least consider this channel as part of their marketing mix. That said, there are also substantial and growing opportunities to reach Millennials on several other social networks, with Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr all significantly gaining in importance.
  • Not only is online video attracting the time and attention of Millennials, but the medium itself is high-impact because it features sight, sound and motion packaged in a lean-forward experience that is also more targetable than traditional media.
  • The number of gross ad impressions provides an indicator of the volume of ads to which Millennials might be exposed, but it’s also important to consider how difficult it is to target a specific audience. The reality is that Millennials are much easier to target compared to other age segments, making them an extremely desirable marketing segment.
  • 18-34 year-olds exhibited the highest display ad targeting efficiency from among its peer groups. Specifically, campaigns directed to 18-34 year-old females were 35 percent in-target despite the segment accounting for just 16 percent of the total online pages viewed. Males 18-34 had an even higher in-target rate of 42 percent, despite accounting for 18 percent of the total online pages viewed.
  • This 50 percent milestone is meaningful because it not only describes the largest segment of digital media consumers today, but it also signals the future of digital marketing. With the average consumer now reachable across a variety of media platforms, marketers are increasingly looking for ways to reach their target segments more efficiently and with tailored communications that drive greater effectiveness. Marketers understand that the multi-platform marketing environment is one of great opportunity.
  • While consumers are spending more and more time with these untethered devices, their usage has been largely incremental to desktop. In fact, virtually all of the growth in total internet usage over the past three years has come from usage of smartphones and tablets, which are responsible for almost doubling the amount of time Americans spend online.

    Since December 2010, smartphone engagement has grown more than three-fold from 131 billion total minutes spent on the platform to a remarkable 442 billion by December 2013. Tablets, which were in their infancy in late 2010, have seen usage jump ten-fold over that same period to 124 billion minutes spent per month. Not only does mobile now account for the majority (57 percent) of internet usage, but smartphones alone have surpassed desktop usage.
  • In fact, it narrowly missed the #2 spot, with Twitter boasting only 600,000 more unique visitors than Instagram.
    Apparel brands such as Burberry, Michael Kors and Levi’s are some of the first brands to advertise on the platform. As more campaign results become available, the ROI of Instagram advertising will be better understood by brands and potentially attract more brand advertising dollars to the platform, particularly those brands relying heavily on visuals to tell their story.
  • Apparel – children’s clothing, maternity clothing
    Home Furnishings – baby furniture (cribs, dressers, changing tables, etc.)
  • Why should advertisers care about Pinterest? Ability to generate very high reach among strategic demo segments like Females 18-49
  • Why should advertisers care about Pinterest? Ability to generate very high reach among strategic demo segments like Females 18-49
  • Most notably Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

    Evaluate native advertising to generate incremental marketing & monetization opportunities, reach audiences with high impact advertising, and make better use of mobile
  • This graph shows data from 5/21/2014 – 5/27/2014 …. At point you can view weekly data from Facebook Insight section if you are a manager of the page
  • GOALS: Drive more traffic to your event? Advertise to potential consignors to increase inventory? Increase Facebook page growth? Have potential customers RSVP to your event? Promote a post to your current audience? Promote a special deal? Promote a contest?
    AUDIENCE: Moms in a certain city? Moms with young children? Moms with older children? Moms with a certain interest? Moms who have liked your page?
  • Using Social Media to Advance Your Institution

    1. 1. Using Social Media to Advance Your Institution Lannie Byrd Social Innovation June 13, 2014
    2. 2. Today’s Plan 2014 It’s a digital world Basics Traditional communications campaigns vs. social media engagements Advanced Content strategy and native advertising in social media
    3. 3. Using Social Media to Advance Your Institution 2014: It’s a Digital World!
