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C:\Fakepath\Class Of 73

  1. 1. CLASS 0F 1973Thomas More Prep-Marian<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />
  2. 2. The GangAugust 14, 2009<br />Carol (Hoover) Neihardt * Rhonda (Stice) Otaibe * Mary (Erbacher) Schumacher * Jackie (Karlin) Lang * Carla (Pfannenstiel) GieblerKaleen (Staab) Fisher * Cindy (Karlin) Washburn * Amanda (Wildeman) Cronn * Sarah (Bunnell) Dreiling<br />
  3. 3. For those we have loved and lost ~<br /> Bruce Kleiber<br /> Joseph Korbe<br /> Beth (Schmeidler) Cress<br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Walter Joseph Korbe<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 413 W 11th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1707 MacArthur<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: Deceased<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 1707 MacArthur<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Beth (Schmeidler) (Gross) Cresse<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1112 Sheridan Ave.<br /> Danville, IL 61832<br />MARRIED: Bill Gross – January 8, 1977<br />CHILDREN: Regina – June 22, 1981; Emily – March 23, 1983<br />OCCUPATION: Accountant<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Flour Milling Superintendent<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Have lived in several areas of country – Kansas City, Buffalo, San Francisco, Los Angeles – but there’s no place like Hays!<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: July, 1983 – Received M.B.A. degree from California State University – Fullerton.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 4881 Clearwater Court<br /> Muskegon, MI 49441<br />MARRIED: Stewart<br />CHILDREN: Regina, Emily, Adam, Kelly<br />OCCUPATION: Director of Finance<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I’ve lived in Kansas City, Buffalo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Danville, IL and now Muskegon, MI, where we plan to stay a long time. Can’t wait to see you all.<br />PERSONALACHIVEMENTS: MBA from Cal State Fullerton<br />
  8. 8. We are spread far & Wide<br />
  9. 9. When our senior year began in 1972 . . . <br />Tricky Dick re-elected<br />Pong – the video<br />Revolution begins<br />Last US ground units leave Vietnam<br />Equal Rights Amendment<br />WATERGATE<br />
  10. 10. Carlos Aguilar<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 503<br /> Truth or Consequences, NM 87901<br />MARRIED: DeDe Lowen, July 12, 1974<br /> CHILDREN: Carlos III – 10; Miguel – 5<br />OCCUPATION: Chemist – St. Cloud Mine, Winston, NM<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: Spent 4 years in Army, graduated from NMIMT with Bachelor’s in Science, Chemistry, May 1983, with honors.<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Graduated May 1983, NMIMT with honors<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 740 Boughton<br /> Ogden, UT<br />MARRIED: DeDe<br />CHILDREN: Carlos Jr. (19); Miguel (15); Melinda (4½) <br />OCCUPATION: Environmental Engineer, Westinghouse, Corp.<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I attended college and then went to the army for four years. I was a chemist for five years before becoming an environmental engineer.<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: The Westinghouse Signature Award and Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />740 Boughton St. (801) 392-5708 Ogden, Utah 84403-1152 <br />SPOUSE: Deanna (DeDe) LowenCHILDREN: Carlos (25), Miguel (20), Melinda (9) OCCUPATION: Sr. Environmental Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Company <br />LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: I started out as a computer science major and attempted school for two years. However, I found that it was much easier having a good time. Married DeDe in July of 1974 and joined the Army in December of that same year. A tour in Korea gave me the incentive to get my butt back to school. Upon my discharge in 1979 I went back to New Mexico Tech and graduated with honors in chemistry. By then we had two Sons and student loans to pay off. I worked for St. Cloud Mining Company in Truth or Consequences, NM (yes there really is a T or C) as an assay chemist. Representatives of Westinghouse Electric were on a recruiting tour of the area when they invited me for a visit to Ogden, Utah. I started as a chemist in the QC lab in July of 1984. In 1989 I transferred to the Safety/Environmental Department and currently provide environmental compliance, process safety and emergency response functions for a Zirconium processing facility. That’s the business aspects. I’ve coached youth sports during this period to include baseball at the local high schools and am a certified umpire. We won six consecutive city championships and made Babe Ruth Regionals. Coaching girls has given me a different perspective. I’ve been coaching my daughter’s teams (softball and basketball) since she was 5 (good ol’ T-ball). The girls won the National Three -on- Three championship in Boulder, CO in 1997. I mountain bike and like running (5K, 10K, half marathon and marathons). DeDe and I like golfing and she beats me on a regular basis. <br /> That’s sports. Believe it or not but I have also taught CCD, first communion and confirmation classes (Fr. Mike would freak). Who’d have thunk. I am a fourth degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus and administer the girls youth sports program for St. James parish. <br />
  11. 11. Carlos Aguilar (con’t)<br />Personal Achievements: Raised two boys through their teenage years without being committed (teenage girls scare me to death). Carlos will graduate college this year. Won the George Westinghouse Signature Award of Excellence and three Gold Awards. Served three terms as Grand Knight for Council 777. Been married to the wonderful DeDe Lowen for 24 years. Ran 4 marathons and my 5th is planned for the weekend following the reunion. <br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />Address: No Info Available<br />
  12. 12. Larry Augustine<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1225 New Hampshire<br /> Joplin, MO 64801<br />MARRIED: Candy – August 8, 1980<br /> CHILDREN: Carlos III – 10; Miguel – 5<br />OCCUPATION: Teacher – Diamond R-4, Diamond, MO<br />SPOUSES OCCUPATION: Teacher<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 890 Reid Rd<br /> Neosho, MO 64850<br />PHONE: 417-451-1445<br />SPOUSE: Tina<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 501 E Daughtery<br /> Neosho, MO 64850<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 890 Reid Rd<br /> Neosho, MO 64850<br />
  13. 13. Gladys (Baker) White<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 620 Moseley St<br /> Hollywood, FL 33024<br />MARRIED: George F White III – August 10, 1974<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer Elizabeth – January 15, 1982<br />OCCUPATION: Premium Collections Clerk – New England Life Ins<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Registered Architect – State of Florida<br /> Self-Employed W,V,A, Inc (White, Vereen, Abramson, Inc)<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: Married my high school sweetheart. Worked the four years of his schooling. Moved to Florida in June 1978 and have been working since, with the exception of a 3 month maternity leave. I plan to quit working to raise my family and I also plan to go back to college as soon as possible.<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 6127C Durham Dr.<br /> Lake Worth, FL 33467<br />PHONE: 561-375-8779<br />E-MAIL: gfwhite@bellsouth.net<br />SPOUSE: George<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer; George IV; Nathan, Kelly<br />OCCUPATION: Marketing Assistant<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 3032 Starling Ct.<br /> Delray Beach, FL 33444<br />MARRIED: George<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer (11); George (8); Nathan (7); Kelly (2)<br />OCCUPATION: Homemaker and Child Care Provider<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I am enjoying my children and am involved with their sports and school. I have also worked for my husband’s architectural firm and also own a business with a relative. I hope to someday return to college. I would like to run and own a small flower shop. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1 Cambridge Pl<br /> Lantana, FL<br />
  14. 14. Cindy (Befort) Rohr<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 5300 W 32nd St Terrace<br /> Topeka, KS 66614<br />MARRIED: Steve Rohr – November 28, 1974<br />CHILDREN: Jenna Marie – April 5, 1977; Jared Tyler – July 9, 1979<br /> Jayde Michelle – Nov 21, 1980; I may need another page for this!<br />OCCUPATION: Beauty Consultant – Mary Kay; Domestic Engineer<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: District Marketing Manager, Federated Insurance<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: Steve went to FHSU and graduated in 1978. We then had one child. We move to Owatonna, MN after graduation to be employed by Federated Insurance (We then had another child.) Transferred to Newton, KS in 1979. (Had another child in 1980.) After serving as a market representative for 1½ years, we then moved to Topeka as Steve accepted a promotion to District Marketing Manager. (Ha,ha, no Babies.) Cindy began a career in Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1981. Steve and I have both grown since high school graduation and we have not grown taller but much wider!<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Steve: All District 10 Honors in College at FHSU, 2 years. Graduated in 1978, B.S. In Business. District Marketing Manager, Federated Insurance. Was youngest manager in the company. Cindy: Rookie of the year – Newton Jaycee Jaynes, 1980. Jayne of the year – Newton Jaycee Jaynes, 1981. Unit Queen of recruiting, May Kay, 1982.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 3032 Quail Run Lane<br /> St. Charles, MO 63303<br />MARRIED: Steve<br />CHILDREN: Jenna (16); Jared (14); Jayde (12)<br />OCCUPATION: Secretary for City of St. Charles/Part-time student<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I moved to Minnesota in 1978, moved back to Newton, Kansas in 1979, moved to Topeka in 1981, moved to St. Louis in 1990. We have also been raising three children! I started back to college in 1992. I worked at Travenol, had a day care center, sold Mary Kay for nine years, and am currently a secretary for the City of St. Charles, Missouri. PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: I hate the part about having to relate my personal achievements. I think my personal achievements are reflected in my family. I’m not in jail, still pretty sane, and did not vote for Bill Clinton? <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />3032 Quail Run Lane St. Charles, Missouri <br />SPOUSE: Steve Rohr CHILDREN: Jenna - 21, Jared -19, Jayde - 17 <br />OCCUPATION: C.R. Executive Support / Administrative Assistant<br />LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: Married -1974; Moved to Minnesota in 1978; Back to Kansas (Newton) 1979; Topeka-1981; St. Louis-1990 (Moves all with Federated Ins); Had 3 children somewhere in between <br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Stayed married without murdering each other! <br />
  15. 15. Cindy (Befort) Rohr (con’t)<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 3032 Quail Run Ln<br /> St. Charles, MO 63303<br />PHONE: 314-441-2010<br />E-MAIL: stlrohr@hotmail.com<br />SPOUSE: Steve<br />
  16. 16. Robert Bittel<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 2202 Henry Dr.<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2202 Henry Dr<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Kayleen Befort – October 21, 1977<br />CHILDREN: Brett (11); Michelle (7); Kristen (5)<br />OCCUPATION: Route Salesman<br />ADDRESS: 1726 Western Plains Dr<br /> Hays, Kansas<br />PHONE: 785-628-3986<br />E-MAIL: bby_b1@hotmail.com<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 1726 Western Plains Dr<br /> Hays, Kansas<br />
  17. 17. Top movies of 1972 . . .<br />
  18. 18. Mike Bodelson<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1200 Madrid<br /> Santa Fe, MN 87501<br />MARRIED: Single (always<br />OCCUPATION: Architect – Worby Designs<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: School in Manhattan part-time while working on university fire department as crew captain. Now back in Santa Fe working on residential architecture.<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: B.S. Marketing & B.A. Architecture, KSU<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 2259 Via Manzana<br /> Santa Fe, NM 87545<br />PHONE: 505-474-4673<br />E-MAIL: bodelson@lanl.gov<br />SPOUSE: Alice<br />CHILDREN: Jessie; Cole<br />OCCUPATION: Architect, Los Alamos National Laboratory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1390 Sin Salida<br /> Santa Fe, NM 87501<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: RR 5, Box 3220<br /> Santa Fe, New Mexico<br />
  19. 19. Lawrence Brown<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 414 E 19th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2701 Vine<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 605 E 5th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br /> ADDRESS: No Info Listed<br />
