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Blogging in the classroom


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Taking student blogging to the next level.

Published in: Education, Technology

Blogging in the classroom

  1. Blogging in the Classroom<br />Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano<br />
  2. Blogging in the Classroom<br />Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano<br /><br /><br />
  3. Presentations<br /><br />Coaching<br />Questions?<br />Resources<br />Lessons<br />In-Service<br />Workshops<br /><br />
  4. Links, Resources & Examples<br /> <br />
  5. Why?<br />How to?<br />Fun<br />
  6. Why?<br />
  7. It’s NOT about the Tools, it’s about the Skills<br />
  8. It’s NOT about the Tools, it’s about the Skills!!!<br />
  9. Information Literacy<br />
  10. How to?<br />
  11. Roles in Blogging<br />
  12.<br />
  13. Think Before You Post<br />
  14. Bullying<br />
  15. ResponsibleBehavior Guidelines<br />
  16. Social or Academic Commenting?<br />
  17. Academic Oriented Comments<br />
  18.<br />
  19. Academic Oriented Comments<br /><br />
  20. Academic Oriented Comments<br />Related to the content of the post.<br />Continuing a conversation started in the post or in other comments.<br />Connected to content learned or discussed in the classroom.<br />Challenges someone’s point of view.<br />Add something to the author’s post in form of a : <br />link<br />connection<br />idea<br />reminder<br />new perspective<br />
  21. Comment Etiquette<br />
  22. Commenting Starters<br />This made me think about…….<br />I wonder why…….<br />Your writing made me form an opinion about…….<br />This post is relevant because…….<br />Your writing made me think that we should…….<br />I wish I understood why…….<br />This is important because…….<br />Another thing to consider is…….<br />I can relate to this…….<br />This makes me think of…….<br />I discovered…….<br />I don’t understand…….<br />I was reminded that…….<br />I found myself wondering…….<br />( from Youth Radio blog Netiquette-  <br />which in turn was adapted from Excellence and Imagination<br />
  23. Modeling Good Comment Practices<br /><br />
  24. Social & Academic Writing?<br />
  25. Writing Etiquette<br />
  26. Write with Hyperlinks<br /><br />
  27. Embed Media<br />
  28. Encourage Responses<br /><br />
  29. Blog Starters<br />Your favorite idiom<br />Learning is like…<br />There are a lot of ways to …<br />My tip of the day is…<br />For those who don’t know already …<br />Thought it would be fun to share …<br />Have you ever tried to figure out why …<br />I’m thoroughly impressed with …<br />
  30. More Ideas for Blog posts<br />Continuing Stories<br />Vocabulary studies<br />“I have always wondered…”<br />Study Hints<br />Recipes for success<br />Upper/Lower Level School Buddies<br />Current Events<br />Report from a long weekend<br />Role Playing- write from another persons or objects perspective<br />Describe your neighborhood/community tour with picture.<br />Book reviews/recommendations.Each student required to contribute a different book recommendation.<br />
  31. Student Blogging Challenge<br />
  32. Fun<br />
  33. Read<br />Read<br />Read<br />READ<br />
  34. Find WHATEVER gets your students interested…<br />
  35. Participate inBlogging Challenges<br />Student Blogging Challenge<br />30 Days to Be a Better Blogger<br />Comment Challenge (2008)<br />Grow your own PLN<br />
  36. Give your Students an Authentic Worldwide Audience.<br />
  37. Read other Classroom Blogs<br />Mrs. Kuhr’s Blog<br />Alice Project<br />All Saints Languages Blog<br />Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog <br />Borman Blogging<br />Class 4OQ’s Blog<br />Creative Voice<br />East Dragon Den<br />English With Rosa<br />Extreme Biology<br />Fab4@Work<br />Forrester High School Int 2 Info Systems<br />Gelincik Grubu<br />Griffin Science – 8th Grade<br />Huzzah!<br />Intermediate English class blog<br />Luce Semester 2009<br />Ka Tangi Hoki Ko Au Room 15 Blog<br />Law Primary School East Lothian Primary 6 Blog<br />MrCs Class Blog<br />Mr McClung’s World<br />Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog<br />Ms Mourad’s Absolutely Sensational Learners<br />Mrs Goerend’s Blog<br />Planet Infinity<br />Room 10 Grey Lynn School<br />Room 18’s Learning Journey blog<br />Room 231<br />Rumford Writers<br />Saint Exupery 6<br />South Paris Collaborative Chat <br />Tamaki Tales<br />Tamaki Primary Blockbusters<br />Technology in the Classroom<br />The Greatest Middle School Blog in the World<br />The Overlakes 6th Grade Blog<br />The Skinny<br />Think in English<br />Watch Out!<br />Edublog Awards 2009<br />
  38. Please notice our successes…<br />As seen on<br />
  39. Why?<br />How to?<br />Fun<br />
  40. More Blogging Resources<br />Commenting Guidelines (Youth Voices)<br />Commenting Guidelines (5th-6th Grade)<br />
  41. Links, Resources & Examples<br /><br />
  42. Presentations<br /><br />Coaching<br />Questions?<br />Resources<br />Lessons<br />In-Service<br />Workshops<br /><br />
  43. Image Credit<br />Footprint by Tony J Case<br />