Creating Results in Your Business Through a Sizable Downline


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Creating Results in Your Business Through a Sizable Downline

  1. 1. February 1st, 2013 Published by: RokadudleLanell BecklesCreating Results in Your Downline from Simple SystemImplementationBy Lanell on February 1st, 2013You’re making lots of money, but your downline is still struggling togenerate some commissions?This is a sad fact inside the network marketing industry.The Truth About Unsuccessful DownlinesHere’s the facts.You sponsor someone inside your business. They are all excited, but don’t understand the amount of work that went in to createyour success.You are a shining example and hope of what can be when hard work is mixed with persistence. But, you’re not a heartlessbastard who collects everyone’s money and says go get some success……you tell your downline how to create the success that you have achieved.Your downline listens, and implements EVERYTHING that you’ve said. They work hard, but in 3 months, your downline hasn’tsniffed a penny and is starting to lose faith. The sad fact is that NOW you’re motivational talks don’t seem to have the SAMEpunch they did in the first two months.Your words are sliding off of him like snot.So what do you do?A Simple Formula to Create Success in Your DownlineImplementing systems that can take advantage of less cold calls and generating more warm leads is the way to get results foryour downline quickly.How does it work?Well, since you have more PULL in your business and have the social proof to claim that your network marketing businessindeed works, create a system that brands yourself. The system can include videos, blog posts, ebooks, and much more.The idea behind this concept is that while your downline is trying to establish credibility for himself by creating results overtime, he can use YOUR results to build his business, thus creating MORE money for you.It doesn’t hurt that you NOW have established yourself as a true leader in your industry and as more people recognize you, morepeople want to join your business, either through yourself or your downline. 1
  2. 2. February 1st, 2013 Published by: RokadudleA Quicker Solution to Creating Systems for Your DownlineThe problem with creating systems is that it is not only time-consuming, but it is also costly. Websites, domain registrations,professional videography, and even writing ebooks can soak up a good amount of time.And very few network marketers have the money OR the time to invest in these types of materials, especially if their commissionsare not covering their daily business cost or daily living cost.If you’re looking for a solution that HAS the system already in place, and will allow you AND your downline to start generatingleads through a simple 3-step system, then click the button below.What you will find is a system that has branded itself in a matter of 20 months and has over 80,000+ affiliates, 95% of which haveearned a commission. You and your downline will only have to follow the system and you start generating 100% commissionsin your business, WHILE still able to promote your own network marketing business as well.Sounds easy?It is…—> Click the button below to get started. <–Creating success for your downline is the ultimate reward for the sponsors. 2