  20. 20. Carl Budke<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 823 Whildin<br /> Emporia, KS 66801<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Graduate student<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: Went to work as an assistant director, Admissions, Benedictine College, after graduating from KU. Presently working on Master’s degree at Emporia State.<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 7175 Umber Ct<br /> Arvada, CO 80007<br />PHONE: 303-425-3371<br />E-MAIL: carl.budke@cexp.com<br />SPOUSE: Jama Rice<br />CHILDREN: Cory<br />OCCUPATION: Director of Human Resources; Corporate Express<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1455 E Orleans Dr<br /> Olathe, KS 66062<br />COMMENTS: Looking forward to seeing everyone!<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1455E. Orleans Dr. (913) 780-3147 Olathe, Kansas 66062-5728 OCUPATION: Human Resources - Currently working as a Human Resources Consultant <br />LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: Graduated from Kansas University with a undergraduate Liberal Arts Degree. Obtained a MBA from Emporia State University. Employed in Human Resources management for the Payless Cashways Corporate Office in Kansas City for about 11 years. I am now in business for myself doing consulting on Human Resources issues for Companies. I am involved with such issues as employee relations, employment, training, employment law, etc. <br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENNTS: I have been very fortunate to be able to travel extensively-both personally and professionally. I have traveled to Europe, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, etc. I have also traveled to approximately 43 of the 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. Personal hobbies include photography, golf, tennis, volunteer work, scuba diving, skiing, camping. <br />
  21. 21. Sarah (Sally Bunnell) Dreiling<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 6612 Quay Court<br /> Arvada, CO 80003<br />MARRIED: Tim Dreiling – August 25, 1973<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer – Jan 20, 1976; Jeremy – April 16, 1978<br />OCCUPATION: Nurse Aide – 3½ yrs – St. Anthony Hosp, Denver<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Auto body & paint restoration – 10 yrs <br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: After our wedding, I worked at Alco Discount until October 1975. Jennifer was born in January of 1976 and I stayed home to be a wife and mother. Jeremy came along in April of 1978 and we decided to move to Colorado in the summer of 1978. In March of 1980, I unexpectedly had surgery and that’s when I decided to be a nurse aide. I started a 6 week course in April of 1980 and became certified in June of 1980. Since June of 1980, I have been at St. Anthony Central Hospital on the pediatric unit. I’m also involved at school and will be the 83-84 Safety Chairman for Secrist Elementary. I’ve used the name Sarah (my given name) since 1980.<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Certified Nurse Aide – 1980; Safety Chairman of Secrist Elementary – 1983-1984.<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 2524 Felten<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-7611<br />SPOUSE: Tim<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 2524 Felten<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Tim<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer (17½); Jeremy (15½)<br />OCCUPATION: HMC – St. Anthony Campus – E.R. CNA Ward Clerk<br />AFTER GRADUATION: We lived in Hays until 1978 and then moved to Colorado for nine years. We were glad to move back to Hays in time for our oldest to start junior high. I became a CNA in 1980 in Colorado and worked at St. Anthony Central for 3½ years. I did daycare then for 1½ years. I had surgery and had to be off for one year. After moving back to Hays, we opened our own Auto Body and Paint Shop for nine months, and then Tim got on the Hays Police Department, and we closed the shop. I started at St. Anthony in 1988 and really enjoy it. We had our 20th wedding anniversary in August. <br />ADDRESS: 2524 Felten<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  22. 22. Carolyn (Colton) Sylvester<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 110 Pinecone Dr<br /> Lawrence, KS 66044<br />MARRIED: Jerry Sylvester – December 27, 1980<br />CHILDREN: Nicole – May 25, 1974; Andrea – April 2, 1978<br /> Kyle – Feb 11, 1982<br />OCCUPATION: Nursing / Emergency Care<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Patrol Office<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: Since graduation, I have seen many cities, from California to Boston and most of the countries surrounding Germany. I have made my home for the last five years Lawrence, KS; where I have worked with the ambulance service and the emergency care for games and concerts at the University. I worked three years in the K.U. Hospital’s emergency room and now I’m working floor work at our local hospital. I’m enjoying my three children&apos;s growing phases and also finding some time to enjoy the needlework I do and dulcimer folk music that my husband and I play.<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 2114 N Parkridge Ct<br /> Wichita, KS 67212<br />SPOUSE: Jerry<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 3111 W. 29thTerr. (913)842-2287 Lawrence, Kansas 66047 <br />SPOUSE: Jerry <br />CHILDREN: 4 children, 2 girls - 2 boys <br />OCCUPATION: 1) Realtor, 2) Part-time Speaker, 3) MOM. 4) Wife, 5) Friend LIFE AFTER GRADUATIN: “Whirlwind! !“ I) Stormy at times! 2) breathtaking 3) stay balanced (is my goal)! PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: My greatest achievement on this earth are my 4 incredible children; (2 adult girls / 2 teenage boys). I am a Full-time business woman, part-time motivational speaker, and Full-Time “High Energy Woman”! My little corner of the world is GREAT!<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 3111 W 29th Terrace<br /> Lawrence, KS 6047<br />
  23. 23. Craig Culley<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 9145 W Watson Ln<br /> Peoria, Arizona<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br /> ADDRESS: 9145 W Watson Ln<br /> Peoria, AZ 85381<br /> PHONE: 316-665-8820<br />
  24. 24. Janet (Dechant) Redding<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1007 Canary Lane<br /> Enid, OK 73701<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 4101 Bunker Hill<br /> Enid, OK 73703<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 4101 Bunker Hill<br /> Enid, OK 73703<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br /> ADDRESS: 4101 Bunker Hill<br /> Enid, OK 73703<br />PHONE: 580-242-0368<br />SPOUSE: Derek<br />OCCUPATION: HR Specialist, Central National Bank<br />
  25. 25. The First Time Ever <br />I Saw Your Face<br />Roberta Flack<br />American Pie<br />Don McLean<br />Alone Again (Naturally)<br />Gilbert O’Sullivan <br />Music in 1972 . . . <br />Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me<br />Mac Davis<br />Nilsson<br />Without You<br />A Horse With No Name<br />America<br />I Can See Clearly Now<br />Johnny Nash<br />Me & Mrs. Jones<br />Billy Paul<br />Candy Man<br />Sammy Davis, Jr.<br />Lean on Mean<br />Bill Withers<br />Top in TV, 1972 . . . <br />SUNDAY MYSTERY MOVIE<br />
  26. 26. Karen (Dinges) Staab<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 2730 Hickory<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Patrick Staab – June 4, 1983<br />OCCUPATION: Personal Line Manage / Insurance Agent<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Farmer – Fort Hays Experiment Station LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: Attended Fort Hays State for two semesters. Worked at Travenol for four years. Office Manager for the Health Planning Association of Western Kansas for two years. I am presently working for the National Insurance Agency as the Personal Lines Manager. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 110 E 28th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-3522<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2730 Hickory<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Patrick<br />CHILDREN: Megan (9); Samantha (6)<br />OCCUPATION: Secretary, O’Loughlin Elementary<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I am presently working at O’Loughlin Elementary (formerly Marian High) as the school secretary, and I can still feel the presence of Mrs. Gashler when I am sitting at my desk. I enjoy working with the children, and I feel very fortunate to have teachers as my co-workers because in my opinion they are the best people in the world to work with. I have two beautiful daughters who are the apple of my eye and a hard working husband. I feel like life has been good to me and if I were given three wishes I would have a hard time deciding what I wanted because I have everything I could possibly need right now. As for the future, I can only hope that it will be as kind to me as the past has been. If you are ever in town please stop by the school and see the remodeled Marian School as it has turned out be a beautiful elementary school. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 110 E 28th <br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  27. 27. Ray Dinkel<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1714 Western Plains<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Marilyn Freitag – July 26, 1975<br />CHILDREN: Rachel-Apr 12, 1977; Carla-Apr 9, 1978<br />OCCUPATION: Tool man for Brad Oil Tools<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Homemaker for I.R.S.<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: I went to Army Reserve basic training. Then, I went to work at Travenol for one year. I worked for Halliburton for five years and now have been with Brad Oil Tools for three years.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1714 Western Plains<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-7243<br />SPOUSE: Marilyn<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1714 Western Plains<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Marilyn<br />CHILDREN: Rachel (16); Carla (15)<br />OCCUPATION: Field Service Supervisor for Brad Oil Tools<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I have worked at 7-Up, Halliburton and Brad Oil Tools<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Trying to survive two teenagers.<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1714 Western Plains<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  28. 28. Sharla (Dreher) Brown<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 502 E 13th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 8106 Elm Dr.<br /> Papillion, NE 68128<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 713 N Polk St<br /> Omaha, Nebraska<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: No Info Available<br />
  29. 29. Sherry Dreher<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 502 E 13th, Apt. A<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br /> MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Travenol<br />LIFE SINCE GRADUATION: I was employed at Travenol. I quit, then I worked as a hairdresser. Now I’m employed at Travenol<br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Went to Cosmetology School<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 2012 Marshall Rd.<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-3673<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: Eastgate Trailer Park #14<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Receiving Processor at Wal-Mart<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I went to cosmetology school and got a cosmetology license.<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 2012 Marshall Rd<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  30. 30. Douglas Dreiling<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1711 Agnes<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Salesman – Reed Rock Bit<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 12038 S Rene St.<br /> Olathe, KS 66062<br />PHONE: 913-780-5792<br />E-MAIL: douglasdreiling@yahoo.com<br />SPOUSE: Brenda<br />ADDRESS: 8437 Maurer Ct. #1304<br /> Lenexa, KS 66219<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Sales Representative for Lone Star Cement<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 12038 S. Rene (913) <br /> Olathe. Kansas 66062-4936 <br />SPOUSE: Brenda (Klaus 76’) <br />CHILDREN: Erika <br />OCCUPATION: Sales Representative for Lone Star Inc., That’s the cement co. not the restaurant or beer. <br />LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: After 24 years of bachelorhood I married Brenda last August. <br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: I’m still alive! <br />
  31. 31. June (Dreiling) Goodman<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 4104 Marian Lane<br /> Hutchinson, KS 67501<br />MARRIED: Harlan Boor – December 15, 1973<br />CHILDREN: Jason - Dec 2, 1974; Tonya – Dec 7, 1978<br />OCCUPATION: Homemaker<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Territory Manager, Northrup King Co.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 4200 Charleston Ave.<br /> Hutchinson, KS 67502<br />PHONE: 620-669-8376<br />SPOUSE: Mark<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br /> ADDRESS: 4101 Marion Lane<br /> Hutchinson, KS 67501<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 4101 Marion Lane <br /> Hutchinson, KS 67501<br />
