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Introducing a Ning


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Introducing a School Ning

Published in: Education
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Introducing a Ning

  1. NING??? <br />
  2. So…. What’s a Ning?<br />
  3. Think FaceBook, but more like…<br />
  4. Learning Platform<br />
  5. You are NOT alone!<br />
  6. Support<br />
  7. Collaborate<br />
  8. Share<br />
  9. WheneverWhereverHowever<br />
  10. Participation<br />
  11. Check some of these Ed Nings out<br />Classroom 2.0<br />Edureshet<br />Independent School Educator<br />SmartBoard Revolution<br />
  12. Before You Leave Today…<br />Sign up with a profile picture<br />Contribute to any discussion forum (Start or comment on at least one)<br />Summer Reading<br />Jewish Online Resources<br />What are your goals with your students for this new school year? What are your personal learning goals?What will you try for the first time<br />Technology Integration Goals<br />
  13. Image Credits<br />Sunset-<br />Bunny<br />Girls Supporting each otherby Mateusz Stachowski<br />Human Pyramid:<br />Guinea Pigs- Sharing<br />Baby-Whenever, Whatever, However<br /><br />Walled Garden<br />Honey Combs<br />Leaving<br />