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Agile testingninjasst pcon


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Agile Testing Ninjas 10 Minute Breakfast Byte Slides from STPcon 2010-By Lanette Creamer

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Agile testingninjasst pcon

  1. 1. White Master Agile Testing Ninjas Lanette Creamer Sogeti Senior Consultant testyredhead✪com
  2. 2. Way 1 Stealth The best are invisible. All you see is aftermath.
  3. 3. Way 2 Vision Able to kick butt in Seeing what others miss in any situation.
  4. 4. Way 3 Skill Over Tools Without skill, tools are harmful. Solid fundamentals before tools!
  5. 5. Way 4 Teamwork In the fight who you are is irrelevant. What can you do for the team mission?
  6. 6. Way 5 Practice A solid foundation, competence, then maybe mastery. You sparring? Got a Sensei? Or,…
  7. 7. Way of the Poser All it takes is black pajamas. Questionable tools. Flaunting a belt from a bathrobe. Infamy over team objective.
  8. 8. The Ninja Legends  All Powerful  Never Fail  Everywhere at Once  Mysterious Cults
  9. 9. The Tester Legends  Guesswork/Magic  We Break Software  Testers Assure Quality  Testing is Boring  Mysterious Cults
  10. 10. The Ways of the Agile Testing Ninja  Stealth  Vision  Skill  Teamwork  Practice  Legends Don’t be a poser!
  11. 11. Creamer s Final thought Only a Ninjacan sneak up on another Ninja!
  12. 12. Ninja Kitty Say Ask Away! twitter:@lanettecream