  32. 32. Larry Dreiling<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1313 MacArthur Rd<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Tammy Zimmerman – July 19, 1975 <br />CHILDREN: Brandon – Jan 12, 1975; Brent – Dec 30, 1980<br />OCCUPATION: Computer Manager, US Army Reserve Center<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Housewife<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2523A Greenfield Cr<br /> Scott AFB, IL 62225<br />MARRIED: Tammy<br />CHILDREN: Brandon (15); Brent (12); Brady (9); Bryce (6)<br /> OCCUPATION: Health Care Medical Material NCOIC<br /> AFTER GRADUATION: I am still married to Tammy (Zimmerman 74). It&apos;s hard to imagine that July 19 will be number eighteen’! It really does feel like only yesterday. however I cannot remember it any other way. We have four boys: Brandon (15), Brent (12), Brady (9) and Bryce (6). The boys keep us busy with sports — baseball, basketball and hockey as I’m helping in coaching. The three elder boys are in scouting and I’m an assistant scout master, helping in their trail to eagle scout. By the way. Brandon has just earned the eagle award.<br /> I Joined the US Army Reserve in March 1973. Yes, that means I’ve been in over 20 years already. In 1983 I went active reserve, that is working full time with the Army Reserve. I started in the. Hays unit and stayed there for four years. Then I was transferred to the Kansas City area working with several units out of Independence, Missouri. Last 0ctober I was transferred to St Louis and assigned to the 21st General Hospital as the Health Care Medical Material NCOIC. I have recently been promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant (F—B). I have many military awards and decorations to include two Meritorious Service Medals, four Army Commendation Medals and four Army Achievement Medals. I have been active in the Knights of Columbus serving in all officer capacities Including one year as a state committee chairman until I moved to Missouri. In Missouri, I have been active in many programs with the K of C. Tammy and I regret not being able to attend the 20th Class Reunion. You all have our best wishes and hope everyone has a wonderful time. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />2816 Maple Circle (615) 591-4353 Thompson Station. Tennessee 37179<br />SPOUSE: Tammy<br />CHILDREN: Brandon. Brent, Brady, Bryce. Brandon is married - has a daughter Megan<br />OCCUPATION: U.S. Army<br />LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: Time sure slips away fast. It seems as if I wrote a similar letter just a while back, <br />
  33. 33. Larry Dreiling (con’t)<br />but it was five years ago. It is hard to believe it’s been twenty-five years. Tammy and I are beginning to see our four boys grown into fine young men. Brandon is married and we have a granddaughter. Brent is a senior in high school; Brady is a freshman while Bryce is in the fifth grade. They have kept us busy with the school stuff: scouts, and sports. I hope my personal achievements are reflected through the boys. The past sixteen years I have been active in the Army Reserve. I have been stationed in Hays, Independence Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, Ogden Utah, and now Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville should be my final assignment before retirement, as twenty years is long enough and time for a change. I received my BA degree in Business Administration a few years ago. In getting ready for life after the Army. last fall I started a graduate school program in educational counseling. Times have really changed! Larry in graduate school, who would have thunked? This was the year we were coming home for the class reunion. Regrettably, because of our transfer to Nashville in July, Tammy and I will not be able to attend. Often we think of the great times we had in and out of school with many of you. Friendship is never taken for granted, just at times, separated by miles. Keep in touch. <br />Home (615) 5914353 Office (615)353-2521 ext 1140 <br />P.S. If anyone is in the Nashville area, please call or stop by. <br />bachelorhood I married Brenda last August. <br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: I’m still alive! <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 602 Ridgeway<br /> Evans, GA 30809<br />PHONE: 706-364-2826<br />E-MAIL: ljdreiling@aol.com<br />SPOUSE: Tamra<br />CHILDREN: Brandon; Brent; Brady; Bryce<br />OCCUPATION: US Army Retired; Financial Analyst, Med Clg of Georgia, Health, Inc<br />
  34. 34. 1973 was our year - - -<br />Oil embargo caused gas shortages. And long lines. Oil priced soar to $5.11 a barrel<br />The World Trade Center is Dedicated<br />Can you hear me now? <br />First cell phone call is made in New York City<br />Spiro Agnew resigns as <br />Vice President<br />
  35. 35. Stanley Dreiling<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 2701 Augusta Lane<br /> Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />MARRIED: Christy - Hasch May 21, 1983 <br />CHILDREN: Jason - January 21, 1978 (former marriage) <br />OCCUPATION: Sales Manager and Public relations for Budweiser <br />SPOUSE&apos;SOCCUPATION: Clinical Psychology Graduate Student <br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: I have worked for the family business which sells Anheuser-Busch products. I am now sales manager and public relations manager for them. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: No Info Available<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 381<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 381<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  36. 36. Sue ( Dreiling) Schultz<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1813 Minlo Trail, PO Box 551<br /> Elizabeth, CO 80102<br />MARRIED: R. Dean Schulz – April 23, 1977<br />CHILDREN: Aubrey Lee<br />OCCUPATION: Housewife<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Asphalt plant superintendent<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Attended FHSU for 2½ years, and worked part time. Married Dean in 1977, then went to work at St. Joseph’s Credit Union until the birth of our daughter in October of 1979. Stayed home with her until July of 1982, then went back to work at St. Joseph’s Credit Union until our move to Colorado in May <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1724 Western Plains<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-6710<br />E-MAIL: sues_ads@dailynews.net<br />SPOUSE: R Dean<br />CHILDREN: Aubrey<br />OCCUPATION: Advertising, Hays Daily News<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1725 Western Plains (785) 628-6710 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: R. Dean Schultz <br />CHILDREN: 1 daughter (Aubrey) 18 years old <br />OCCUPATION: In advertising at the Hays Daily News LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: 2 ½ years of college at FHSU. Met Dean in college and got married in April of 1977. Never did make it back to college to finish. <br />ADDRESS: 1725 Western Plains<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: R Dean<br />CHILDREN: Aubrey<br />OCCUPATION: Advertising – Hays Daily News<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I attended FHSU for 2½ years. I met my husband and married in 1977. We bought Jep’s Super Service (Phillips 66 station) in 1977 and sold in May 1982. We didn’t do much for about a year, and then we moved to Colorado. I had a daycare in my home. We moved back to Hays in August of 1985. I babysat in my home until 1989 when I started t the Hays Daily News. One of the little ones I baby-sat for was Cindy (Karlin) Washburn’s little boy. <br />
  37. 37. Vicki (Dreiling) Hull<br />ADDRESS: 2220 Marjorie <br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Bruce Hull – August 16, 1974<br />CHILDREN: Brent – Feb 11, 1978; Diandra – April 30, 1979<br /> Leah – May 10, 1981<br />OCCUPATION: Housewife<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Field Service Rep. for G.E. Medical System<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: After we were married (1 year out of high school), Bruce and I moved to Newton. He worked as a welder at Hesston Corp for 1 year. We then moved to Wichita where he attended Wichita Technical Institute for 2 years and graduated with a technician’s degree in electronics. He worked at St Joseph Medical Center as a biomedical tech for 1 year. We unexpectedly started our family this same year. I then quit working and became a full time mother and wife. The following year, he started working for E.E Medical Systems and we move back to Hays where we have lived for the past four years. We’ve also had two more children making three.<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 9604 Taylorford Pl<br /> Charlotte, NC 28277<br />PHONE: 704-759-0164<br />SPOUSE: Bruce<br />CHILDREN: Brent; Diandra, Leah, Brandon<br />OCCUPATION: Office Manager, Network Imaging Systems<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2404 Brown Deer Trail<br /> Plano, TX 75023<br />MARRIED: Bruce<br />CHILDREN: Brent (15); Diandra (14); Leah (12); Brandon (9)<br />OCCUPATION: Full-time wife and mother. Part-time production manager for “I’m Special” children’s and pre-teen dress line.<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I married Bruce in 1974. There has never been a dull moment since. Bruce’s job has moved us to several great places including San Diego, California, Corona, California, and Piano, Texas where we now reside. We have four children keeping us busy with their many activities. Brent plays club soccer, both girls play on competitive fast pitch softball tournament teams as well as basketball and volleyball. Brandon’s favorite sport at this point is baseball. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: My greatest personal achievement is keeping up with my family. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 2404 Brown Deer Trail<br /> Plano, TX 75023<br />
  38. 38. Mary (Erbacher) Schumacher<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 2308 Walnut<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 3702 Autumn Ln. (785) 628-877 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Ed <br />CHILDREN: Traci (16), Scott (13)<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 3702 Autumn<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Ed<br />CHILDREN: Traci Marie (11); Scott Anthony (8)<br />OCCUPATION: Department Manager – Dillon&apos;s<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I married Ed Schumacher in 1978 and started with Dillon&apos;s in 1979. Traci, our daughter was born in 1982 and Scott, our son, was born in 1985. <br />ADDRESS: 3702 Autumn Lane<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-8778<br />SPOUSE: Ed<br />
  39. 39. Joan (Fisher) Ficken<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Box 21, Munjor Route<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Kent Ficken – July 30, 1976<br />CHILDREN: Rachael Lea – August 9, 1978<br /> Ariella Marie – July 17, 1980<br />OCCUPATION: Housewife and mother<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Self-Employed contractor<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Went to work at Travenol in summer of 1973 and worked there until just before having my first baby in 1978. Moved to Munjor after having married Kent on July 30, 1976, (hottest day of the year! Became a mother on August 9, 1978, and then again on July 17, 1980, also known as Sidewalk Bazaar Day. (Shopped for bargains in the morning – gave birth in the afternoon. Ha!) Since then I’ve been content with being a housewife and mother at least until children enter school. Also enjoy helping Kent whenever possible.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1411 Fort St.<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-2665<br />SPOUSE: Kent<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1877 Karman <br /> Munjor, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Kent<br />CHILDREN: Rachael, Arielle<br />OCCUPATION: Owns cleaning business<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I worked for Travenol for five years after graduation and then Gibson’s store in Hays for a couple of years. Presently I run my own cleaning business part time. I have been doing this for eight years. This kind of work does not sound exciting, but, being my own boss is great! I enjoy a variety of activities-such as gardening and canning, reading, cross stitch, baking and bowling. I’m a hard working person who likes to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Our family enjoys a ski trip in March each year and a vacation each summer. I have no definite plans for the future except to “take life as it comes” and to keep trying to improve myself on a personal level. I am looking forward to watching my children grow into adulthood.<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />1726 Volga Dr. #A (785) 625-2665 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Kent <br />CHILDREN: Rachael & Arielie <br />OCCUPATION: Cleaning Business <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Worked awhile - married - had 2 children. Have worked hard taking care of my family. I love it! Life is hard, but God is good! <br />
