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Virtual Reference Resources List


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Virtual Reference Resources List

  1. 1. Reference Links for WRHS Students1. WRHS Media Center Site: center.aspx (links to GALE, GALILEO, etc.)2. Google Earth: The Internet Public Library: Virtual Learning Resource Center: Google Scholar: Google Translate: Babel Fish Translation: Windows Live Academic: Project Gutenberg: The Million Book Project: RefDesk: The CIA’s World Fact Book: The Bible Online: Bartelby’s Quotations: Dictionary: Martindale’s Reference Desk: (Maps & Directions) MapQuest: Maps (National Geographic): (Business References) CEO Express: Government Facts & References: Currency Converter:
  2. 2. 22. The Wall Street Journal: page?_wsjregion=na,us&_homepage=/home/us23. The Smithsonian Galaxy of Knowledge: Mythology Encyclopedia: Word Origins: U.S. Census Info: Skyview Virtual Observatory: Investigator Resource: Math Resources: Public Records Directory: