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Benefits of Concurrent Engineering


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Concurrent Engineering

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Benefits of Concurrent Engineering

  1. 1. Benefits of Concurrent Engineering  major benefit: decrease in time to market Other benefits: Faster product development Better quality Less work in progress Fewer engineering change orders Increased productivity
  2. 2. The CE Teams • Teams are being used by Concurrent Engineering (CE) • These teams include product developers from marketing, research and development, design, production, test, and logistics, to name a few, along with project and program management. • Suppliers and customers should also be included as part of the team when appropriate.
  3. 3. The CE Teams • To make concurrent engineering functional, a change in the way business organization is done must occur. • Team members must be committed to the project not to their functional departments.
  4. 4. The CE Teams • Productive designs will be attained through better interaction among design team members. • Avoid problems with teams