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iPads are growing up

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Can iPads replace a laptop? Are they just a toy or a tool that can improve teaching, student learning and productivity? How do you find the best educational apps for educators and students? Let’s talk about how immediate access and availability to information, productivity tools, a global network, assistive technology as well as being able to create content and media, all on one device, can change a classroom’s learning environment.

The session includes a showcase of apps for your students that addresses all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. We will look at examples for digital storytelling, writing, mind-mapping, productivity, note taking, video and audio production, photography and specific subject areas.

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iPads are growing up

  1. iPadsare growing up N o w W h a t ? Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Educational Consultant @langwitches -
  2. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Educational Consultant
  3. PedagogyThe Science and aRt of Education
  4. Growing up The iPad is
  5. Balance Finding a Natural
  6. ThereismoretoiPadsthan Apps
  7. Substitution vs. Transformation
  8. Tranformative?
  9. Transformative?
  10. CC by: Beyond the Bells & Whistles
  11. Beyond the ReplacingPaper & Pens with an App
  12. Imagination
  13. TeachingTool Ipad as a
  14. LearningTool Ipad as a
  15. WorkFlowFluency
  16. LearnFlowLearn-Create-Share
  17. through the LensiPads
  18. SAMR Modelby Ruben PuenteDura Digital Learning FarmByAlan November Multiple IntelligencesBy Howard Gardner Bloom’s TaxonomyBy Benjamin Bloom iPads Looking at Through Modern Skills & Literacies in the classroom
  19. The Digital Learning Farm: Apps for iPads Contributor to Society Researcher Official Scribe Collaboration Coordinator Tutorial Designer Curriculum Reviewer Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ based on Alan November’s Work:The Digital Learning Farm iBook AudiobooiMovie WordPress SonicPics Animoto iThoughts HD Lino Diigo GoDocs Noteshelf Evernote Peek ScreenChompShowMe Blogsy Good Reader Pages Twitter Skype Mobile RSS ZiteFlipBoardInstapaper Keynote Posterous Explain Everything Wunderlist Skitch Educreation Replay Note iMovie WordPress FaceTime BookCreator TED Next! AudioMemos Notes SoundNotes Doodle Buddy E-Mail Twitter Facebook Delicious Bookkmark YouTube Pages Visualize WordPress GarageBand Pearltrees Skype Twitter Vimeo GooglePlus
  20. Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating iBook Audioboo iMovie ComicBook! ReelDirector SonicPics Animoto Puppet Pals Toontastic Doink iThoughts HD Lino Popplet Today’s Documents Diigo 3D Cell Simulation GoSky Watch GoDocs Noteshelf Stack the Countries Evernote Peek NxtApp 4Kids Ansel & Clair’s Adventure Word Seek HD Globe ScreenChomp Motion Math ShowMe Poetry Creator 123 Charts Idea Sketch Corkulous Blogsy Good Reader eClicker Pages HootSuite Skype Mobile RSS Science 360 Zite FlipBoard Instapaper Keynote Visualize Posterous ZigZag Board Presentation Link Xperica GearHD Touch Draw Goodreads Explain Everything Wunderlist Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ from Dave Mileham
  21. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences for iPads Logical Mathematical Linguistics Musical Visual Spacial Interpersonal Intrapersonal iBook Audioboo iMovie Faces iMake Word Collage WordPress Animoto Idea Mapper Day One NoteShelf iThoughts HD Diigo PicCollage Math Doodles Stack the Countries CargoBot TanZen Cut the Rope Numbers ScreenChomp Motion Math Singing Fingers Geometry Pad Book Creator Comic Story TinkerBox Little Story Maker HootSuite Skype Mobile RSS Pinterest Draw Something Skitch MadPad Music for Little Mozarts Thumb Jam NotabilityGarageband Explain Everything Phoster VoiceThread Poetry Creator Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ Google Earth Geared Corkulous Lino JabberPad WhiteBoard Pro Popplet Facebook Google Plus Speech Journal Sound Notes Pages
