Breakfast for Paleos – Paleo Pancake Recipe That Taste Like Pancakes


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Breakfast for the Paleo lifestyle can leave you with only eggs, and meat. I miss having pancakes, french toast, and crepes. There was a comforting feeling to having pancakes.

What you will find is a paleo recipe that fits the bill. It has texture, nice consistency and it it not egg-y or flour-y. Bon apetit!

Here is a recipe that has the texture of a pancake without the egg-y-ness or the flour-y-ness.

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Breakfast for Paleos – Paleo Pancake Recipe That Taste Like Pancakes

  1. 1. February 2nd, 2013 Published by: RokadudleLanell BecklesPaleo Pancake RecipeBreakfast for Paleos – Paleo Pancake Recipe That Taste Like PancakesPaleo Pancake Recipe for For Those Who Like VisualsFirst starting to transition over to paleo was not easy. I found myself feeling very nostalgic……I wanted CARB!!!…I wanted breakfast.Breakfast is one of those meals when you can eat anything, but everything that you want to eat has flour……think about it……pancakes……crepes……french toast.I missed all of those meals moving over to the Paleo lifestyle. My wife was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and in order tomake this household run smoothly into the Paleo lifestyle, I had to be paleo along with her.It wasn’t my choice, but I love my wife and if that means I gotta give up bread, so be it.I found this recipe on Paleo Mom for her paleo pancake recipe. I rejoiced because I had tried other recipes and wasn’t impressed.I tried the pumpkin pancakes recipes……but it was too eggy for my.I tried the banana recipe……but I wanted a base that I could flavor anyway I wanted to.So finding this paleo pancake recipe allowed me to manipulate the base to create ANY flavor I wanted.Want banana?Slice some bananas or blend it up!Want apples?Yep!So what you have below is the recipe that I used.Disclaimer: I tend to round off measurements from my cooking days. However, the measurements are not that far off. You canbe sure that you won’t be tasting a recipe that is ABSOLUTELY horrible.2 plaintains4 eggs2 tsp vanilla extract 1
  2. 2. February 2nd, 2013 Published by: Rokadudle3 tbsp ghee or coconut manna 1/2 tsp baking soda1 tsp cinammon1 tsp clove or 1 clove berry1 tsp nutmeg2 allspice berriesDirections:1. Throw all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.2. Preheat nonstick pan with some ghee or coconut oil over low heat.3. Pour or ladle some batter into the pan.4. When the tops of the cakes get a little dry and bubbles start to form, flip.5. Wash, repeat, rinse.If you like this paleo pancake recipe that you saw today, please share this with your friends and family. 2