  40. 40. Alan Gabel<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Catherine Route<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1897 250th Ave <br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Connie<br />CHILDREN: Jason, Jeremy<br />OCCUPATION: Halliburton<br />AFTERGRADUATION: Upon graduating, I worked at Boogaart&apos;s grocery store. After a year there, I thought I would go to the military for the GI benefits of going to college. I enlisted in the Marine Corp as an electronics repairman. The school was a year long out of four I enlisted for. It was while I was in electronics school I married Connie Schumacher (75). Upon finishing school I was stationed at 29 Palms California. It was 120 miles from Los Angeles. 120 miles from the Colorado River and 60 miles from Palm Springs What fun the weekends were. I spent a year in Okinawa, six months of which Connie was with me. I sent her back to the U.S. as I had to go on what is called a “Float.” I went to Singapore. Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Australia. We came back to 29 Palms and finished my tour there. I moved back to Hays In December of 78. I worked a Central Kansas Power Co. (now Midwest Energy) until September 1980. I went to work at Halliburton Services, where I worked until April, 1986 when I was laid off due to the oil crunch. I did lots of odd jobs to keep going because at the time there were no jobs to be had. In July of 1987 I was rehired and have been there ever since. In March of 1979 our first child, a son, Jason, was born. Our second child. a daughter, Kristen. was born in May of 1981. She became ill April 1982 and died April 8, 1982. We thought the world had ended. Never before, or since, has my faith been tested as it had at that time. We were blessed by the birth of our last child, a son, Jeremy, born in January of 1983. He was our “medicine baby.” With the two kids life has been very enjoyable and a little hair-raising. At Halliburton, I’ve gotten to go to Michigan, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Nebraska to work on wells. I’ve seen some of the prettiest countryside as well as the boonies and have worked with some of the nicest down to earth people anywhere. For Hays the pay is not bad, but the 24 hour call can put a damper on family activities. The best thing that ever happened to me was not so much when I married Connie, but the way we are today. Through our laughs and tears, births and deaths, we have grown close. I feel privileged to say my wife is my best friend. Exciting for me has been seeing the country and the world and being an expert shooter on the Marine Corp 3rd Division Rifle and Pistol Team. But best of all I am a proud father of one pain in the butt 14 year old whom I love and a 10 year old junior “Scientist.” Jason is a freshman an at T.M.P. (can you believe it) and Jeremy known as “Jerm” is in the 5th grade at Jefferson School. I am enjoying watching everything evolve. May God bless us all. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />1897 250th Av. (785) 628-3313 Hays, Kansas 67601-9458 <br />Spouse: Connie <br />
  41. 41. Alan Gabel (con’t)<br />Children: Jason - 19, Jeremy - 15 <br />Occupation: Technician <br />LifeAfterGraduation: Four years Marine Corp. Electronics (Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering), Married in December of 1975 (Best thing I ever did). <br />PersonalAchievements: Helped raise two fine boys, proud owner of one Angel. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 520 W 27th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-3313<br />E-MAIL: alangabel@yahoo.com<br />SPOUSE: Dawn<br />CHILDREN: Jason; Jeremy; Adrienne Mermis; Jarett Mermis<br />OCCUPATION: Maintenance Tech 3, Enersys, Inc.<br />
  42. 42. Top movies of 1973 . . .<br />
  43. 43. Mark Garson<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 4515 Robin Ave.<br /> Albuquerque, MN 87110<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 600 Sandia Vista<br /> Rio Rancho NM 87124<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 2248 N Carlington Ave.<br /> Tulsa, Oklahoma<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: PO Box 2171<br /> Louisville, KY 40201<br />PHONE: 505-379-3992<br />CHILDREN: Mark James; Lonnie Adams<br />OCCUPATION: Payroll Processing, HR; YUM Brands<br />
  44. 44. Sue Geist<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 716½ Countryline Rd.<br /> Kansas City, KS 66103<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Private Secretary, RCA Wholesale Dist.<br /> LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Married May, 1977; Divorced July, 1981. Lived in Denver, CO seven years. I worked for RCA in Denver. After my divorce, I moved to Kansas City to work for RCA. Shortly after, I back into my modeling.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 107 Spinner Cir<br /> DeSoto, TX 75115<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2323 S Hwy 303, Apt. 154<br /> Grand Prairie, TX 75051<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 1650 Ruea St<br /> Grand Prairie, Texas<br />
  45. 45. Thomas Geist<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 2205 Haney<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Jane Unrein – September 29, 1979<br />CHILDREN: Landon Michael – Feb 17, 1983<br />OCCUPATION: Farmhand – Fort Hays Experiment Station<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Accounting Clerk – Midwest Energy, Inc.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 416 W 13th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-3664<br />ADDRESS: 832 Emmeram Road<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />CHILDREN: Landon (10); Matthew (9); Kimberly (7)<br /> OCCUPATION: Facilities Maintenance Supervisor for the Fort Hays Experiment Station<br /> AFTERGRADUATION: I went to Fort Hays State University and had various jobs. I married Jane and have three children which is a full time job. I have worked myself up to a good state job on the farm and ranch for Fort Hays Experiment Station. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1832 Emmeram Road (785) 628-3664 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Jane M. Unrein<br />CHILDREN: Landon - 15, Matthew - 14. Kimberly – 12<br />OCCUPATION: Maintenance Supervisor / Farmer Rancher<br />LifeAfterGraduation: Worked for Pepsi Cola while attending Fort Hays State University, a great part time job in warehouse and deliveries. Went to work for Dreiling Oil Co. Worked in the oil patch for a year. Got a great job working for Graves Truck Line in office personnel (was kind of boring) then I asked to be transferred to the dock / deliveries and enjoyed it very much until they shut down. In the mean time, I met Jane and we got married in 1979. After Graves I went to work at Vitztum Carpet Store. A better offer came and I went to work for Hays Machine Works where I learned a trade of pipe threading and iron works. I then started a Co. called Midwestern Pipe Works in Hays. After some family personality problems in the Co. we sold out. From there I went to work for my present employer Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center. I started out in the farm department and eventually transferred in maintenance. <br /> There are some good days and bad days but overall I really enjoy my job. We have always been involved in farming and ranching, hut believe me, It’s probably the hardest work, longest day, worst paying job I ever have had, but it does help to pay bills. If I could find another occupation to take its place I would do it, in a flash. Yes, I am for hire. Life goes on and so will I, God willing. <br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: During the course after graduation I’ve met my wife and we have had 3 of the best kids I have ever imagined possible. Our problems have been worked through from dedication and commitment. I have gotten stronger and smarter and await all other future endeavors to see what challenges me to continue on successfully.<br />
  46. 46. Deborah (Graf) Bieker<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 3710 Summer Lane<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 409 N Bay Country<br /> Wichita, KS 67235<br />MARRIED: Gerard<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer (14); Stephanie (12); Tamara (8); Anthony (8)<br />OCCUPATION: Presently a housewife (retired legal secretary)<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I went to school, had children and worked. I am now finally enjoying having time off! I am planning to attend medical school in the nurse practitioner program next year.<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: A B.A. in Business from Fort Hays<br />ADDRESS: 255 N Shefford<br /> Wichita, KS 67212<br />PHONE: 316-721-7958<br />E-MAIL: biekerdeb@bcchs.org<br />SPOUSE: Gerard<br />CHILDREN: Jennifer; Stephanie; Tamara; Anthony<br />OCCUPATION: Administrative Assistant to Principal, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 255 N Shefford St<br /> Wichita, Kansas<br />
  47. 47. Judy (Gross) Werth<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Rt 1, Box 37<br /> McCracken, KS 67556<br />MARRIED: Gary Werth – May 15, 1976<br />CHILDREN: Holly – Oct 4, 1979; Ryan – May 18, 1982<br />OCCUPATION: Homemaker – Mother<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Mechanic – Permian Oil Co<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Attended college for 1 year after graduation. Worked as secretary for 5 years for real estate agency. Quit work before having first baby<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1461 A Schoenchen <br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-9220<br />E-MAIL: werth515@yahoo.com<br />SPOUSE: Gary<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1461A Schoenchen Rd<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Gary<br /> CHILDREN: Holly (13); Ryan (11); Adam (6); Austin (6)<br /> OCCUPATION: Homemaker / mother<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I went to college for one year and was secretary for a real estate office for five years before having our first child. I married in 1976<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1461 A Schoenchen (785) 625-9220 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Gary <br />CHILDREN: Holly, Ryan, Adam & Austin OCCUPATION: Homemaker - Mother, Substitute Cook for USD #489 LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: After graduation, I attended college for 1 year and was employed as a secretary for a Real Estate office. I married Gary on May 15, 1976 and on Oct. 4, 1979 we had our first child, Holly. I decided to quit my job and be a full-time mother. May 18, 1982, we had a son Ryan and on Feb. 26, 1987, we had twin boys, Adam and Austin. The children and farm life have kept me busy over the last 22 years. I hope to find a part-time job in an office setting, but after being unemployed for 19 years. it is a little difficulty to get back in the swing of things.<br />
  48. 48. 1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />Theresa Guillaume<br />ADDRESS: 1520 S Emporium<br /> Wichita, KS 67211<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1520 S Emporium<br /> Wichita, KS 67211<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 1520 S Emporium<br /> Wichita, KS 67211<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: 1520 S Emporium<br /> Wichita, KS 67211<br /> PHONE: 316-264-0363<br />
  49. 49. Gabrielle (Harris) Lathrop<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 203 E 19th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2287 S Laredo<br /> Aurora, CO 80012<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 19653 E Quincy Place<br /> Aurora, Colorado<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: 7171 S Cherokee Tr., Apt 1928<br /> Aurora, CO 8001<br /> E-MAIL: patla@home.com<br /> SPOUSE: Patrick<br />
  50. 50. 1973 – they’re playing our song. . . <br />
  51. 51. Marilyn (Harvey) Schumacher<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br /> 3411 Summer Lane<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 1371<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Robert<br />CHILDREN: Darren (9); Ross (5)<br />OCCUPATION: Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Serv.<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 1371 <br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-2965<br />E-MAIL: rschumacher@media-net.net<br />SPOUSE: Robert<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> P0 Box 1371 (785) 628-2965 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Robert <br />CHILDREN: Darren - age 14, Ross - age 10 <br />OCCUPATION: Quality Assurance. Kansas Dept. of Social and Rehabilitation Services<br />
