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Learning How 2 Learn


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Teachers Matter Conference
Sydney, Australia
Rotorua, New Zealand

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Learning How 2 Learn

  1. By Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Let's talk about LEARNING, not technology! Learning How 2 Learn o enter text TeachersMatter
  2. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @LANGWITCHES
  3. Network Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  4. Urgency
  5. Relevance
  6. One Blink
  7. 22nd Live to See the !Century
  8. Walking in Shoes our ?
  9. Skill We Did NOT learn the most important in school
  10. Tomorrow’silliteratethe man who can’t read; he will be the man who has
 not learned how to learn will not be HerbertGerjuoy
  11. Changing NOT and is Changing Back! Our World is fast
  12. Change image licensed under CC by Will Richardson
  13. Ubiquitous
  14. ZERO Seth Godin There is Value in Memorizinganything ever Again. anything that is worth memorizing is worth looking up!
  15. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow
  16. Think&Write Summarize What you just Heard
  17. 1 2 3 Change Rethink Amplify Opportunity GrowChallenge the must how to
  18. 1Change the
  19. The “Leave it to Beaver” Days are Gone...
  20. Generations Generation X Generation Y Generation Alpha Silent Generation
  21. consumers Our Society has moved from toproducers being Participatory
  22. before Birth Digital Footprint
  23. Swiping Generation Swiping Generation
  24. In- BetweenGeneration Their World & School Life is Different
  25. Stephen Duncombe We live in a world where people can Bookstalk backto their “ “
  26. Clay Shirky- Cognitive Surplus
  27. Know What will our grandchildren not ? Images licensed under Creative Commons Music Store Telephone- Map- Blockbuster- Yellow Pages- Encyclopedia-
  28. Relationship Future Generations will neverunderstand the
  29. ! ! What will our grandchildren NOT know?
  30. ReadingHabits
  31. What About Privacy?
  32. What About Friends?
  33. Connectedness Instant
  34. Exponential Times
  35. , Eric Shinseki even less irrelevance you are going to like If you don’t like change
  36. Shifts in Culture Affecting Education
  37. Conversations
  38. Change is the only constant Heraclitus
  39. Change is the only Constant Heraclitus
  40. CHANGEis not necessary... survival is optional... W. Edwards Deming
  41. OstrichPolitics
  42. Tide of Change How does your school culture handle change? How comfortable are you leading your colleagues in change? Is change an articulated Priority?
  43. Be the First Follower…
  44. JackDixon If you focus on results, you will changeIf you focus on change, you will get never results. “ ”
  45. 2 Rethink Learning
  46. ! mean to be Educated What does it
  47. Changed? Learning Has
  48. Literate? What does it mean to be
  49. Digital What does it mean to be Literate?
  50. Part ONE Digital Age? Is it a Threat New Meansfor LeArning? Or
  51. Wheredowegetinformation? How much will it cost? Wheredowelearn?
  52. Willingness to Reflect
  53. Willingness to Amplify
  54. a Mindset Pre-requisitefor anEducatortothrive of a Learner
  55. Pre-requisiteforaSchool tothrive Mindset ofaLearningCommunity
  56. Connected Learning is much more Plugging inthan Image licensed under CC by
  57. Why?
  58. Make it a PRIORITY... or Don’t...
  59. The Grand Divide
  60. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! Chinese Proverb
  61. Elephant in the Room
  62. 3 Learning Amplify
  63. POINT When you give your father an iPad…
  65. ...Yourself to the World
  66. ...Your Classroom to the World
  67. Amplify
  68. Amplify: CONNECTIONS
  69. Amplify: COMMUNICATION
  70. Amplify: COLLABORATION
  71. Amplify: CREATION
  72. Fluencies Key Communicate Collaborate Connect Create Critical Thinking Network Global Information Media Citizenship ReadingWriting & Writing
  73. LEARNFLOW smoothly unconsciously effortlessly adaptive
  74. What if…
  75. Annotexting
  76. Workflow & Learnflow
  77. Amplify Your Voice
  78. Bring in an Expert
  79. Mystery Skype
  80. VoiceYou have a The Middle Man is Gone!
  81. Authentic
  82. Authentic Work
  83. Visible Making Learning
  84. Real World Work
  85. Blogfolios
  86. Feeling: They are waiting for us to catch up
  87. "you cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind"
  88. Baby StepsCan we Afford ?
  89. Did You Know? I am starting School in the august 2015 !
  90. One more Thing
  91. Learning is messy
  92. How does this impact your own Learning?
  93. The Changewe are in Clay Shirky Discuss... isn’t isn’t optional and it the middle of minor
  94. Mean?What does this all
  95. Started Youhavetoget ?
  96. You Firstbased on Steve Hargadon
  97. Reflect
  98. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @LANGWITCHES