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Current News Events with a Twist


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Ever assign a Current News Event to your students? Do you want more than cutting out an article from a newspaper or copying and pasting an online one? Do you want deeper thinking than regurgitating a summary of "What Happened"?
In comes Google Maps. Students can connect the events to geography, cultures and categories. Discuss how individual events are interrelated to each other? Where do the news sources come from? How do news stories differ in perspective according to their geographic origin or media source?

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Current News Events with a Twist

  1. Why? Keys to Success?How?
  2. Why?
  3. Why do YOU think Current Events are important to integrate?
  4. How have YOU taught Current Events?
  5. 21st Century Planet?
  6. Traditional Media?
  7. New (Social) Media?
  8. Coup d’Etat Ecuador? Miners’ Accident in Chile?
  9. Ethnocentric
  10. English Spoken Here
  11. Bias of News Sources
  12. Local/National News
  13. Teen Culture Events
  14. How?
  15. Login to Google Maps
  16. Create New Map
  17. Title, Description, Collaborate
  18. Invite Collaborators
  19. Edit
  20. Placemark Content
  21. Link & Placemark
  22. Keys to Success?
  23. Successes
  24. News in Other Parts of the World
  25. Proofing & Editing
  26. Unexpected Success
  27. Desire to Research More Sites
  28. Discussion
  29. Restriction of 140 Characters
  30. Pitfalls
  31. Value, Interest and Understanding of Current Events
  32. Deeper Knowledge
  33. Looking Ahead
  34. Google Translator
  35. Collaboration Partners
  36. Wordle
  37. Resources • How-To-Guide: Creating Current Events on Google Maps content/uploads/2009/09/Current-Events-on-Google- Maps.pdf • Langwitches Wiki • Geography, a separate subject. Really? a-separate-subject-really/ • News Events Assignment with a Twist and-global-awareness/ • The Logistics of Creating a Current News Event Google Map of-creating-a-current-news-events-google-map/
  38. Image Credits Licensed under Creative Commons • Social Media image adapted from Matth Hamm • We are not alone image by My Wonderful World • English Spoken Here • All About Me- Ethnocentric by Ben Sutherland • Local/National News • Banana • Miners in Chile by Gobierno de Chile • President Correa by Agência Brasil