    4. 4. 2014: It’s a Digital World 2013 was another watershed year in the life of digital Changes in the way people interacted with technology Content evolved in this new media paradigm Organizations developed differently through digital advertising and commerce
    5. 5. Digital Target: Millennials Millennial: generation born beginning in 1980; adults ages 18 – 34 Millennials account for a disproportionate share of total screen time Millennials provide a glimpse into the future of media consumption Ages 35+ still comprise the majority of media audiences in the US
    6. 6. Spend a full day of every week online Mobile heavy in their usage Nearly 1 out of 5 Millennials are mobile-only internet users 67% of Millennials are multi-platform internet users
    7. 7. More likely to own a smartphone Affinity for iPhones
    8. 8. Social activity is more fragmented Facebook still top app for consumer attention Active on all 7 major networks
    9. 9. Shifts in Digital Media PLATFORM SHIFTS Consumers are engaging in digital media across MORE platforms; Mobile is the most significant platform CONTENT SHIFTS Consumers are rapidly changing the way they consume content: shift from traditional to digital media DEMOGRAPHIC SHIFTS Young people, millennials are leading shifts in consumer technology MARKETING SHIFTS Marketing dollars moving toward mobile: new ad and campaign measurement capabilities reduce waste, improve optimization and drive better marketing ROI
    10. 10. US Multi-Platform Audience by Segment Most disruptive shift in digital media marketplace: desktop  mobile For the first time, multi-platform users become the majority Reached in April 2013 By December 2013, 56% of digital media consumers constituted the “multi-platform majority”
    11. 11. Total Time Spent by Digital Platform *Billion Minutes
    12. 12. Mobile Market: Usage and Importance Consumers engaged with smartphones and tablets more than ever before in 2013 US smartphone users grew 24% to 156 million owners US tablet users grew 57% to 82 million owners Massive marketing opportunity 83 million US mobile users don’t own an actual “smartphone” 157 million US mobile users don’t own a tablet
    13. 13. Mobile Market: Driven by Apps 85% of internet time spent on phones in 2013 was based on app usage Facebook leads the market as the most used app In terms of average audience and average time spent Google has 5 apps in the Top 10 Google Play, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps
    14. 14. Mobile Market: Driven by Apps
    15. 15. Let’s Get Social: Camera Content Instagram, Snapchat and Vine are “mobile-first” social networks Cameras enable content creation Work well for content consumption and interaction
    16. 16. Let’s Get Social: Instagram Leads the way among camera-content social networks As of December 2013, Instagram ranked as the #3 social network in the US, behind Facebook (#1) and Twitter (#2) Recently dipped into the advertising world Positive early results for brands: average 32% incremental lift in ad recall per campaign for people exposed to that campaign Captured the attention of younger social networkers
    17. 17. Let’s Get Social: Instagram
    18. 18. Using Social Media to Advance Your Institution Social Media Basics: Traditional communications campaigns vs. social media engagements
    19. 19. Basics: Word of Mouth It’s not new Joining the Conversation Creating a community
    20. 20. Basics: Process What’s your goal? Who’s your audience What’s your message Where’s your audience?
    21. 21. Basic: Where’s your audience? Comments Twitter Instagram Vine Facebook
    22. 22. Usage
    23. 23. Basics: Listen then Engage Find the conversation Listen Plan Calendar Respond Fresh
    24. 24. Basics: What’s Your Goals? Drive a larger audience to your website Increase information requests Increase donations Increase event attendance
    25. 25. Basics: Sweat the details Spelling Grammar Links Right account Pause 20 seconds before you hit send
    26. 26. Basics: Keep Score Audience Engagement Results Requests Applications Donations Memberships Website traffic Monthly reports Comparisons
    27. 27. Basics: Spend a little Social media making money FB edge rank FB promoted posts FB paid likes Twitter promoted posts
    28. 28. Basics: Iteration Look at your numbers Believe your numbers Make changes based on your numbers Fail fast
    29. 29. Using Social Media to Advance Your Institution Advanced Topics in Social Media: Content Strategy & Native Advertising in Social Media
    30. 30. Content Strategy: Segmentation 16-18 18-25 26+
    31. 31. Content Strategy Audience Segmentation 16-18