  52. 52. Allen Haselhorst<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: RR 2, BOX 29<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Farming<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Live on a farm Southwest of Antonio. Been engaged in farming and oil field work.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 973 150th Ave<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-3528<br />SPOUSE: Brenda (dec)<br />CHILDREN: Trey<br />OCCUPATION: Farmer; Factory Worker EnerSys, Inc.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 973 150th Ave<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Widowed<br />CHILDREN: Trey (3)<br />OCCUPATION: Farming & raising greyhounds of pari-mutual betting.<br />AFTERGRADUATION: My life after graduation has included my work and I family which are my personal achievements as well. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 973 150th Ave<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  53. 53. Alice (Hatch) (Leonhardt)McCurry<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 366<br /> Andover, KS 67002<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: Box 954<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 1621 S Spruce<br /> Wichita, Kansas<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: 1621 S Spruce<br /> Wichita, KS 67211<br /> PHONE: 316-263-0197<br /> SPOUSE: John<br />
  54. 54. Barbara (Herman) Staab<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 6315 N Oliver Rd<br /> Wichita, KS 67220<br />MARRIED: Charles V Staab – July 3, 1976<br />OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse – Wichita-Sedgwick County Dept. of Community Health<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Regional Manager for Wichita Branch of Jetz Service Co., Inc.<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Attended KU for 2 years, lived in Lawrence, KS. Married Charles Staab, July 1976, moved to Topeka, KS. Attended Washburn University in Topeka, graduated December 1979 with B.S.N. in Registered Nursing. December 1979 through February 1983 – employed at Topeka Shawnee County Department of Comm. Health. February 1983 – Charles transferred (promotion) to Wichita KS – moved to Wichita. March 1983-present – employed with Wichita-Sedgwick County Department of Community Health<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 27723 21st Place S<br /> Federal Way, WA 98003<br />PHONE: 253-5293623<br />E-MAIL: charlievictor@earthlink.net<br />SPOUSE: Chuck<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 807 Gilbert St<br /> Swansea, IL 62220<br />MARRIED: Charles<br />OCCUPATION: Family Nurse Practitioner<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I have had seventeen happy years of marriage. I’ve traveled a lot and continue to do so. It’s my passion. I have worked and/or attended school full time non-stop since graduation. PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: My personal achievements are I’m happy! I am on the faculty at a family practice medical residency program. I have a Master’s degree in nursing and a Gubernatorial appointment to the State board of nursing. I have also published articles in professional journals. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 27723 21st Place S<br /> Federal Way, Washington<br />
  55. 55. John Herrmann<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: RR 2<br /> Jetmore, KS 67854<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Farming, Ranching<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Worked for five or six years. Then went into a partnership with my Dad on a farming deal<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 11751 Hwy 400<br /> Dodge City, KS 67801<br />PHONE: 620-227-3640<br />OCCUPATION: Business Owner/Manager, Southwestern Livestock Inc.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: HC 38, Box 115<br /> Dodge City, KS 67801<br />OCCUPATION: Farmer / Rancher – Feedlot Manager<br />AFTERGRADUATION: After graduation, I went into farming and ranching and then in 1991, I bought into a feed yard and started managing it. Personally, I have lived a good life so far. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 11751 Hwy 154<br /> Dodge City, Kansas<br />
  56. 56. Michael Hertel<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br /> 1702 Douglas Dr<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Lori Gross – October 5, 1978<br />CHILDREN: Michelle Ann – November 8, 1978<br />OCCUPATION: Co-Owner and Manager – Hertel Oilfield Services <br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Cashier – Clerk for City of Hays<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1006 W 39th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-7611<br />E-MAIL: mlhertel@ruraltel.net<br />SPOUSE: Lori<br />OCCUPATION: Hertel Tank Service, Inc<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br /> 1006 W 39th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Lori – City of Hay Clerk’s Office - Accounting<br />CHILDREN: Michelle (14); Craig Michael (8)<br />OCCUPATION: Hertel, Inc. – Oilfield Service Company<br /> AFTERGRADUATION: When I’m not working at home or on the job, I tend to two tracts of farm ground. The one tract that I am most proud of has a pond that myself and others have reconditioned. It does have fish stocked, so Craig, my son, and I enjoy fishing. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />1006 West 39th St. (785) 628-8361 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Lori (Gross) ‘74 - City of Hays - City Clerk’s Office - Accounting Supervisor <br />CHILDREN: Michelle --‘97 graduate of TMP-Marian--Sophomore at Fort Hays State University majoring in Physical Education, with an emphasis in health promotion and wellness. Craig --l3yrs. old --7th grader at Kennedy Middle School. <br />OCCUPATION: Operator for Hertel’s Inc.---includes road trucking, oil field and environmental work, farming. <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Since May 1973, you could say I’m always working either at home or on the job. Both keep me busy... Lori and I will be married 24 yrs. in October. For relaxation (relaxing???) I tend to 240 acres of farm ground. One 80 acre tract has a stocked pond. Craig and I spend time there mowing and fishing each weekend and any other time we get a chance. I am a big fan/supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bulls.<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Married to the same gal for 24 yrs. Raising 2 kids. Running the family business and still going strong....<br />
  57. 57. Alvin Hill<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 5278 Alcott Ave<br /> St. Louis, Missouri<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: No Info Available<br />
  58. 58. What we were watching in 1973. . . <br />
  59. 59. Michael Hinnenkamp<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 3055 W Forest Dr<br /> Dallas, TX 75229<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Pilot – Jet East<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 6019 Royal Crest Dr<br /> Dallas, TX 75230<br />PHONE: 214-691-3053<br />OCCUPATION: Airline Pilot, Southwest Airline<br />ADDRESS: 6019 Royal Crest Dr.<br /> Dallas, TX 75230<br />MARRIED: Gayle<br />OCCUPATION: Airline Pilot – Southwest Airline, Captain<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I received and BS in Aviation in 1978 from American Technological University and married in October 1990. <br />PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: My personal achievements include flying as captain on Learjets, Falcon jets at age 24. I was hired at Southwest Airline in 1984, the youngest pilot hired in thirteen years. I was flying as captain in 1988 and currently flying the Boeing 737. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 6019 Royal Crest Dr.<br /> Dallas, Texas<br />
  60. 60. ADDRESS: 2511 General Hancock<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Nelson Neihardt – October6, 1973<br />CHILDREN: Travis – January 15, 1979<br />OCCUPATION: Secretary – Nursing Service – St. Anthony Hospital<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Rupp’s Inc.<br />Carol (Hoover) Neihardt<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 528 Sioux Dr<br /> Ozawkie, KS 66070 <br />PHONE: 785-876-3180<br />E-MAIL: nneih@yahoo.com<br />SPOUSE: Nelson<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 207 E 18th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Nelson<br />CHILDREN: Travis (14)<br />OCCUPATION: Appraiser – KS Dept of Revenue, Property Valuation Division<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I lived and worked in Hays until 1990. I moved to Atchison in 1990 to become their County Appraiser. We moved back to Hays in 1992 where I accepted the position with the State of Kansas. I travel to all parts of Kansas visiting County appraisers offices. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Nelson and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary on October 6th this year. That’s quite an achievement since we’re both alive to talk about it. <br />209 E. 18th St. (785) 625-3826 Hays, Kansas 67601-3321 <br />SPOUSE: Nelson <br />CHILDREN: Travis <br />OCCUPATION: I am an Appraiser with the Kansas Department of Revenue, Property Valuation Division. <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Work! Work! Work! Just like everyone else. I have spent most of my life in Hays: We lived in Dallas for a short time. We also lived in Atchison for a few years. Although those are both great places to live, there’s no place like home. I miss the many places to shop but get my fix during my many visits to Topeka, Wichita and Kansas City on business trips.<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: My greatest personal achievement is raising our son. (OK, I guess I did have some help from Nelson.) I am a Certified Kansas Appraiser (CKA) and also hold the General Certification from the Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Board. I am currently working on the Registered Mass Appraiser (RMA) designation. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />
  61. 61. Bruce Hull<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 2220 Marjorie <br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Vicki Dreiling - August 16, 1974<br />CHILDREN: Brent – Feb 11, 1978; Diandra – April 30, 1979<br /> Leah – May 10, 1981<br />OCCUPATION: Field Service Rep. for G.E. Medical System<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Housewife<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: See Vicki (Dreiling) Hull<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 9604 Taylorford Pl<br /> Charlotte, NC 28277<br />PHONE: 704-759-0164<br />SPOUSE: Vickie<br />CHILDREN: Brent; Diandra; Leah; Brandon<br />OCCUPATION: Owner / General Manager, Network Imaging Systems LLC<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2404 Brown Deer Trail<br /> Plano, TX 75023<br />MARRIED: Vicki<br />CHILDREN: Brent (15); Diandra (14); Leah (12); Brandon (9)<br />OCCUPATION: Field Service Manager for R-Squared Scan Systems<br />AFTERGRADUATION: Life after graduation has been work, work, work. . kids, kids, kids. <br />PERSONALACHEIVEMENTS: I am still waiting for personal achievements. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 2404 Brown Deer Trail<br /> Plano, Texas<br />
  62. 62. James E Jacobs<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1311 E 21st<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2204 Haney Dr<br /> Hays, KS 67601:<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: 2504 Haney Dr.<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br /> PHONE: 785-628-8883<br /> SPOUSE: Virginia<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: 2204 Haney Dr<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />
  63. 63. Reinaldo Jaramillo Jr<br /> 918 C Allegheny Circle<br /> Richardson, TX 75080<br />MARRIED: Valerie Kathleen Scott – August 19, 1978<br />CHILDREN: Marcos Aurelio – Sept 28, 1979<br />OCCUPATION: Commission Sales<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Registered Nurse<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Attended following universities: Fort Hays State University, Texas Tech University. Received B.S. in International Trade from Texas Tech, May 1978. Completed Sears, Roebuck & Co. Management Trainee Program. Worked for Texas Instruments. Worked as a consultant in Panama.<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Played baseball and football at Canal Zone College. Represented the Republic of Panama in International competition in baseball.<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />1517 Choctaw Dr.<br />Mesquite, TX 75149<br />MARRIED: Valerie<br />CHILDREN: Marcos Aurelio, Elana Kathleen<br />OCCUPATION: Insurance Agent for Allstate Insurance Co.<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I attended Fort Hays Kansas State College, Canal Zone College, Louisiana State University, Texas Tech University. I received a Bachelor of Science in International Trade from Texas Tech University. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: After my first year as an agent I achieved Honor Ring Status with Allstate Insurance Company. I have coached baseball for three years and one of those years was chosen to manage an All-star team. I have been commissioner of baseball for two years. <br />1517 Choctaw Drive (214) 288-9224 Mesquite, Texas 75 149-1867 <br />SPOUSE: Valerie K. Jaramillo <br />CHILDREN: Marcos Aurelio, Elena Kathleen, Daniel Aaron (3 total) <br />OCCUPATION: Business owner of Insurance Agency representing Allstate Insurance Company <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Attended Fort Hays Kansas State College, Canal Zone College, Louisiana State University, Texas Tech University and Received B.S. in International Economics. Worked for Sears as Management trainee upon graduation and in 1990 made career move to Insurance industry. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Married a Southern Belle and we have been blessed with three wonderful children. Marcos Aurelio will be attending Texas A&M University on a presidential scholarship in the fall. Having been able to coach Marcos A. for eight yrs. In baseball and during this time was selected three times by fellow coaches to coach All-star team into post season tournament. Coached Elena in girls Basketball. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />
