5 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


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Valentine's Day is next week. Here's for all the people who WANT to take your significant other out on some fancy date, but don't have the money. Don't skimp on fun. Some cool ideas to help you out...

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5 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. 1. February 7th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleLanell Beckles Sit at a mall, cuddle, and just make up stories about the couples5 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas around you. This can be a fun and cheap date idea that canfor Valentine’s Day spark lots of laughs. What should happen is the stories become more and more outlandish and the two of you begin gigglingNo one said Valentine’s Day had to like little teenagers in love.be as boring as a nice dinner and 3. Tour your own city. I found this on someone’s list, but I’d like to add something more to it. Oftentimes, we like to staysome after-dinner refreshments; comfortable around certain neighborhoods in the city. Whyyou can also try some fun, but not take get lost in a city (the good parts of the city) and tourcheap date ideas. the town while learning new areas that you can visit?Spice up life with these suggestions. It doesn’t have to be expensive. This is a fun, cheap date if you use public transportation and walk the city.These cheap date ideas are not meant to underwhelm you, butmake you be more creative than you ever have. Considering Rekindle a love for the part of the city you haven’t seen. If youthat there are people who are scrounging around for money, live in a small city, visit another city and try to see more thanand the restaurants will often take advantage of these times just the tourist areas.with a high-priced prix-fixe meal, I’m giving you some cheap 4. Have a treasure hunt. Nothing sparks curiosity and laughsdate ideas that will put some spark back into the relationship. like a good ol’ treasure hunt. You can be VERY creative here byThese ideas are based off the fact that more couples need to hiding mementos from your relationship. Clothes, souvenirs,laugh together. Laughing will increase that feeling of love and and any other knick-knack with a meaning is a great way toalso make life seem… spark the romance for the night.…easy. 5. Play like kids. Personally, I think adult life is just too…When a couple laughs together, then come together much …adult.easier.So without further ado, hereare 5 fun and cheap date ideasfor Valentine’s Day1. Make dinner together. This is on a lot of people’s list, butI’m going to force you to be more creative than just cook. Oneof the best things that a couple can do is switch roles from therelationship to the kitchen.In a kitchen, only one voice is heard. Have fun like kids do and experiment with things around theThat’s the chef. house. A great book that can spark some creativity is Unbored:Reverse the roles in the kitchen and one person will act as the The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun. Not only this a greatsubordinate and one person will command. Not only is this cheap date idea, but it’s just so much fun to create from thingsmore fun because (in my case especially) the woman will get around the house. Cooperation is key and when both adultsa chance to boss around (in a playful way) her man, the man are laughing and having fun, romance occurs.should also have fun with the slight role reversal. Use these fun, cheap date ideas to create an unforgettableAn excellent cheap date idea… Valentine’s Day. Dinner and a movie has become so cliche.Just find someone else to do the dishes. Try something better. And comment and tell me how it went.2. Go people watching and make up stories. There is nothing I bet you would really love to treat your significant other to abetter than people watching. Here is a clip from Date special Valentine’s Day. How would you like to learn how toNight that can serve as a reference for how to make up great make some extra money for your next Valentine’s Day?stories about the couple around you. 1