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Presentation created and shared with the at Public Beta Workshop December 1-2010

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  • From We Think explores how the web is changing our world, creating a culture in which more people than ever can participate, share and collaborate, ideas and information. Ideas take life when they are shared. That is why the web is such a potent platform for creativity and innovation .It's also at the heart of why the web should be good for : democracy, by giving more people a voice and the ability to organise themselves; freedom, by giving more people the opportunity to be creative and equality, by allowing knowledge to be set free .But sharing also brings with it dilemmas.It leaves us more open to abuse and invasions of privacy. Participation is not always a good thing: it can just create a cacophony. Collaboration is sustained and reliable only under conditions which allow for self organisation. C. Leadbeater is highlighting the underlining need of individuals to share and co-create online, along with some of the dilemmas platforms these purposes should keep in mind. The numbers and graphs included in the slide evidence the need of individuals to share through the 260 Billion number from Facebook, next to the myspace and twitter. The images on the slides come from Jess3’s video:
  • Networks Blessingorcurse

    1. 1. Networks blessing or curse?
    2. 2. -What(s), how(s) and why (s) -Consumers trends related to networks -Back to basics -Case study:Mijn Horeca Networks
    3. 3. Network Society (M. Castells) Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations (C. Shirky) Linked- Bursts (A.L. Barabasi) What (s) Networks are the new social morphology of our societies; where our main social structures and activities are organized around electronically processed information networks. Introduced the dimension of hubs and its possibilities, where websites will wish to link themselves to hubs (websites) with the most connections. How (s) Social tools like Wordpress and Twitter, file sharing platforms like Flickr, and online collaboration platforms like Wikipedia support group conversation and group action in a way that previously could only be achieved through institutions. The whats, hows and whys of networks
    4. 4. Why (s) We think - Cloud Culture (C. Leadbeater) Jess3’s video:
    5. 5. Current trends landscape Common-unity Extra mile Living technology Net-world People are living more communities/ networks and niche oriented lives; which is providing them own truth. Common-unity Time has become a very precious asset therefore consumers are expecting services and products to work around their needs. Extra mile Living technology People are finding out the soft side of technology and are embracing it.
    6. 6. “ Wool and the gang ” is the re-invention of knitting through bringing together tradition, pure and fair trade wool and hip designs. A few years back, she became fed up with mass consumption and decided, through this project, to transmit traditional values to her children and grandchildren. She wants them to understand that it is important to have a conscience while being fun and rock’n roll…And that’s how the Gang began. Live in your living room is a professional home concert network. It works as a broker between artists, host and audience and organizes concerts in a intimate home setting in Holland, Belgium and the United States. Some live music is best enjoyed with a small audience “ Plates and Records is a nomadic and themed supper club functioning monthly in various locations. Guests are required to bring a plate, a record, an empty stomach, and a good mood.” Common-unity
    7. 7. Amsterdam-based private bank Insinger de Beaufortlaunched a new service aimed at saving (valuable) clients the time and hassle of dealing with the minutiae of their personal finances. Insinger's clients are sent a big shoebox by courier every month, into which they drop anything admin-related: bills to be paid, bank statements, receipts, etc. At the end of the month, Insinger sends a courier to pick up the box, and then processes its contents. Culinaireversmarkt is a groceries concept that delivers organic ingredients to customers’ houses with recipes to cook gourmet meals. On its website consumers can create a profile including personal wishes, allergies and diet information in order to get the right food and perfect recipe to maximize time and ingredients. Get tailored fashion advice, the use of private fitting rooms and hassle free shopping in our Style Advisor suite and all for free. A Style Advisor will be on hand to give you the ultimate personal shopping experience, helping you to find the perfect purchase, select the right size and give you the most up-to-date styling advice. You are under no obligation to buy, but if you do you’ll jump the queue and can even have your purchases gift wrapped for free! Extra mile
    8. 8. Interactive piano is pat of the Volkswagen initiative called “The Fun Theory, which aims to change people behavior for the better in fun ways: This site: ” - WIFI bunny . Nabaztag is a WIFI object that when connected to a regular lap top can provide the news out loud, the weather or incoming messages. The WIFI bunny is meant to be a companion as he also has been programmed to come up with unexpected comments and information that would cheer up people. We feel fine, an almanac of human emotion. A deep portrait of our collective emotional landscape. Armed with custom software that scours the English-speaking world's new Internet blog posts every minute, hunting down the phrases "I feel" and "I am feeling," the authors have collected over 12 million feelings since 2005. Living technology
    9. 9. All we ever wanted How to choose from so many choices? to make the most of what have? And sense of what is the right one for me?
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Net-Map is a simple network analysis tool implemented by Eva Schiffer with farmers in rural Africa as a way to help them to make the most of their influence networks. (International Food Policy Research Institute) Back to basics
    12. 12. Mapping contextual variables: time, stakeholders, technology, emotions, products/services
    13. 13. Patient Need for appropriate information in suitable formats Need for flexibility between privacy and community Needs and connections
    14. 14. Case study: Mijn Horeca for Bedrijfschap Horeca & Catering. (Today’s Brands, Amsterdam) The entrepreneur The entrepreneurs day to day Information mechanics from the need/goal of an entrepreneur Platform concept Test of concept with entrepreneurs Mijn Horeca
    15. 15. Synthesis & Solutions Managing your business from one place. Having access remotely and being connected everywhere. Understanding the meaning of numbers for self empowering and shared ownership and responsibility over results. Add employee Set employees and business targets Measuring the market wrt. to own business
    16. 16. Networks and its theories are constantly evolving. They are becoming highly complex and different from each other. They provide to people: Great flexibility, connectivity, share and create together. And commitment, confusion and information overload. When working with them, keep in mind its overall purpose & strategy. (What is the added value to people) (Hubs) Given high numbers of networks, opportunities can also be into navigation tools. Main takeaways
    17. 17. Thanks for your time! Glad to answer any question