  64. 64. Reinaldo Jaramillo Jr<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1520 Choctaw Dr<br /> Mesquite, TX 75149<br />PHONE: 972-288-9224<br />SPOUSE: Valerie<br />CHILDREN: Marcos A; Elena Kathleen; Daniel A<br />OCCUPATION: Lic, NASD<br />
  65. 65. Douglas Jorgensen<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1722 Medford<br /> Topeka, KS 66604<br />MARRIED: Debbie Allan – August 7, 1982<br />OCCUPATION: Special Agent, Kansas Bureau of Investigation<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Marketing Services – American Investors Live Insurance Co, Topeka.<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Attended Fort Hays State and Wichita State Universities. Received a B.A. in the administration of criminal justice from Wichita State. Worked for the Dillon Companies for a short time, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Dept. for four years, and presently employed by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 2923 SW Meadowview Ln<br /> Topeka, KS 66605<br />PHONE: 785-266-2010<br />E-MAIL: douglasjorgenson@sbcglobal.net<br />OCCUPATION: Special Agent, Kansas Bureau of Investigation<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br /> ADDRESS: 2923 SW Meadowview Ln<br /> Topeka, KS 66605<br />MARRIED: Debbie<br />CHILDREN: Cody (8), Lauren (5)<br />OCCUPATION: Special Agent III<br />AFTERGRADUATION: My life after graduation has been college, work and family. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 2923 SW Meadowview Ln<br /> Topeka, Kansas<br />
  66. 66. COOL WHEELS<br />
  67. 67. Cindy (Karlin) Washburn<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1607 E 27th St Terrace<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Mark Washburn – July 1, 1977<br />CHILDREN: No children . . . Yet!<br />OCCUPATION: 1ST Grade Teacher – St Joseph School, Hays<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Co-Owner and sales manager of Horizon Appliance and Video<br /> LIFESINCEGRADUATION: After graduation, I went to college at Fort Hays and graduated in December, 1977 with a B.S. In Elementary Education. I started teaching in September, 1978 at St. Joseph School in Hays and I’m still there teaching 1st Grade and really enjoying it!<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 500 W 40th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Mark<br />CHILDREN: Dusty (7½)<br />OCCUPATION: Kindergarten teacher at St Joseph School<br />AFTERGRADUATION: Mark and I were married in July 1977 and I graduated from Fort Hays State University in December 1977 with a degree in Elementary Education. I began my teaching career at St Joseph School in 1978. I have taught 1 St and 2nd grades and am now teaching Kindergarten part-time. My first class of 2nd graders has graduated from high school. . . and college! THAT makes me feel old, but my seven year old son keeps me feeling young. His school activities, as well as his soccer and baseball games, keep all of us on the go. We like to travel and also enjoy following the TMP-Marian sports teams. For the past three years we have been a host family for several really neat border students from TMP-Marian. Like the rest of you, our lives can be summed up in one word: BUSY! <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 500 W. 40th (785) 628-1839 <br /> Hays. Kansas 67601<br />SPOUSE: Mark <br />CHILDREN: Dusty (7th (Grader at Kennedy Middle School) <br />OCCUPATION: Full-time Wife and Mother, Pan-time Kindergarten Teacher at Holy Family Elementary<br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Mark and I were married in July of 1977. I received my B.S. in Elementary Education from Fort Havs State University in December 1977. I have been teaching at St. Joseph Elementary (now known as Holy Family Elementary) ever since. It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes. <br /> God has blessed us in many ways the past 21 years with the greatest blessing being our son Dusty. He is a good-natured, fun-loving boy who has been a joy to raise. His enthusiasm for athletics and love of the great outdoors keeps us on the go. One of his favorite fishing spots is Mike Hertel’s pond, as he and Mike’s son, Craig, are good friends. We are proud of all his accomplishments, both academic and on the field, court and golf course. <br />
  68. 68. Cindy (Karlin) Washburn (con’t)<br /> Hard work and good fortune have provided us the opportunity to travel, build our own home, experience job advancements for Mark (and job enjoyment for me at St. Joseph’s and Holy Family), start a successful self-storage business and enjoy memory making times with our wonderful families and friends. We’ve weathered the storms of no-so-good’ times by relying on our faith to see us through. <br /> I enjoy collecting Longaberger Baskets, attending Dusty’s games and golf tournaments. As a family, we enjoy following TMP and FHSU athletics. Last summer I took golf lessons so that I can join Mark and Dusty on the course. Mark and I are proud supporters of Catholic Education in our community and look forward to the day when Dusty will be a student at TMP-Marian. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 500 W 40th<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-1839<br />SPOUSE: Mark<br />OCCUPATION: Kindergarten Teacher, Holy Family Elementary<br />
  69. 69. Jackie (Karlin) Lang<br />ADDRESS: 1717 Agnes<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Mark Lang – October 9, 1976<br />OCCUPATION: Secretary – Hays Chamber of Commerce<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Manager – Paul MacDonald Body Shop<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: In September of 1975, I met Mark … a blind date arranged by his sister. After we were married for a couple of years, we moved to Denver. We lived there in 1979-1980 then moved back to Hays. We have no kids, just a dog who thinks he’s one.<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2517 Virginia Dr.<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br /> MARRIED: Mark<br />CHILDREN: Brett Alan (10/7/1992)<br />OCCUPATION: Front Desk Manager – Holiday Inn, Hays<br />AFTERGRADUATION: The past twenty years have gone by fast. It seems like only yesterday we were practicing for graduation swearing to keep in touch and not to forget anyone. I was married October 9, 1976. We moved to Denver for a year in 1979 but moved back to Hays me next year. We led a pretty normal life, working and having fun. After fifteen years of marriage we decided to try to adopt a baby. We met Brett just ten months later on our 16th wedding anniversary. What a present. Needless to say, our lives have taken a drastic turn, but it is wonderful. Mark has been a sales rep for Acme Automotive for the past five years. I work at the Holiday Inn managing the front desk. I have been there for eight years. We both love restoring old cars and going to baseball games. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: I would say that adopting Brett has been my greatest achievement.<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 4608 81st St. (806) 795-8497 Lubbock, Texas 79424 <br />SPOUSE: Mark CHILDREN: Brett - 6, Alec - 3 OCCUPATION: Bank Teller<br />LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: After all these years, we have moved to Texas. Mark transferred with his company so it has been quite an adjustment. It was hard moving away from our families and friends. I am starting over in the work force, I just got a job as a bank teller. This whole moving experience at 40 something has been quite challenging. If anyone is close to Lubbock, please call. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: My 2 boys. After years of no children, we adopted our son Brett. Nearly 3 years later Alec was born. They say that always happens. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1812 Hawks Landing<br /> Edmond, OK 73003<br />PHONE: 405-340-0554<br />E-MAIL: mjlang2@cox.net<br />SPOUSE: Mark<br />CHILDREN: Brett; Alec<br />OCCUPATION: Bookkeeper, Kirkpatrick Bank<br />
  70. 70. 1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 115 Burgundy Lane<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Monte C Keller – December 26, 1981<br />OCCUPATION: Office Manager – Alco Discount<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: FHSU student, farming and independent carpenter.<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Working – enjoying married life<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Office manager for Alco Discount for 10 years.<br />Suella “Sue” (Karlin) Keller<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2910 Walnut<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />ADDRESS: 102 Ash, P.O Box 2 New Address (as of 9/1/98) (785) 737-5165 <br /> Palco, Kansas 67657 2703 Hillcrest Hays, Kansas 67607 SPOUSE: Monte CHILDREN: Ashley - age 13 / Landon - age 6 OCCUPATION: Employee Services / Payroll Representative at Classic Cable Inc. <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION After graduation was office mgr. for Alco - Hays for 13 yrs. Then was the office mgr. for Classic Quality Body Shop for 5 yrs. Have been with Classic Cable for 3 yrs and do payroll for about 400 people. PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: I married the guy next door in ‘81 and have 2 great kids. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 36<br /> 509 Main St.<br /> Palco, KS 67657<br />PHONE: 785-737-4341<br />E-MAIL: kellerms@ruraltel.net<br />SPOUSE: Monte<br />CHILDREN: Ashley; Landon<br />OCCUPATION: Payroll/Human Resources, Dessin Fournir<br />
  71. 71. ADDRESS: 1430 N Woods<br /> Sherman, TX 75090<br />MARRIED: David Deffibaugh – June 25, 1977<br />CHILDREN: Christina Marie – November 9, 1979<br />OCCUPATION: Area Merchandiser – K-Mart<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: George Bradley Construction<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: I moved to Sherman, TX after graduating from school in Arlington, TX. I worked for K-Mart as an assistant manager for two years where I met my husband and married. To avoid a transfer, I remained with K-Mart as an area merchandise supervisor. I plan to continue working and there are no more children in our future plans.<br />Pam (Kathol) Deffibaugh<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 420 Alta Vista<br />MARRIED: David<br />CHILDREN: Christina (13)<br />OCCUPATION: Trainer / Re-engineer<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I moved to Texas to go to school and worked part-time at a K-Mart. In 1976 I moved to Sherman with K-Mart as an assistant manager, met my husband, married in 1977 and had our daughter in 1979. I left K-Mart in 1988 after 14 years to work at Cigna (formerly Connecticut General Insurance). The company grew from 150 employees to 700 in a two year period, so opportunities were great for me. In two years I was promoted to trainer/auditor for the office. In 1992, a re-organization took place and I was selected to my current position (TTR) in the Houston Marketplace. I enjoy my job and the challenges I encounter each day. My husband and I also are in business for ourselves. We own, and David operates, a sand and gravel business.<br />ADDRESS: 420 AIta Vista (903) 892-1926 Sherman. Texas 75092-2625 SPOUSE: David CHILDREN: Christina OCCUPATION: CIGNA Healthcare - 10 years <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: I moved to Texas in 1973 where I met and married my husband on June 25, 1977. We have one child, Christina, who graduated in May of this year (25 years to the day that Marian High School’s Class of 1973 graduated.) I am working at home for CIGNA Healthcare, as a Service and Process improvement Specialist, and preparing for Christina to leave for school in the fall. PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: I am very active in our church, serving as a Lector and CCD Instructor, for the past 4 years. Now that Christina is leaving I will be looking for additional ways to use my time as a volunteer for local charity organizations. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 420 Alta Vista<br /> Sherman, TX 75092<br />PHONE: 903-892-1926<br />E-MAIL: pkd1055@aol.com<br />SPOUSE: David<br />CHILDREN: Christina<br />OCCUPATION: Technical Coach, CIGNA Health Care<br />
