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MMA - Mobile Role in Digital Activation - Digital Activation Conference 2015

  1. THE MOBILE ROLE IN DIGITAL ACTIVATION Phan Bich Tam Mobile Marketing Association 11/27/2015 1
  2. 4R ACTIVATION MODEL any activation wants Right Location Right time Relevant Contents Right Touch point 11/27/2015 2
  3. Appier Proprietary & Confidential © All Rights Reserved Technology is changing the world Ad PC server discount 1:30 PM Lets go on vacation 9:00 PM Breakfast coupon 7:00 AM The customer journey across screens Customer journey has been changed. 11/27/2015 3
  4. EVERY MOMENT IS MOBILE Smartphones taking over the world 11/27/2015 4
  5. Digital Activation is best on mobile How Digital Activation should be innovated? 11/27/2015 5
  6. MOBILE IS THE BEST. 11/27/2015 6
  7. MOBILE 4 CONSUMERS Mobile Web Apps SMS Hotline Wifi Marketing Mobile Coupon … 11/27/2015 7
  8. MOBILE 4 BRANDS MOBILE 4 BRANDS Mobile CRM Engagement Tools Data Collection Reporting Tools … 11/27/2015 8
  9. ALIGNMENT Content: immediate to users Technology: Mobile connects and exchanges all info among channels/ team Partners: Different partner and different roles in different touch points BRAND TAKES OVERALL STRATEGY 11/27/2015 9
  10. Mobile Technology Ad Solution Trend 11/27/2015 10
  11. BLUETOOTH NFC AUGMENTED REALITY QR CODE Mobile Techno What are availability ? 11/27/2015 11
  12. OPPORTUNITY  New technology  New experience to engage with users  Sales increased  Better Branding CONSTRAINTS  High cost  Uneducated users  Not for all devices  Take time/ data consumption HOW DO THESE TECHNOLOGIES PLAY? 11/27/2015 12
  13. What could make it better? 11/27/2015 13
  14. Wifi brings huge opportunity for consumers and brands. Everywhere available Distance: 100-300m Easy Connection (no apps) Audience defined Location defined 11/27/2015 14
  15. Mobile & Wifi being an indispensible part of Digital Activation. It spreads your works among users.11/27/2015 15
  16. • 40,000 people joined • Reached 25Mn+ audience/ 20M users on mobile in flat 5 days • Nearly 600,000 audiences watched – 80,000 views contributed by mobile • >1Mn+ people knowing some of their friends joining the event through check-ins and shares on FB • 28,000 basket products were redeemed for ticket exchange UNILEVER 20 YEARS CELEBRATION 11/27/2015 16
  17.  Relevancy of content, place, time & right tool for right touch point.  Wifi is a good starting point but not everything. SMS is old but still effective.  Mobile CRM is also critical for long-term engagement.  Latest tech is not always necessarily critical success factor. KEY TAKEAWAY 11/27/2015 17
  18. WIFI IS NOT FREE. WIFI IS A VALUE. 11/27/2015 18
  19. THANK YOU. HAVE A GREAT MORNING! 11/27/2015 19

Editor's Notes

  1. Good morning. Thank you Emerald for giving me a chance to stay here today to share a little bit about how mobile play a role in Digital activation.
  2. At brand perspective, all event activation should be qualified at least 4R. Right location: where you can gather more and more target audiences to come to the event location. Meanwhile we must convey the right message to them in order to get their attention to the program at the right time and on the right touch point and platforms. Now, its increasing difficulty predicting user behaviors as the number of devices per user rises. In term of mobile devices, Vietnam is a fast-raising market. So, we can see 62% of the multi-device users in Vietnam own two devices and 38% have more than three devices. And devices play different roles throughout the day – Vietnam, on PC, on mobile and tablet and how we make our communication strategy in a right way.
  3. Since the user behaviors are vastly different from device to device, the customer journey has changed. Used to be simple and now supremely complex. Touch points include online, mobile, Smart watches, interactive screens at malls, shops, & more. Whether logged in or nor, its critical that user journey be captured at every touchpoint. This calls for action of new-age technologies for cross-screen intelligence. Todays customers expect to be spoken to as individuals, surrounded by relevant and helpful content, engaged thru their preferred mediums & devices, and with smart timing and respectful frequency. It would be significant for digital activation.
  4. Penetration of smartphones in VN is increasing every year, even in rural, the ratio of smartphones also changing faster. We are living in the smart world where smartphones taking over the world. What should we do? We utilize the changes into your digital activation.
  5. But how digital activation should be innovated to help brands and consumers matching with each others and among those to make the communication better with many platforms and technology.
  6. And we found Mobile is applicable to brands and consumers compared with other platforms.
  7. Mobile 4 consumers: we can have mobile web/ apps/ SMS/ hotline/ wifi marketing/ mobile coupons…ect where brand can put right communication with consumers during consumers journey, from the moment you kick off the event, or during the event time.
  8. Meanwhile, through mobile, brands can build up more accurate database with many engagement tools, reports and even develop a mobile CRM for re-targeting next time.
  9. Just only one way to make a conversation effective, that’s alignment among content, technology and partners. Content: Techno: making the conversation better and faster among channels/ team during the program. Partner: depend on different touch point, we need to clarify what kind of partners required with specific role and make sure they align with what brands do.
  10. As you see, with mobile technology is enabled a new experience/ new solution to engage with consumers and would be a trend if consumers and brands can see each other easily.
  11. You look back to see what tech available to enable consumers’ concerns:
  12. But are those popular, are those able to invest with corresponding results as brands wants. We found opportunity and even constraints. AR: All 3D content, big investment and time budget NFC is just available on some models of phone, not all the phones, and somehow consumers are not aware of those. They are very innocent while brands try to feed those with those technology. Others required to download, take time, eat mobile data consumption –all not make consumer willing to go along with us,
  13. One of the important things is wifi to be aware by all customers. Its recognized to bring a huge opportunity for consumers and brands. Everywhere Distance is better (100-300m, users con get signal) compared with bluetooh, NFC… Easy connection: no requirement of download and take a second to connect. Audience defined: brand can know who are consumers and how to retarget them better through those insights. Location defined:
  14. The big music event that Unilever wants to pay off their consumers.