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Big Online World Out There


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Internet Safety introduction for elementary school students.

Published in: Education, Technology, Travel
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Big Online World Out There

  1. There is a BIG online World out there<br />
  2. Cell Phones<br />
  3. Wii<br />
  4. Let’s Be Safe<br />
  5. DON’T share your username & password!<br />x<br />
  6. NEVER log inas someone else<br />
  7. Think Before You Post<br />
  8. Tell The Truth!<br />
  9. Online Work is NOT Private!<br />
  10. Never use a computer to harm ANYONE!<br />
  11. YOUR Digital Footprint<br />
  12. Academic vs Personal Presence<br />
  13. Create YOUR Online Identity<br />
  14. Avatars<br />
  15. Screen name<br />Soccer99 (gives away your birth year)<br />Kevincoyle (if that is your real name)<br />Doglover (possible ambiguous word included)<br />Jaxgirl (gives away your town and gender)<br />Mandaringymnastics (gives away your Sports team)<br />Babaghanoush<br />Ilikeschool<br />Magicalperson<br />Bedazzled<br />Colorpurple<br />Not so Good Examples<br />Better Examples<br />
  16. Are you proud of ALL your online work?<br />
  17. Are You Sure? Think…<br />
  18. Everyone Knows Your Name<br />
  19. DON’T include<br />Address/zip code<br />Age<br />Bad language<br />Phone number<br />Birthday<br />Name<br />Friends’ information<br />E-mail<br />Places where you will be<br />Username/password<br />Pictures of yourself or scary or other inappropriate pictures <br />
  20. Image Credit<br />Grandmother by jamelah<br />Cell Phone by SheepGuardingLlama<br />