LaNisha Rene                       Not Your Average Personality Place Photo Here,Otherwise Delete Box
Not Your Average Personality                     “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” [Winston Church...
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Not Your Average PersonalityExclusive Interviews2011 - Black Eye Peas Facing 4th Law Suit, Victim Speaks Outhttp://youtu.b...
“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to...
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LaNisha Rene Press Kit


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Experienced On-Air Radio Personality with expert knowledge of studio, online, and live broadcasts, digital production, and voice-overs. Over 10 years’ experience driving strategic growth and product visibility for leading non-profit, small businesses, corporate, media and educational organizations. Highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate, able to achieve results others believed to be impossible.

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LaNisha Rene Press Kit

  1. 1. LaNisha Rene Not Your Average Personality Place Photo Here,Otherwise Delete Box
  2. 2. Not Your Average Personality “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” [Winston Churchill]When it comes to entertaining, enlightening and educating, no one in talk radio compares to LaNisha Rene.She has an outgoing, down to earth personality, passion for fashion and career advancement - but mostimportantly, a no nonsense approach to the business. She began her career in the Entertainment Industryabout 7 years ago as a model, the former Co-Host on Atl Radio Live, Operations Manager for Makin ItMagazine, and RASHA Entertainment. She is controversial, honest, witty, and at times sarcastic when provingher point. LaNisha Rene asks the questions most won’t and gives the answers most are afraid to hear. Herpassion and love for interacting with her listeners/fans/followers is just one reason for the popularity of herbrand. She answers the tough questions but also inspires others to go for their “DREAMS” throughencouragement and SOUND ADVICE! “It’s not how much you talk; it’s more about what you say!” [LaNisha Rene]LaNisha Rene ignites heated discussions with diverse topics such as “Following Your Dream”, “Education IsPreparation”, “Why Most Entertainer’s Careers Are Short Lived”, “Importance of Community Involvement”,“Health and Beauty” and Entrepreneur Discussions with Industry Leaders in Varies Markets. LaNisha’s careerbegan in 2005 while still in college; she was asked to be a spokes-model for an online clothing store based inAtlanta, GA. Once photographers viewed her first photo-shoot, her modeling career soared. Featured inseveral magazines, calendars, mix-tape covers, promotional events; LaNisha Rene quickly became a well-known BUZZ in Atlanta. “Supply always comes on the heels of demand!” [Robert Collier]In 2007, she went to a Bahamas calendar model casting at a local radio station, “Collabo Muzik Radio”, now“Collabo Muzik 247 Radio” after radio hosts and owners got a taste of her personality, instead of beingcasted; she was hired. Since then, LaNisha has Co-Hosted (4) Radio shows and Hosted/Produced (2) Radioshows of her own (Waking up w/Ms Rene & Spotlight Radio). Spotlight Radio soon turned into Spotlight TV. “Follow your instincts. Thats where true wisdom manifests itself.” [Oprah Winfrey]In 2009, she made a decision to leave radio to develop LR Consulting Enterprise, LLC. During this time, radiostations were going through massive regulation changes but her need to educate and be heard never fellshort. Although she had her Bachelors in Business Management and Masters in Business Administration,LaNisha was apprehensive about this business move. Initially, she thought it could have tarnished her brandand everything she worked for thus far. Nonetheless, with a firm belief that “When One Door Closes, AnotherWill Open” she opened that door and under her own company, has hosted and organized industry open-micnights; speaks to youth and adults about “What Our Society Refuses to Tell Us About Owning Our Business”;been honored by several award ceremonies; created “Life As An Entrepreneur”, a published business successcolumn; and has developed, consulted with and/or organized some of Atlanta’s most elite businesses andevents.
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  5. 5. Not Your Average PersonalityExclusive Interviews2011 - Black Eye Peas Facing 4th Law Suit, Victim Speaks Out - Interview with SLIM from 112 - Bertell Talks Business Venture Deal with Brian Michael Cox - Shonie R&B Artist - Slip N Slide/DefJam Interview Pt1 - Shonie R&B Artist - Slip N Slide/DefJam Interview Pt2 - Interview with Murphy Lee Editions2012 – Stephenson High School Career Day, Each One Teach One – Labor Day Car & Bike Show - Aaron Reid All Black Birthday Party - Family Affair Pt. 1 - Health & Beauty, How to Feed Tumors & Cyst - Health & Beauty Why Do Men Loose Weight Faster Than Women - AIDS Awareness Month - Business Meets Success Seminar – Hosted by LaNisha Rene & Makin’ ItMagazine Recaps2011 - Cee Lo Talks His Daughter, "The Voice", The Industry, & More - Cee-Lo Daughter Sierra Symone Interview - International Fashion Show - Art UnBoxed with Antoine Donte - Kontrol Magazine Presents "CANDY SHOP FASHION SHOW” BenefitingAutism
  6. 6. “When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” [W. Clement Stone]It has been a long road for LaNisha Rene and her brand. She realizes that life changing opportunities do notcome around every day and you have to seize that moment! LR Consulting has paved the way for manycelebrities and personalities which have also helped her brand along the way. LaNisha strives to inform andlike many personalities; refuses to be brushed under the table when searching for the truth.Her attitude is unique, her laugh is contagious but most importantly, she is well-connected with a passion tobe heard. There are many outlets for entrepreneurs and many celebrities—who on a regular are advocatesfor owning your own business; LaNisha intends to find them all.By bringing education, empowerment, and inspiration to others through celebrity interviews, LaNisha hasbecome an influential educator and speaker in her community. Her mind-set is “go big or go home!”LaNisha’s ultimate goal is to continue to grow her brand. She will soon be recognized as a householdname—bringing celebrity advice and news on a hit entertainment show and a top radio personality on asyndicated morning radio show. LaNisha is looking for a “Radio Station Home” with aspirations to eventuallybecome a Program Director.LaNisha is not your average radio show host; she gets the truth and up close and personal with stars givingher audience the real facts and not what is portrayed on television and typical radio shows. “It’s bigger thanbasic research and information you hear on the streets, you have to get out here and ask the questionsmost want answers too and report based on the answers received from reputable people in the spotlightwithin those fields because it’s not always as it seems.”Our lives are filled with decisions, chances, and opportunities; it is our responsibility to choose wisely, wehold the key to our destiny and can be the only one to blame when we succeed or fail. Go for your dreamsand your true passions in life, but if, or when you get knocked down; make choices that keep your dreamsalive. “For every one of us that succeeds, its because theres somebody there to show you the way out.” [Oprah Winfrey] Contact Information: | 404.992.3903 Follow her on Twitter: Join her on Facebook: Subscribe to her YouTube channel: