So, What About This Twitter Thing


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Social Networking for Educators and Administrators.

Learn in Part I how you can harness the power of Twitter for Professional Development, School Communication and Global Networking.

Twitter does not have to be overwhelming, nor a place where you will be inundated with personal statements of strangers.

It is your choice:
Who to follow?
What area of interest?
How much time to invest?
How to filter information?
How to connect globally with experts and eye witnesses?

Become part of the best global Professional Development network for teachers and administrators.

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So, What About This Twitter Thing

  1. Social Networking for Educators & AdministratorsPart I:So, What About This Twitter Thing?<br />
  2. Social Networking forEducators & Administrators<br />
  3. Presentations<br /><br />Coaching<br />Questions?<br />Resources<br />Lessons<br />In-Service<br />Workshops<br /><br />
  4. Join the Conversation, Create an Account!<br />Fill out Your Profile!<br />
  5. Choose WHOM To Follow!<br />Be Selective To Match Your Interests!<br />Find ONE person and see who THEY follow<br />
  6. Be a Lurker!<br />
  7. Search For Content!<br />
  8. Push Out Information!<br />
  9. Be An Information Filter for Others!<br />
  10. Join & Engage in Conversation!<br />
  11. What Does Twitter Have to Do With This? <br />
  12. Organize & Filter!<br />
  13. Twitter Vocabulary<br /><ul><li>RT- ReTweet
  14. @- mention
  15. #hashtag
  16. DM-Direct Message
  17. URL Shortener
  18. Twitter Client
  19. TwitPic
  20. Twitterer, tweet, tweeted, Twitterverse, etc.</li></li></ul><li>Who Are You Gonna’ Follow?<br />
  21.<br />
  22.<br />
  23.<br />
  24.<br />
  25.<br />
  26.<br />
  27.<br />
  28.<br />
  29. Further Resources:A Twitteraholic’s Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter is a Hashtag? “RT” stands for Retweeting, You Want to be Followed? Animation Reasons Why Teachers Should be Using Twitter<br />
  30. Social Networking forEducators & Administrators<br />Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano<br /><br />Educational Consultant<br />
  31. Presentations<br /><br />Coaching<br />Questions?<br />Resources<br />Lessons<br />In-Service<br />Workshops<br /><br />