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February 15th, 2013                                                                                            Published b...
February 15th, 2013                        Published by: RokadudleCreate a downline that has massivesuccess in their own b...
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A Successful Downline Needs Something to Copy


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The key to success in any network marketing or MLM business is the duplication of your downline. Although 97% of people fail in this industry, creating a system that others can follow and implement will help lower that number, thus creating a team that can easily duplicate WITHOUT your assistance through meetings and 3-way calls.

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A Successful Downline Needs Something to Copy

  1. 1. February 15th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleRokadudles eBookA Successful Downline NeedsSomething to CopyBy Lanell on February 15th, 2013Network marketing and MLMcompanies are based off creatinga successful downline that hasresults to show for them.Creating loyalty in any business is about making sure that thebelief level of your downline is strong. When your downlineis able to see a result for themselves, it will create a team thatunstoppable because they will know it can be done. YOU ARE A MARKETER! So outline what you want for your system and send it to someone who can do what you want. Send it people who will create your system for you in a matter of hours, instead of you taking a week or a month.How do you create that duplication in your downline? Once your system is up and running, show your team HOWYOU CREATE SYSTEMS! to do everything and just let them run with it. The end goalThe Internet is this beautiful, responsive, unbelievable is YOUR time and freedom that can be duplicated to yourmonster that allows people to be everywhere at once. downline.You’re going to have to do one thing in order to take advantageof the Internet. Here’s the first thing… Watch this video on howFirst, you’re going to have to STOP wanting to be Superman you help you downline create(or Superwoman). This is a complex of people who want to beimportant. results through systems… There are training tools that once you get in and join us, you’llAnd you are important, but you should feel more important to be able to create amazing systems for your downline to createyour family AND not to your downline. By giving LESS of your results.time to your downline and creating systems, what you will findis that you will have a team that will be able to duplicate your It has worked for hundreds of other marketers who haveefforts and results. created teams in the thousands.Second, you’ve got to implement a system that takes your Are you ready to start helping your downline succeedcredibility and mass produces it across the Internet. Create WITHOUT your help?sales videos, how-to videos, and marketing videos. Create Are you ready to start living the life you expected to live whensales letters, web pages, and training devices. Create you joined the network marketing business?everything you need to make sure your team can doEVERYTHING you can do. Well, once you click the button below and put your email address in on the next page, you will see a FREE video that willThird, you’ve got to outsource all this stuff. Your expertise show you how one person was able to duplicate his team in theDOES NOT lie in HTML, video production, and so on. thousands and make a substantial 6-figure income. 1
  2. 2. February 15th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleCreate a downline that has massivesuccess in their own business and allowthem to live the life they imagined whenyou sold them the dream. 2