  72. 72. Sheila (Kippes) Allen<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1133 Crowley St.<br /> Wichita, KS 67216<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 10022 W Dora<br /> Wichita, KS 67209<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: RR 1 Box 323<br /> Milton, Kansas<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: 1660 W Bryce Dr.<br /> Milton, KS 67106<br /> PHONE: 620-478-2128<br /> SPOUSE: Don<br />
  73. 73. Bruce Kleiber<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1910 Marshall<br /> Houston, TX 77098<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Accounts Manager – Red Line Medical Supply<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: 1973-1977 – Kansas Newman College– B.A. Chemistry (Cum Laude); 1977-1980 – University of Kansas – School of Medicine; 1980 – 1982 – Merrill Investments, Inc. – General Manager - Restoration and revitalization of inner-city neighborhood; listed in National Register of Historic Places (Hyde Park, Kansas City, MO; 1982 –present – Sales Rep – Red Line Medical Supply.<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: 3 photography shows at Gallery 291 in Kansas City, MO; 3 photography awards from Municipal Art Commission of Kansas City, MO.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 850 W 55th St<br /> Casper, WY 82601<br />MARRIED: Olinda<br />CHILDREN: 1 daughter and one due in November<br />OCCUPATION: Store Manage<br />AFTERGRADUATION: We had planned to attend this year&apos;s class reunion but will not be able to now. We are moving to Casper, Wyoming. I have been promoted to store manager, and we will be spending at least two years in Casper. We are also expecting our second daughter due November 8, 1993. We want to say hello to all of my classmates and wish them well. We will be there in spirit and hope everything goes well for Homecoming. We hope to make the next reunion. If any of you are ever in Casper, please stop by and say hello. Everyone take care! <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />UNKNOWN<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: No Info Available<br />
  74. 74. Richard Klepper<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Rt 1<br /> Ellinwood, KS 67526<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Farm - Ranch<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: Rt #1, Box 133<br /> Ellinwood, KS 67526<br />MARRIED: Connie<br />CHILDREN: 2 Children<br />OCCUPATION: Farm & Ranch Operator<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I partied until 1984. Then I quit. Connie and ````````````````` I have been together since 1986. I have a lot more now than I did in 1973. I guess I got my shit together. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1248 NE 40 Road (316) 564-2713 Ellinwood, Kansas OCCUPATION: Farm / Ranch Operator <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Partied ‘till 1984 - then I quit PERSONALACHIEVEMENT: I am alive and still kicking. It’s been good so far.<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 1248 NE 40 Road<br /> Ellinwood, TX 67526<br />PHONE: 620-564-2713<br />OCCUPATION: Farm/Ranch Owner<br />
  75. 75. NEW HOME: $32,500<br />NEW CAR AVERAGE PRICE: $4,052<br />DOZEN EGGS: $0.62<br />What we paid<br />In 1973 . . .<br />GALLON OF GAS: $0.40<br />GALLON OF MILK: $1.16<br />. . . And what we earned . . .<br />MINIMUM WAGE<br />$1.60 / Hour<br />LOAF OF BREAD: $0.16<br />AVERAGE INCOME<br />$7,580.16<br />
  76. 76. 1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />Bros. Joseph Kochelek<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br /> ADDRESS: Unknown<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br /> ADDRESS: No Info Available<br />
  77. 77. Duane F Kuhn<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 1727 Agnes Dr<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Patricia Schmidt – June 14, 1980<br />CHILDREN: Brandon Michael – April 23, 1981<br />OCCUPATION: Service Acid Engineer<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: St. Anthony Hospital Kitchen<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: In the Air Force for 3 years and National Guard for 3 years. Worked for Halliburton for 2 years. Am now working for Service Acid, Inc. as an engineer. Just moved into our new home.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 114 N Abilene<br /> Valley Center, KS 67147<br />MARRIED: Patty<br />CHILDREN: Brandon (12), Dustin (8)<br />OCCUPATION: Salesman for Schwan’s Sales<br />AFTERGRADUATION: I served in the US Air Force for four years. I worked for Service Acid for six years. I started working for Schwan’s as a salesman in 1985 and have been working for them for seven years. I have made it into the Executive, Vice-Presidents, Presidents, and Chairman’s Clubs within the Schwan’s company. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: My top achievement was getting into Chairman’s Club because only Schwan’s top salesmen can accomplish this goal. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 416 Canterbury Dr. (785) 628-2274 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Patty (Schmidt) Kuhn - ‘74 CHILDREN: Brandon - 17 years ; Dustin - 14 years OCCUPATION: Salesman for Western Supply Co. LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Was in the USAF right after graduation. Patty and I got married in June, 1980. 1 worked at Service Acid for 5 years, until the oil business took a decline. Then I started with Schwan&apos;s Sales and worked for 12 years with them. Now I am a salesman with Western Supply and sell to all of Northern and Western Kansas. PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: I was one of the top 10 salesman in the nation for 5 years in a row when I worked for Schwan’s Sales. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 416 Canterbury Rd<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-2274<br />E-MAIL: pkuhn@ruraltel.net<br />SPOUSE: Patricia<br />CHILDREN: Brandon; Dustin<br />OCCUPATION: Salesman, LaRue Coffee<br />
  78. 78. Ken Kuhn<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Box 41, Munjor Rt.<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Only to my Bills – since birth<br />CHILDREN: Unknown<br />OCCUPATION: Oilfield and keeping the unknown, unknown<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 1703 Volga Drive, Apt B<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />OCCUPATION: Full-Time – Petroleum Industry Regulatory technician at the KS Corp Commission. Part-Time – Evening class Adult Ed Instructor in Basic computer Skills at the NCK Vo-Tech.<br />AFTERGRADUATION: After graduation, I spent four semesters at K-State in the pre-Veterinary program, five semesters at FHSU to graduate with a BS degree in Zoology, 2½ years as the owner / operator of Pet World, ten years as a self-employed contract pumper in the area oil field industry, 1½ years as an environmental technician for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Water, and seven months as a petroleum industry regulatory technician for the Kansas Corporation Commission. Mixed in with the above, as second or part-time jobs, I’ve kept books for a couple of businesses, drove a fuel truck, bartended and generally kept the bills paid and been busy. PERSONALACHEIVEMENTS: (Is this where we’re supposed to brag?) I own nothing and have accomplished nothing impressive enough to brag about. Generally my life has been run of the mill., but I’m happy and content. I consider myself extremely lucky to date. I’ve owned and sold a couple of homes I got tired of and am in the market for another. Until I find what I’m looking for, I’ll rent. (Bored with yard work, no water.) A few years back I invested in a couple of evening computer courses and I believe I finally found one of my permanent niches in life. I became a computer fanatic. Which brings us to the busy part. My computer capabilities assisted me in acquiring a position as a State of Kansas employee. My job with the KCC is a dream and I love it. Also, I teach computer classes several nights a week during the school year. When I’m home, the phone keeps me busy with friends, relatives, acquaintances and previous students calling concerning computer software problems. I’m actually getting paid at two jobs to play with computers day and night. Ain’t life something. I hope to stay in Hays and at my present job(s) for a good many years, if not until retirement. For me, it is enough.<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 3309 B Elm Street (785) 628-1574 Hays, Kansas 67601OCCUPATION: Information System Coordinator - City of Hays LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: 2.5 years owning and operating a Pet Store; 10 years contract pumping in the oilfield; 1.5 years with KDHE, Bureau of Water; 4.25 years with KCC, Conservation Division (teaching Adult Education Computer courses on the side); presently working with the City of Hays as information System Coordinator (Computer Network Administrator) PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Nothing exceptional, just glad I made it this far and can still smile and laugh. Now-a-days, that counts for something. *grin* <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 3309 Elm St, #B<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-628-1574<br />
  79. 79. Larry Kuhn<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Unknown<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 106 3rd St.<br /> Gorham, KS<br />MARRIED: Joyce<br />CHILDREN: Derrick, Suzette, Anthony, Lynette<br />OCCUPATION: Retired Air Force. Production Analyst, Computer Database Manager and now working with NO Pest, Inc. while starting up my own business in computers.<br />AFTERGRADUATION: After graduation, I entered the Air Force Basic training. I went to Taiwan for one year, England for three years where I met my wife Joyce. I got married and went to Florida for two years. Then we went back to England for another four years. We left there and went to Utah and spent the remaining years there. I served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as an F-16 Systems analyst. One year later I retired. PERSONALACHEIVEMENTS: My personal achievements include serving twenty years in the military, I got married to an English girl, raised four children, and now have three grandchildren (girls). <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 84 Chicago (785) 637-5337 Gorham, Kansas <br />SPOUSE: Joyce<br />CHILDREN: Derrick, Suzette, Anthony, Lynette OCCUPATION: Owner of the Wrangler Inn Bar & Grill, Retired Military (20 yrs) LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Join the Air Force, traveled to many countries, Vietnam, Taiwan, England (twice), Middle East (UAE). Now retired and own my own business, and have 3 rental properties in Gorham <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Fort Hays State Student due to graduate this fall with a BA in Criminal Justice. I’m in the Wild West Committee going on the 3rd year. <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: No Info Available<br />
  80. 80. Leland Kuhn<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: RR 3, Box 163E<br /> Danville, IL 61832<br />MARRIED: Andrea Osborne – April 30, 1980<br />OCCUPATION: Distribution Supervisor, Lakeview Medical Center<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Junior Buyer, Lakeview Medical Center<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: 1973-1977 – K.S.U., ROTC Scholarship, Phi Kappa Theta, Airborne School, graduated with B.A. in Anthropology, Commissioned in Medical Service Corps (MSC). 1978 – MSC Officer Basic and logistical (Medical) Management School, San Antonio, TX. 1979 – M.A.S.H. Unit, Frankfurt, Germany (2nd Lieutenant). 1980 – Medical Depot, Kaiserslautern, Germany (1st Lieutenant). Met and married wife. 1981-1982 – U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA (Captain), Completed Commitment. 1983 – Supply and Services (Hospital Administration) Distribution supervisor, Lakeview Med Center, Danville, IL<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: I still have most of my hair and can fit into my TMP blazer.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 2030 W Clearlake<br /> Salisbury, MD 2181<br />MARRIED: Andrea<br />CHILDREN: Joseph (2)<br />OCCUPATION: Hospital Materials Manager<br />AFTERGRADUATION: After graduation I went to K-State and then the army. I spent five years in the military at San Antonio, Texas, Aschaffenburg and Parmesans, Germany (where I met and married Andrea), and Carlisle, PA. I spent the last ten years working at hospitals in Danville, IL and Salisbury, MD. I’ve met TMP/Marian graduates all over the place--proof of our world-wide influence (or we just don’t like living in Hays!). At our ten year reunion I met Beth Cresse (Schmeidler ‘73) who has been one of our best friends for the last ten years and who, along with her husband Stew, are godparents to our son. I’m still in the army reserves and have been stationed with medical units in Peoria, IL, Washington, DC, and now in Baltimore, MD. We live real close to Ocean City, so if you like beach vacations and don’t mind crowds, come on out for a visit. PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: My personal achievements include my family and friends. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 1814 W. Clearlake Drive (410) 742-0714 Salisbury, Maryland 21801 <br />SPOUSE: Andrea CHILDREN: Joseph OCCUPATION: Hospital Administrator <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: After graduating from K-State, I went into the Army and got stationed in San Antonio, TX; Germany & Carlisle, PA. Spent the next 5 years working at a hospital in Danville, IL where I met Beth (Schmeidler) Cresse ‘73 who became a great friend and my son’s godmother. Spent the last 10 years at a hospital in Salisbury, MO. Stayed in the Army Reserves and will soon be retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENT: I’ve got the medals but the chest to pin them on is quickly working its way south! I can’t think of any accomplishments that compare to staying married to a wonderful woman & being a parent. I doubt I’ll ever be able to top either one of those. Of course, I know my wife’s going to read this! <br />