    32. 32. Content They Are Looking For Short Videos Long Videos Online Shows / Movies Quizzes Celebrity News Mobile Games Blogs “Quickview” Social Media LOL news 16-18
    33. 33. Top 5: How to Reach Them (Media) Most important demographic for mobile advertising Twitter Sponsorships Facebook Advertising (link and engagement) BuzzFeed advertising Video advertising 16-18
    34. 34. Content Strategy16-18TypeofContent Quizzes Lists Short High Energy Videos ContentPlacedOn Facebook Tab Blogs PaidMediaToReachThem Twitter Ads Facebook Ads Mobile Ads
    35. 35. The Content Quizzes • What Should I Major in? • What City Should I live in? • What Career best fits me? • What Should I be a Professor of? Lists • Best Campus Life • Things to do in … • Nightlife in … • Top 10 Things to do on Saturday in … • Top 10 Ways to Make the Most out of College Short High Energy Videos • Campus Life • Virtual Tours • Student Life • Student Testimonial • Vine Videos • Nightlife 16-18
    36. 36. Content Strategy Audience Segmentation 18-25
    37. 37. Top 5: How to Reach Them (Media) Most important demographic for mobile advertising Facebook Advertising (link and engagement) Twitter Promoted Tweets BuzzFeed advertising Video advertising 18-25
    38. 38. Content Strategy18-25TypeofContent Video Quizzes Lists ContentPlacedOn Facebook Tab Blog PaidMediaToReachThem Pre-Rolls Facebook Ads Instagram Ads
    39. 39. Video • 2 Minute Videos: • Nightlife • Nature • Campus Life • Balance Work & School • 10 Most Lucrative Part Time Jobs Quizzes • Which popular TV Character are you? • Which celebrity should you really date? • Which Part Time Job is right for you to finish your degree? • What Should I be when I Grow Up? • What College Clique Would I Be In? Lists • Top 10 Signs You’re a Transfer Student • Top 10 Signs You Should Transfer • Top 10 Reasons why Dorm Life is Awesome • Top 10 Places to Study Off Campus 18-25
    40. 40. Content Strategy Audience Segmentation 26+
    41. 41. Content They Are Looking For Online Radio Video News Online Shows / Movies Retail Home & Life Kids (Blogs, Retail, Video, etc.) Social Media primarily Facebook 26+
    42. 42. Top 5: How to Reach Them (Media) Mobile advertising Facebook Advertising (link and engagement) Display Advertising Video Advertising Search Career Sites Email Marketing 26+
    43. 43. Content StrategyTypeofContent Blogs / Lists Video Quizzes ContentPlacedOn Facebook Tab Blogs PaidMediaToReachThem Facebook Ads Display Search Retargeting 26+
    44. 44. The Content Blogs / Lists • Moving up the Ladder • Grant Resources • Top 5 Reasons to go back to School • Top 10 Most Lucrative Jobs while in School • How to balance home, work and school • Child Care for the Adult Student • Free Money • Make that A: How to Keep up Academically Quizzes • Should I go back to school? • How much sleep do I really need? • How much caffeine is too much? • What job will support my lifestyle? • Which Scholarship fits me best? • Guess the Scholarship amount that is left unclaimed and win a free parking spot! Video • Scholarship Video (Free Money – Make it Rain) • Campus at Night • Campus Security • Affordability • Internationally recognized faculty • Convenient location • Flexible schedule (night and online classes) 26+
    45. 45. Advanced: Native Advertising Several social networks have demonstrated impressive monetization of their content through advertising by using Native Advertising Use ad units that appear in primary content streams and are native to the experience Brands want ads that are integrated into a user’s social experience (i.e. less intrusive) and function seamlessly across mobile and desktop
    46. 46. Advanced: Native Advertising
    47. 47. Advanced: Native Advertising New to the Native Advertising trend in 2014: Pinterest and Instagram Pinterest: Promoted Pins Instagram: in-feed ads, “sponsored” icon replacing the traditional Instagram icon on these ads
    48. 48. Twitter followers grew from 8,900 to 155,000 2.39M tweets, 1B impressions "Every piece of this was about communicating our strategy of being a company that's designed for life in the modern world.”
    49. 49. Summary: Using Social Media to Advance Your Institution
    50. 50. Summary Social Media is here to stay Multiplatform audience Mobile & Apps Plan and Iterate Engage audience in a conversation Measure & Iterate Content Strategy Native Advertising
    51. 51. Digital marketing firm HQ in Little Rock, Arkansas Social Media Marketing Reputation Management Website Development App Development Content Strategy Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Display Advertising Video Pre-roll
    52. 52. @lanniebyrd 501.554.1433 slides available at