Flat Stanley shadows a librarian for a day


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Flat Stanley came to visit the Langdon Library in Newington, NH so that he could learn all about being a librarian. He helped us check books in and out, process new materials, and got into a little bit of trouble with our candy jar!

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Flat Stanley shadows a librarian for a day

  1. 1. Our fantastic mail carrier Carl delivering Flat Stanley to the library.He had a Flat Stanley, too!
  2. 2. Mr. Scott gave Flat Stanley the key to the library! Stan opened the door, flippedon the lights, turned on the computers, and got ready to help the people whocome to the library. Langdon Library serves people an average of 33 times everyday! In a town with only about 800 people in it, more than half have librarycards! Thats really busy for such a small town, but Newington loves its library!
  3. 3. Stanley, can you give us a hand with the book drop? When people comeby with library books to return, but the library isnt open, they put themin this special box. Since the library is closed on Sunday and Monday, itcan get pretty full by Tuesday! We need a bucket to carry all the booksand movies back in!
  4. 4. Ever wonder what the inside of the book drop looks like? So did Stan, so he took apeek! The springy shelf inside keeps the books and DVDs from getting damagedwhen they are dropped in.
  5. 5. Flat Stanley spent some time at thelibrary front desk greeting people asthey came in.Everybody loved his big smile! Seeing ahappy face smiling at you makes a nicewelcome to the library, doesnt it?
  6. 6. Mr. Scott showed Flat Stanley how to look up his own book in thecatalog on the computer. If you look carefully at the screen you can see alittle picture of the book! There are about 18,000 books and movies inthe computer, but he just typed F-L-A-T S-T-A-N-L-E-Y and it came rightup!
  7. 7. Flat Stanley knows this little guy is too young to read, buthes not too young to be read to! He will look at the brightcolors in these sturdy "board books" with extra thickpages, and hell soon develop a love of books and reading!
  8. 8. Checking out a DVD for a patron. The scanner reads the barcode, entersit into the computer, and beeps! Now the computer knows who hasborrowed Monsters Inc. and when its due back to the library!
  9. 9. This is Brian, one of Mr. Scotts friendsat Bull Moose in Portsmouth. He helpshim find the movies he wants to buy forthe library, then he sells them to him.Mr. Scott goes every Tuesday so he canbuy the movies that just came out!
  10. 10. Here Stan and Scott are at RiverRunBookstore in downtown Portsmouth.The librarian buys books from a lot ofdifferent places, but going to RiverRunis special because its small, likeLangdon Library! Its fun to shop here.On this day, Flat Stanley helped Mr.Scott pick out a book called "My DadThinks Hes Funny." Now, you can find itat the library and read it for yourself, forfree!
  11. 11. Stan is stamping this new book.He finds a nice blank spot on thefirst page and presses the stampdown. The ink appearsunderneath.It says "Langdon Public Library" --that way if the book ever getslost, whomever finds it will knowto bring it back to us!
  12. 12. Stan is putting a sticker on thisnew book. It has an "E" whichstand for "easy" -- that means itseasy to read.The sticker also has the first 3letters of the authors last name --that tells us where to put the bookalphabetically on the shelf.When we put books away,librarians usually sing the alphabetto themselves all the time, butquietly, so nobody can hear us.
  13. 13. Stan helps Miss Melanie, one of the librarians, type on the computer. We tell thecomputer this a new book, what the title is, who wrote it, who illustrated it, whatyear it was made. Even how many centimeters tall it is! That way when we loan itout, we still know all about it, including who is reading it and when its comingback to our shelves.
  14. 14. Flat Stanley didnt know that libraries could borrow books fromother libraries!How cool is that? There are special vans that pick up and deliver them. Itscalled Inter-library loan, and librarians make it happen hundreds of times aweek! This book came from Nashua, which is over an hour’s drive away!
  15. 15. After all this work at thelibrary, it’s time for a candybreak.But, oh no!Flat Stanley fell into the candyjar!He’s upside down!Someone help him!
  16. 16. After two weeks at the LangdonPublic Library, Flat Stanley haslearned a lot about being alibrarian.Plus, he’s made all kinds of newfriends, like Morgan here. Heeven grew a mustache!Now he’s ready to head home tovisit Chloe.Thanks for visiting… We had somuch fun together!