  81. 81. Leland Kuhn (con’t)<br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENT: I’ve got the medals but the chest to pin them on is quickly working its way south! I can’t think of any accomplishments that compare to staying married to a wonderful woman & being a parent. I doubt I’ll ever be able to top either one of those. Of course, I know my wife’s going to read this! <br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 114 Logan Ct<br /> Chester, MD 21619<br />PHONE: 410-604-2264<br />E-MAIL: lkuhn@cnmc.org<br />SPOUSE: Andrea<br />CHILDREN: Joseph<br />OCCUPATION: Director of Materials Management, Children’s National Medical Center<br />
  82. 82. Shirley “Leggs” (Legleiter) Haselhorst<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Rt 2, Box 80<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Art Haselhorst – May 4, 1974<br />CHILDREN: Travis – Dec 15, 1977; Tyler – Apr 8, 1981<br />OCCUPATION: Housewife<br />SPOUSE’S OCCUPATION: Farmer<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: Keeping busy mainly. Since we do farm, there’s always something to do.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 573 Antonio Rd<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Art – Self-employed farmer<br />CHILDREN: Travis, Tyler<br />OCCUPATION: Wal-Mart Associate<br /> AFTERGRADUATION: (Legs in high school) I married right after high school in 1974. I have been living in the same place ever since. I stayed home and raised our boys to school age. I went to work 7 years ago. I worked four years at T.M.P. as a cook assistant. I have been working at Wal-Mart third shift ever since. (Exciting-huh!) <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: I have not reached my personal achievements yet. I want to get our boys through school first, but I do have plans if I live that long. I’ll be sure and let you all know in our next book. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 573 Antonino Road (785) 625-5159 Hays, Kansas 67601 <br />SPOUSE: Art Haselhorst CHILDREN: Travis - age 20 and Tyler - age 17 OCCUPATION: Work at Wal-Mart. Am the Department Manager of Housewares. Been with the Company 7 yrs. <br />LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Married May 1974. Lived on the Farm ever since. After I had our children and they went to school, I went to work at T.M.P. - Marian in the Kitchen dept. for 3 years. Went to work at Wal-Mart after that, and been there ever since. PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Raised our children and stand behind my husband as he is a self- employed farmer. Sometimes it is rough. But the good Lord always provides. Every day of my life I feel is an achievement as we all try and face life’s obstacles that are given to us!!<br />2008AlumniDirectory<br />ADDRESS: 573 Antonino Rd<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-5159<br />SPOUSE: Arthur<br />
  83. 83. Larry J Reichert<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: Route 2, Box 32<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />MARRIED: Single<br />OCCUPATION: Farmer<br />PERSONALAchievements: Graduate of K.S.U. in Poultry Science<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 196<br /> Syracuse, KS 67876<br />OCCUPATION: Farmer / Rancher, County Supervisor for Farmers Home Administration<br />AFTER GRADUATION: I spent ten years full time farming/ranching after graduating from K-State with a degree in Poultry Science. I have spent six years now as supervisor with Farmers Home Administration. I purchased a home and 320 acres from my folks in 1991. I farm 1000 acres. <br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS:341 210th Ave. (785) 625-6991 Hays, Kansas 67601 OCCUPATION: Farmer / Rancher / Rural Development Specialist (USDA Rural Development) LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: Farmed full time for 10 years. Since then worked full time for Federal Government in Norton, Syracuse and now Hays. Have remodeled a cabin out on the Smokey Hill River. Enjoy Country Dance & Golfing in spare time. Am also enjoying Web TV! PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Graduate of K-State. Own & manage the family farm. Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary International Foundation) <br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 341 210th Ave<br /> Hays, KS 67601<br />PHONE: 785-625-5386<br />E-MAIL: lreichert@webtv.net<br />OCCUPATION: Area Specialist, Ace<br />
  84. 84. Invented in 1973, the more robust optical fiber commonly used today utilizes glass for both core and sheath and is therefore less prone to aging processes.<br />Skylab was launched<br />Ethernet developed by Xerox PARC<br />BIC Disposable Lighter<br />NEW IN 1973 . . .<br />Xerox Alto – first personal computer<br />The Alto had a bit-slice processor based on the Texas Instruments&apos; 74181 chip, a ROM control store with a writable control store extension and had 128 (expandable to 512)KB of main memory and a hard disk that used a removable 2.5 MB single-platter cartridge (Diablo Systems, a company Xerox later bought) similar to those used by the IBM 2310, all housed in a cabinet about the size of a small refrigerator.<br />Universal Product Code<br />
  85. 85. Deborah (Leikam) Letourneau<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: 4245 S.E. Tibbetts<br /> Portland, OR 97206<br />MARRIED: Donald R Letourneau – April 30, 1983<br />OCCUPATION: Social Worker – Forest Grove Youth Services<br />SPOUSE’SOCCUPATION: Attorney, Director – District Law Clinic, Portland<br />LIFESINCEGRADUATION: I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Fort Hays State in Sociology and History. Following graduation, I accepted a job as a research assistant to the Crime Statistician at the Boulder County Justice Center in Boulder CO. I worked in Boulder for a year before moving to Lawrence, where I completed study for my Master’s in Social work at the University of Kansas. The Pacific Northwest beckoned, and I made my trek to the West Coast three years ago. For the past several years I have been employed as a social worker with delinquent youth at Forest Grove Youth Services, a diversionary program located in the suburbs of Portland, OR. Three months ago, I married Don Letourneau, who is an attorney in Portland, and the Director of a district law clinic. Our families came to Portland for the wedding and had a wonderful time. We’ve bought a little 75 year old renovated home which we’re enjoying settling into. Besides travel, Don and I enjoy camping, hiking and backpacking.<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: 7130 SE 32nd Ave<br /> Portland, OR 97202<br />MARRIED: Don<br />CHILDREN: Brianna Bess (7), Connor Brett (3)<br />OCCUPATION: Geriatric Social Worker<br />AFTERGRADUATION: Afterfinishing my degree at FNSU. I accepted a position as a research assistant in the Department of Corrections in Boulder, Colorado. In the fall of 1973. 1 relocated to Lawrence, Kansas for two years to pursue y master3 in social work at KU. in August of 1980, I made my way on the “Oregon trail” to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I have lived for the past thirteen years. <br />Mywork life here has consisted of being the program coordinator for a Juvenile department youth services agency for five years. For the last five years, I am the geriatric social worker for a private case management systems. In 1980, I met my destiny, Don Letourneau, on a flight returning from a Christmas visit to Kansas. Amazingly, Don was born and raised in Kansas, and following eight years on the East Coast, was also living and working in Portland. Don wasthe director of the public defender&apos;s office, and is now a judge. We married in 1983, and are the proud (If exhausted!) parents of Brianna, age 7, and Connor, age 3. Besides working part-time and chasing kids. I parent-helpin our daughter’s school and participate in a long-standing women’s book group. I study calligraphy and am also a volunteer at the Oregon Historical Museum. We love to travel and always enjoy coming home. Kansas is still unrivaled in its storm systems, sunsets and quiet beauty——and, old friendships and experiences there continue to nourish my soul. <br />PERSONALACHEIVEMENTS: B.A., FHSU. Sociology/History. cum laude; M.S.W., University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare; Delivering two babies (9 lb. 11 oz., 10 16., 1 oz.) without drugs …. Does this count? It should! <br />
  86. 86. Deborah (Leikam) Letourneau (con’t)<br />1998 * 25 YEARS * 1998<br />ADDRESS: 235 Northwest 86th Avenue <br /> Portland, Oregon 97229-6605 <br />SPOUSE: Don Letourneau CHILDREN: Brianna Bess, age 12; Connor Brett, age 8 LIFEAFTERGRADUATION: My twenties were focused on goals like going to school, working, traveling and learning to create an independent life for myself. I earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and history from Fort Hays State University in 1977. Following graduation, I accepted employment at the Boulder County Justice Center in Boulder, Colorado. I returned to Kansas to attend the University of Kansas in Lawrence where I earned my master’s degree from the graduate school of social welfare. After school I accepted employment in Portland, Oregon as a Project Coordinator/social worker in a juvenile department diversionary program. The Pacific Northwest has been home for the past 18 years.<br /> Three years after living here, I married my best friend and soul mate, Don Letourneau. One of the miracles in my life was meeting this wonderful man (and former Kansan!) on an airplane, as both of us were returning from holiday visits with our families. Don was born and raised in Wichita, graduated from Chaperon, and attended college and law school on the east coast. He had taken the bar exam in Oregon, and when I met him, had been practicing in Portland for five years. Six years ago he became a judge and serves in the circuit court. We celebrated fifteen years of marriage this spring. We waited for children until my thirties, and we welcomed our daughter Brianna and her brother Connor four years later. These children have brought us delight and joy beyond words. They are happy, smart, good-hearted kids. We are continuing the Catholic tradition by educating them in our local parish school, where Don and I are very involved. These days my time is consumed by the needs and interests of my kids and part-time work responsibilities. Our daughter is active in piano, soccer, basketball and local theater. She was recently recognized as the outstanding young actor for the 1997-98 theater season in Portland. Our son is busy with soccer, baseball and art. His Dad coaches his soccer team and his sister’s basketball team. When I am not working or ferrying my kids to and from their activities, I am volunteering at school and serving in Our parish church as a Eucharistic minister. I continue my participation in a women’s book group which has been going strong for nine years. With our daughter’s growing interest in theater, Don and I volunteer as ushers for performances at the Northwest Children&apos;s Theater. In the last 20 years we have had great travel experiences throughout the U.S. including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, South America, western and eastern Europe. Travel will continue to be a big part of our family life since we are planning a house exchange in a couple of years, for six weeks in the summer, with good friends in the Netherlands. <br />PERSONALACHIEVEMENTS: Academic/professional accomplishments aside, I have to point to our two good children as my greatest source of pride, for it is they who continue to teach me important lessons about patience, love and humility. Know that I will be thinking about our class on reunion weekend and wishing I could be there. With our kids starting a new school year in September, and my daughter’s second auditions on reunion weekend, it is not possible for me to be away. I have heard from several classmates over the years who have made trips to Seattle & Portland. I would welcome anyone’s call if you find yourself in this corner of the world. God bless you all.<br />2008 Alumni Directory<br />ADDRESS: 235 NW 86th Ave<br /> Portland, OR 97229<br />PHONE: 503-292-9457<br />E-MAIL: ddbcleto@comcast.net<br />SPOUSE: Don<br />CHILDREN: Brianna; Conner<br />OCCUPATION: Program Coordinator, Washington County Aging & Veteran Services<br />
  87. 87. Derek Leiker<br />1983 * 10 YEARS * 1983<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 153<br /> Delphos, KS 67436<br />1993 * 20 YEARS * 1993<br />ADDRESS: PO Box 265<br /> Meade, KS 67864 <br />1