Presentation Quantified Self Amsterdam 17 March 2014


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In this presentation, I share how I used the Lift-app to uplift my live. How did I earn more then €10.000 in my business because of the app? And why did I meditate for more then 308 days without missing once? Learn how to uplift your life and make the world a better place.

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Presentation Quantified Self Amsterdam 17 March 2014

  1. 1. How to uplift 
 your life & business, 
 if you’re not a developer Ellen de Lange-Ros
  2. 2. Who am I? ! Dr. Ir. Ellen de Lange-Ros I help independent professionals to attract more fans and make good money with their business. I love online marketing and working soft (instead of working hard). ! As ‘The Windowcleaner’ I give you a clear view on you customers and growth. ! Go to and download the first chapter of my books, or many checklists with tips (in Dutch only)
  3. 3. Quantified Self is not about data & measuring It’s about improving your life & having fun
  4. 4. I’m not a developer, but an enthusiastic user. ! How can I use technology to improve my life?
  5. 5. The classic challenge: ! How to uplift yourself?
  6. 6. How I uplifted my business and life; and which apps to use
  7. 7. How to uplift yourself? There’s an app for that! @Liftapp
  8. 8. Why Lift? • Available on my smartphone • Customized dashboard • Easy to use. Simple ! • From idea to habbit • … very addictive
  9. 9. • Business habit: 
 daily salesaction • That one lazy wednesday evening… Uplifting my business and making > €10.000
  10. 10. • The effect of one email • Launching BoekSucces ! ! • More then 30 customers within two weeks, online product keeps selling • Speaking opportunities • New books published by others Uplifting my business and making > €10.000
  11. 11. • Personal habit: 
 daily meditation • Building concentration, seeing emotions and their effect, self- healing, having fun, the clear blue sky • The mindset of abundance Uplifting my life with many small miracles
  12. 12. Where the spirits of east & west meet Headspace
  13. 13. Where the spirits of east & west meet Omvana - MindValley
  14. 14. Dharma in business - Make the world a better place by developing your talents. In your business
  15. 15. Will you uplift your life?
  16. 16. You don’t need to be a developer You don’t need the new gadgets
  17. 17. Focus on the essence ! And find a tool that supports you to build great habits
  18. 18. Success is about the tools in your hands ! Use them well, to build a better self & a better world
  19. 19. Ellen de Lange-Ros! !, How will you uplift your life?