Turning Your Sales Magic Into Dollars and Cents


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Everyone has their own sales magic. It is not as simple as 'buy this from me.' It is more about how to reach the subconscious to get people to buy from you. Here is a quick, personal story that shows sales magic...

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Turning Your Sales Magic Into Dollars and Cents

  1. 1. February 7th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleLanell BecklesTurning Your Sales Magic IntoDollars and Cents I had scoped Match.com, but wasn’t really excited about it. IBy Lanell on February 7th, 2013 instead signed up for eHarmony just a year long membership.Do you believe in sales magic? I knew that the process of finding someone that I wanted to be with was going to be a long process.You may believe that only certain individuals have it, butactually everyone has their own sales magic. It can be tapped But it wasn’t…into to create a powerful buying response in other people. That week, I saw my wife.Sales magic occurs when you are able to take the backdoor into I was completely drawn to her…someone’s subconscious and talk them into buying from you. Have you ever felt like when you were buying something big I didn’t even hesitate to contact her…or expensive, that the pitch just felt right? What are the chances of me making a decision to get married,Instead of thinking that you’re being pitched… and within that week, finding the woman that I’m currently married?…it just felt right. Everything had to conspire in a certain way to come to thatThat is great sales magic. When you are able to talk to the exact moment in time when I decided to press the send buttonsubconscious in getting the other person to buy from you that sent her my first message.because THEY made the decision. There are very few coincidences. I made a decision to doLet’s get one thing RIGHT! something and at that point in time, it happened for me. HadMy mother always said, I listened to my mother, I may still be dating. …that people will do exactly what they want…the rest You have come to this post, looking to increase your sales is just excuses. magic…You can’t MAKE someone buy something. Your sales magic You can tap into your sales magic through the power of yourcan make that happen. own story. There are moments in your life that you may have forgotten that you can use to relate to people and increase your sales magic. What are the chances of that? Something conspired in the stars to bring you to this point and you have found what you’reHere is a quick story about how looking for…sales magic happened in my –> Join us here for $25 and learn the secrets of sales magic <—life… To the growth of your sales magic…I was sitting at home alone.I was really disgusted with people alone. I had been single forabout a year and I was ready for a relationship. In fact, I wasready for marriage. I wanted to spend my life with someone.Unfortunately, at the time, I was working with a bunch ofcollege athletes and although they were great to look at (thewomen in particular), I don’t like to mix work and pleasure. There are some uncomfortable moments when a breakuphappens in the workplace.I talked to my mother about signing up for some online dating. I was kinda desperate because I wasn’t around many womenthat I liked.My mother told me to do it, but warned me about eHarmony. She told me all the reasons NOT to do it, and that drew meinto WANTING to do it. 1