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WDAqua ITN – Answering Questions using Web Data


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Presentation of the WDAqua Marie Słodowska Curie International Training Network kin the Project Networking session at ESWC (2015-06-03).

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WDAqua ITN – Answering Questions using Web Data

  1. 1. WDAqua ITN – Answering Questions using Web Data • WHO? – network → next slide • 15 PhD students @ 6 organisations (coord.: University of Bonn, Germany) • +6 industrial partners • WHAT? – + training • WHEN? – 2015–18; currently finishing recruitment; looking for input • WHERE? – PhD students can spend up to 9 months with partners • WHY? – need for data scientists; QA good use case for web science
  2. 2. Our Network NKU Athens context disambiguation 3 12 BM (Yahoo) big social/Web data Unister eCommerce Data Publica big public/private sector data UJM St-Étienne provenance evolution precision/recall 5 4 7 Antidot data quality Fraunhofer IAIS architecture voice/speech 8 9 Wolters Kluwer legal publications Uni Bonn data preparation federated queries 1 6 2 ATC social networks ODI reusability (comprehensibility, licensing) 11 15 Univ. Southampton HCI Visualisation 14 10 13 awards PhD degrees # PhD student secondment with possibility of dual degree … and you? Partners Train Host internships Provide systems & data Advise