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Information literacy


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Information literacy

  1. 1. Information Literacy by Mark
  2. 2. Information Problem : Overload• “More new information has been produced in the last 30 years than in the previous 5,000.”• “The Amount of new information stored on paper, film, magnetic, and optical media has doubled in three years..”
  3. 3. The Solution?• Is it to Speed things up?• Or pack in more and more content?• Add is more technology the solution?
  4. 4. Information Problem : Quality• “More than 2/3 of teens said within the last year that they use the internet as their major resource when doing a big project for school…”• In a study of 500 sites used by Colorado high school students to do research, only 27%of the sites were judged to be reliable for academic research!
  5. 5. The solution?• Is it to Discourage Web Use so that they only can use books for information?• Pre-select resources that the teachers or school provide?• Or have filtering so that certain site are block that don’t have authenticity?
  6. 6. Eisenberg’s version of the “parable of the fish”If you help someone to learn how to find anduse information about fishing and then canteach themselves how to fish or to do anythingelse they want to do in life!