The Full Life: Defying Others’ Life Path to Become Extraordinary


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This may not be informational, but it's inspirational. This is an account of putting my foot down and escaping mediocrity and deciding to live for my dreams. You can also take my personal account and apply it to your life.

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The Full Life: Defying Others’ Life Path to Become Extraordinary

  1. 1. February 6th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleRokadudles eBook I didn’t want to that anymore. Would you leave school if allThe Full Life: Defying you needed for your diploma was to write a 100-page thesis?Others’ Life Path to Become To be extraordinary, you MUST shun a lot of what the world isExtraordinary saying. They will tell you what direction THEY want you to go. They will tell you how THEY see you should live your life,…But I have made a decision that I will no longer stand for amediocre life and I will fight to be extraordinary. I have decided to be extraordinary and because of that, I have a marriage that is on the rocks. I want to bring her with me, but in order to do that, she would have to wait. Most people would think that I should keep the woman, but lemme ask you this… I have made this decision by being in the Empower Network. People are deciding to GO after their dreams and it is inspiring for me to want to go after mine.I have lived a life where I have bumbled around, figuring out I encourage you to make a decision to BE extraordinary andthe best path to attain this position. I thought I could find my join Empower Network. You will be lead by extraordinaryextraordinary ways through various jobs… people who will tell you the TRUTH about what it takes to be extraordinary.I didn’t want to wait 20+ years to become the master chef whoroams the television screen. That would have required over15 years of sacrifice in my life. I slaved away in kitchens for3 years……and then I knew that I wanted more. If I was become amaster chef, I would have shunned my friends and family for10-12 hour days in the kitchen. And I asked myself,…In order to be a trainer to the stars or a professional sportsathlete, I needed to be in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. Considering that can’t stay in one place at one time, I wouldprobably be 1 minute too late for LeBron James arrival into thebuilding.I thought I could become a world famous strength coach, but Idid something that not a lot of people agreed with. I had beenin school for over 2 years. I was studying about the humanbody during exercise and planned to use this knowledge tocreate superhuman athletes. 1