  22. Communicate/ Collaborate Create/ Critical Thinking Global Literacy Network Literacy Media Literacy Information Literacy AudiobooiMovie Diigo GoDocs Noteshelf Zite Twitter Skype Mobile RSSFlipBoard Instapaper Flat Stanley Idea Mapper Modern Skills & Literacies for iPads Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ Globe Dropbox Facebook iPhoto Mobile Fotos VocieThread Comic Life Brushes Instagram YouTube Skype WordPress WordPress Pinterest Google Earth Book Creator Good Reader ShowMe TweetDeck Animoto Garageband Trip Advisor Idea Flight HootSuite Twitter iThoughts HD Delicious Bookmark Pinstagram Evernote Posterous Google Plus Google Plus Keynote Lino Flickr TinyTap iBrainstorm Geocaching Wolframa iMovie VocieThread
  23. SAMR Modelby Ruben PuenteDura Tech acts like a direct tool substitute, with no functional change Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement Tech allows for significant task redesign Tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable S A M R Substitution Augmentation Modification Re-Definition AutomatingInformating EnhancementTransformation Amplification By Alan November Empowering Students with Technology&
  24. Fluencyunconscious flow… App Smashing
  25. 25Google  Earth Our Neighborhood iPad Fluency
  26. Butterfly Cycle iPad Fluency
  27. Examples from theClassroom
  28. The iPads as a PersonalizationTool
  29. Create your own Dictionary
  30. The iPads as a P e r s o n a l L e a r n i n g Tool
  31. 32Notability Visualization Organization Annotation
  32. iPads as a Presentation Tool
  33. PresentationTool Ipad as a
  34. Visual Dictionary PicCollage Think Language Vocabulary Science Definitions Library Term Glossary Math Terms
  35. The iPads as a C r e a t i o n Tool
  36. Collaborative BooksB o o k C r e a t o r
  37. SketchnotingP a p e r
  38. The iPads as a Tutorial
 Designer Tool
  39. 40ShowMe Tutorial Designers
  40. 41ShowMe Tutorial Designers
  41. The iPads as a Collaboration Tool
  42. 44 AudioBoo Working Together
  43. The iPads as a R e a d i n g Tool
  44. replacing? in addition to?
  45. 47 Safari Re adi ng
  46. The 3 R’s
  47. 49iMovie Reading FluencyPortfolio
  48. 50 Little Story Maker Reading- Listening- Customization -Personalization
  49. The iPads as aB o o kC r e a t i n g Tool
  50. 52First  Graders  Create  an  eBook First Graders Create an eBook
  51. 53Book  Creator
  52. 54 TinyTap TinyTap in the Foreign Language Classroom
  53. The iPads as a D r a w i n g Tool
  54. Art Classroom ipads in the Classroom
  55. StorytellingS t o r y K i t World Language ipads in the Classroom
  56. Blogging W o r d P r e s A u d i o M e m o &
  57. Blogging W o r d P r e s A u d i o M e m o , C a m e r a &
  58. WritingDoodle Buddy
  59. The iPads as aS t o r yT e l l i n gTool
  60. 62Sock  Puppet Stor y te lling
  61. 63iMovie BookTrailers
  62. 64ShowMe Kindergarten Math- Storytelling
  63. The iPads as a Docum entation Tool
  64. 66iPrompt  Pro Video Production
  65. The iPads as a Photography Tool
  66. Visual Story Prompts Visual Reflections
  67. Visual LiteracyC a m e r a & i P h o t o
  68. Book CreatingB o o k C r e a t o rP i c C o l l a g e & Early Learning ipads in the Classroom
  69. Transferring Skills
  70. VisualizationD o o d l e B u d d y Elementary Years ipads in the Classroom
  71. The iPads as a T h i n k i n g Tool
  72. Explaining M ath Concepts
  73. The iPads as a Communication Tool
  74. 77VoiceThread VoiceThread Docents
  75. Transliteracy- QR Codes
  76. 79Scan Parent Communication
  77. Reading Fluencyi M o v i e
  78. ReseachSafari & Photo Gallery
  79. AssessmentNotability
  80. Middle Years ipads in the Classroom
  81. Tutorial DesignE x p l a i n E v e r y t h i n g
  82. BackChannelingToday’s Meet
  83. Annotating S a f a r i N o t a b i l i t y &
  84. 87Improvement of Student Learning Improvement of Instructional Practice Image  by  MaOox-­‐  hOp:// creaYvity fluency moYvaYon innovaYon engagement connectedness empowered iPad Success How do we Measure?
  85. Questions
  86. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Educational Consultant